Snap judgment: James Blunt's '1973'

James_lI’m sure it’s a little scary being James Blunt. After all, his trajectory from ubiquitous chart topper to universally loathed singer-boy seemed to happen in a matter of weeks, and as Billboard points out in its review of his brand-new single "1973" (which is streaming now at AOL Music) he’s already at serious risk of being dubbed a one-hit wonder (here in the U.S. anyway). The question is, does he deserve to be slapped with the dreaded label?

Based on "1973," I’m gonna have to say, "Most definitely." Granted, there’s a strong chance I’m still suffering from a case of post-"You’re Beautiful" Stress Disorder (PYBSD), but hearing Blunt’s slippery mewl on this mid-tempo track makes me want to snap my ears off. Maybe it’s the way he rhymes the name Simona with older ("old-ah"), sober ("sob-ah"), and over ("ov-ah"). Or is he actually saying "Simona" at all? Maybe he’s actually singing to a woman named "Simone," but adding an "ah" sound to the end of her name in a bit of whimsical songwriting license. Or maybe her name is simply Mona, but he’s adding the "ssaa" sound to the beginning of her name as an homage to Michael Jackson’s "sha-mon" from "Bad"? I don’t know. I’m just trying really hard to avoid focusing on the way Blunt keeps turning "seventy" into a two-syllable word ("Sev’n-ty). Also: This guy was wearing diapers in 1973. So how is it he and Mona/Simona/Simone will always be in a club in that very year? The more I think about it, the angrier I get. How ’bout you?

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  • Phil

    Michael, I believe James Blunt wasn’t born til 1974, but I COULD be wrong. Maybe this the 1973 title is a creepy reference to his parents’ conception of him in 1973??? Is his mother’s name Simona? And its a shame brits have sucha difficult time having success here in the States, I actually enjoyed Blunt’s full debut, instead of just “You’re Beautiful”. “Goodbye My Lover” wasn’t a hit here, but just as enjoyable as “You’re Beautiful” the 1st 100 times! I’m still not sure how I feel about “1973”.

  • sam

    This guy is an overrated no-talent and I don’t even understand how he enjoyed any success here, except that somebody must have paid a lot of money to have that song played constantly. Please send him home and save our ears.

  • Stephen

    Slezak, I usually support your critiques, but this one puzzled me. Your rant in the second paragraph didn’t really say how much you hated the song, if that makes sense. Simply that you disliked two things (his off rhyning skills and syllable challenges). BTW, I think the song stinks. I doubt we’ll be hearing this at every freakin wedding three months from now.

  • whimsey

    Slezak, my little foot loop, my darling frosted flake, my only sugar pop … that was really mean. Did Mr. Blunt leave a sack of paws from homeless puppies on your doorstep?

  • whimsey

    - froot loop –

  • Laurie

    I enjoy any review that references sha-mon. I am still confused about that to this day.

  • Nuchy

    It’s not THAT bad, it’s also not gonna be a big hit. But seriously, lighten up.

  • Kiki

    I’ll be the first to agree that “You’re Beautiful” was overplayed, but before that, I enjoyed it alot, along with “High,” “Wisemen,” and “Goodbye My Lover,” so I’ll respectfully disagree that he’s a one-hit wonder, though I’m not really feeling “1973.” Part of the backlash, I think, is his onscreen persona; he’s a little too precious. Anyhow, he’s too talented and too young to write him off for good. After all, he’s just starting.

  • Maria

    James Blunt is an excellent singer, a very good songwriter (who will without a doubt only improve with time), & a helluva nice guy who had the guts to pour his heart out to the world in a soul-stirring song. It was played so much because so many of us couldn’t get enough of it. You who disagree are in the vast minority. Get over it, & try to have some sensitivity & sincerity yourselves. Maybe then YOU’ll have countless women admiring you, as James does. Slezak, your infantile nit-picking serves no purpose except to show that jealousy is a very ugly thing indeed. Critics are for sheep; I’ll gladly make up my own mind!

  • GingerCat

    I actually like “1973.” It’s much more lively than his earlier hits. I don’t think I’ll be buying the album, but I’ll probably download the song.
    As others have noted, it’s not his fault he was so overplayed. And I’d rather hear his stuff than a lot of the garbage currently on the radio.

  • Miles Doornbos

    “You’re Beautiful/You’re Beautiful/You’re Beautiful/It’s True/I saw your face/in a crowded place/and I don’t know what to do/cause I’m never going to be with you.”
    Yes, indeed, how soul-stirring. I can only imagine the guts, truly, it must have taken for this young, couragous, and (as Maria, who hates critics, but will gladly critique, has informed us) talented song-writer to finally tell a woman that she is, in point of fact, beautiful. Hell, he had enough leftover guts to tell her she was beautiful several more times!
    God, this song is so stirring that it makes me want to take my clothes off slowly and jump in a river,
    -Miles (judges success by the amount of woman who admire him, just as, doubtlessly, Slezak does)

  • junior

    Is it wrong that I don’t hate this song as much as I want?

  • Jen

    I went on a roadtrip once with my ex and his family, and his mother put James Blunt’s album on shuffle, and played it the entire 4.5 hours. And she singled out “You’re Beautiful” to listen to over and over again. So though I haven’t heard this song yet, all I will say is-I feel your rage.

  • Jen

    I rarely feel a strong hatred for music, but I HATE James Blunt’s music! His lyrics are vapid and uninspired and his voice is warbly and annoying. I hoped it was just “You’re Beautiful” (a song I truly detest), but “1973” is just as bad!

  • Ben

    I like this song a lot.

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