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Chloe_lWARNING: Major 24 season 7 plot spoilers follow.

You were right. At least, you were right if you were one of the more conspiratorially-minded 24 fans who noticed, back in season 5, that your beloved Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) didn’t get the silent-clock tribute after Christopher Henderson (Peter Weller) jabbed him with a supposedly lethal syringe. Sure enough, 24‘s producers revealed Wednesday that we should expect to see Tony pop up in the coming season. Other big spoilers: Day 7 will take place in Washington, D.C., with Jack Bauer on trial. Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub, pictured) and Bill Buchanan (James Morrison) will be around, no doubt in support of Jack, but otherwise, Kiefer Sutherland will be surrounded by a largely new cast, including (as previously announced) a fed played by Janeane Garofalo and a president played by Cherry Jones.

Bringing folks back from the dead smacks of desperation to me, though 24‘s writers do tend to make their characters hard to kill. Besides, after the dismal day 6, the show needs to do whatever it can to mix things up and win back alienated fans. Still, does this news make you more or less eager to tune in to 24 when it returns in January?

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  • Daniel

    Whatever. This show jumped the shark years ago. (Hi Cougar subplot!)

  • Ceballos

    As silly as this show is I love it and I don’t really agree with the idea that it is jumping the shark with this move (I mean, there have been far more ludicrous things on this show like the cougar Daniel brought up).
    Also, as much fun as I personally made of people who insisted Tony Almeida was still alive, I’ll be glad to see Carlos Bernard bring the character back to the show seeing as how many characters audiences have affection for (Curtis, Edgar) have been rubbed out the past few years.

  • Matt

    24 jumps the shark every season. And I have to agree, Gary. Day 6 was pretty idiotic. After the first four episodes, the only episode that came close to matching that intensity was episode 10pm-11pm where Jack went toe-to-toe with Fayed. Of course, the writers could really maximize the suspense if Fox didn’t announce a Kiefer Sutherland contract extension every season.

  • Anonymous

    Thank goodness! I knew he’d be back one day. Tony was always my favorite character. He brought a real humanity to 24. Jack Bauer almost seemed unhuman without him… Jack survived every season while being a badass, but for awhile, Tony did as well, which made the show seem realistic, and made Jack not look so superhuman or unreal. I was devastated when Tony “died,” and I am ecstatic to hear about his return. It’ll be awesome to see his familiar face next season!

  • Jon

    makes me ashamed that i was a 24 fan

  • Laura

    I was angry with the writers when they got rid of Michelle and Tony, because they were my favorite characters (other than Jack, of course.) At least I will get half of my wish that they had not killed off my favorite couple. I don’t give a crap about “jumping the shark” – nothing gets my heart pounding more than watching an episode of “24″!

  • dbo

    Jack on trial?! washington DC?! Tony back?! could this be the biggest come back on tv history cause.. correct me if im wrong no show gets better after a really bad season… expect for the first 2 years of seinfield and they werent even bad.

  • Mike in Moncton

    I don’t think it’s desperation at all. I didn’t think Tony was dead all this time. It’d be different if he flatlined or something, or if he got the silent clock.

  • Emily

    Tony’s one of only a handful of characters on the show I’ve actually like, so I’m happy he’s back.

  • T.E.

    More eager…Tony rocks! I was hoping for this last season.
    The last season was pretty bad…this one needs to re-establish the series.

  • MaryUtah

    Last season wasn’t the best season, but any season of 24 is better than most TV! Tony! I would love to see him back with Jack – woo hoo!

  • MikeknaJ


  • Andy

    I’m on the fence with this. A silent clock doesn’t signify a death; it’s for dramatic tension. So the producers copping Tony’s return to, “Oh, we didn’t give him the silent clock, so he’s still alive, haha, it was our plan all around” sounds lame to me.
    On the other hand…TONY! YAY! MY FAVORITE CHARACTER! As long as they make his return plausible (for the 24 universe, at least) and make season 7 better than season 6, then I’ll be okay.

  • Ceballos

    I know I already said what I said, but I just want to add that as exciting as this news is, I’m a little saddened that in this day in age this stuff is all over the Internet and the blogosphere and everyone knows about it and will be expecting it.
    Think about it…how awesome would it have been to just have Tony show up in the middle of this season out of nowhere! Then again, I’m betting the producers are maybe trying to drum up some positive buzz for the upcoming year after the letdown that was season, er, day 6.

  • t3hdow

    I’m with you Ceballos. Normally, I’d avoid this news like the plague and curse everyone’s name that revealed this to me, but I need reassurance after the lackluster season 6. And boy, did they nail it big time. Jack on trial? Tony’s resurrection from the dead? Holy $hit, do I need to change my pants right now! I’m pondering whether I should call my older brother and tell him or wait until the show airs in January 2008. Both of us were pissed when Tony ‘died’ in season 5.
    Speaking of which, didn’t the official 24 site on Fox list him as deceased after Henderson ‘killed’ Tony?

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