On The Scene: Another 'Sex and the City' shoot

Big_lIn case you haven’t heard, Carrie Bradshaw and Co., are in New York City filming the upcoming Sex and the City movie. And as promised, EW is doing our darnedest to stalk hunt down cast and crew members on set to bring you the latest on the film.

Today, EW was there when Sarah Jessica Parker and friends were filming a scene in the West Village at Bank and West 4th Streets at approximately 2 p.m. Based on the outdoor greenery included in the shot, this particular scene seems to take place in either the spring or summer. And based on all the extras with aluminum foil in their hair, the scene also seems to be set outside a salon. Very little information was available as to when the scene appears in the film or even what exactly is happening in the scene, for that matter (crew members must swear on Chanel to keep details mum). But luckily for you, PopWatchers, this reporter has a good set of ears and eyes on her (how else would she have spotted Evan Handler discreetly chatting with crew members behind the scenes?).

Now, if you have an aversion to spoilers — and there aren’t many here,folks — then, please, back away from the computer faster than you cansay, "Manolo Blahniks." But for those of you who just can’t wait tountil 2008 to find out what the gang is up to (albiet in puzzlingdetail), then by all means, proceed with caution.

addCredit(“Chris Noth: James Devaney/WireImage.com”)

In the scene, Stanford (Willie Garson) and Carrie arewalking arm-in-arm when an unknown, older blonde character runs out ofa salon, complete with bare feet and toe separators. She hugs Carrieand yells, "Carrie Bradshaw!" followed by something that sounds like "Preston." The character then says something to the effect of, "Mazeltov! October, November, when? I am so excited!" She points down to herown bare, pedicured feet and says, "No shoes!" The threesome finishtheir brief convo — Carrie and Stanford’s replies were unintelligible,unfortunately — before the blonde character heads back inside the salonand bangs on the window to say goodbye. As Carrie and Stanford walkaway, they hear the bang and jump with surprise. 

And then there’s the fashion: Though Parker looked fierce wearinggreen booties and a pair of skinny jeans during rehearsal, the actresschanged into full Carrie mode for the actual shoot, rocking a pink andwhite paisley bubble dress and beige heels. And good thing we know thatParker is animal-friendly, otherwise one would would think she tore thefeathers right off of a peacock for Carrie’s purse in the scene. AndGarson was, as usual, the portrait of dapper, decked out in a beigesuit over a pink button-up shirt and a bowtie.

So PopWatchers, can you piece together the puzzle? Who, or what, is "Preston"? (One editor here theorized that it’s the last name of Big, a.k.a. John, a.k.a. Chris Noth, pictured here on the set two weeks ago.) What do you think will happen to Carrie in October orNovember? And seeing that this is the second time we’ve seen Carrie ina bubble dress, how many bubble dresses are too many bubble dresses(say that ten times fast)?

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  • Marci

    This movie’s not even close to being out yet and I’m already sick of hearing about it.

  • Jo

    I’d say the blonde is Susan-Sharon, Carrie’s loud friend with the mean husband. She was originally brunette, but was blonde in a later episode (and on the Bionic Woman.) She’s probably congratulating Carrie on her pending…wedding? Baby?

  • Ed

    Interesting, I never thought of what Mr. Big A.K.A John’s last name would be? Carrie Bradshaw Preston?
    It’s good to hear that Stanford is back, he’s just as important as Anthony.
    Keep em coming EW, I’m so excited about the movie. I live in CA and am currently planning a trip to Nueva Yorkie when the movie comes out – CRAZY!

  • kate

    Sounds like Susan Sharon- almost the exact same dialogue she used congratulating Carrie and Aidan on their engagement.

  • mrclean

    I agree with Marci 100%.

  • Sally

    This movie sounds like a bomb…why would they be releasing all these stills 6 months before release???? it’s a bomb. And Chris Noth is looking a little long-in-the tooth, very old, very puffy…this better be some good sh*** because frankly, they’re all a little too old to be doing this type of movie.
    What are they like 1000 yrs old added up total?

  • Vick

    I bet it went something like this…
    Susan Sharon: Carrie Bradshaw!!!
    Carrie: Susan, hi! You remember Stanford.
    Susan: Oh of course, hi. Blah blah blah… something crass and hilarious… where are you two heading looking so damn good?
    Carrie: We’re actually on our way to meet Charlotte for brunch.
    Susan: Oh how is she?
    Carrie: Well, she and Harry are doing very well. As a matter of fact, they are expecting a baby in the fall.
    Susan: Oh my god! Mazel tov! When is she due, November, October?
    Carrie: November.
    Stanford: Would you care to join us?
    (Carrie flashes Stannie an awkward “are you kidding??” look with a quick recovery smile)
    Susan: Oh I’d love to, but no shoes! I’m getting my effing toes done for my ungrateful husband, blah blah blah….
    end scene.

  • Nicole

    Page six posted this spoiler about the movie. Ok, read at your own spoiler risk.


  • To All

    To All: IT IS NOT MR BIG!!!!!!!!! It is BIG. He was never,ever,ever called Mr. Big. It’s “Big”. Just “Big”. Get it!!!!!

  • city worker

    they are shooting a scene today all day in st. patricks cathedral…use your imagination, considering two out of the four are already married…hmmm who could it be???

  • Daisy

    Big’s last name is either Doe or Smith. I’ll bet money on it.

  • To To All

    To All, you are so wrong! Quit yelling at people and understand your SATC. Big is often called “Mr. Big” and his bio on HBO.com even labels him “Mr. Big” (http://www.hbo.com/city/cast/character/mr_big.shtml), so stop your yapping because YOU’RE WRONG!!

  • junior

    Sally, these are not stills from the production company. Photogs are following around the film shoot and taking pictures. The actual film shoot stills probably won’t come out until the end of the year when the film’s in editing. Not that it matters, we’ll all have watched it online by then, twice.

  • BIG SATC fan

    Ummmm, I’m confused as to why people think Big is just a nickname and not his actual last name… Mr. Big’s full name IS John Big!!! I have a SATC fan book, and even there it claims that it’s his name. I’m sure the “Preston” part is just random words added at the end that sound like it.

  • groovy plant

    have to correct you guys – season one carrie says of samantha, “there she goes, off to take her shot with Mr Big.” that’s the first mention of Big, and yes, he is referred to as Mr Big. so, angry poster above me, know your SATC.

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