Who is the most annoying entertainer in the world?

Back in May, EW.com conducted a tournament-style competition to determine the best summer-movie villain of all time. (Your winner? The Joker!) Because the game turned out to be so much fun, and because we’re a bunch of Cranky McCrankenpants, we’re mulling a similar bracket game, this time to determine the most annoying person in entertainment. Cruel, perhaps… but fun, most definitely.

That said, like Velma Kelly in Chicago, we simply cannot do it alone. And so, despite the risk of looking like part of a massive corporate entity pressing our beloved readers into free labor, we’re asking you to help us come up with a list of nominees.

Before we get started, let’s narrow the pool a little bit. We’re looking at actual entertainers, so let’s avoid nominating folks like Paris Hilton, who’s indubitably annoying but has extremely limited impact on the world of music, movies, books, and television. (I’m going to argue against The View‘s Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbot, too, since they’d rob the competition of any sense of suspense, no?) We’re looking more at, say, the one member of an ensemble cast who is the proverbial fly in your favorite TV show’s soup, or the singer or band whose music always makes you change the station. I’m throwing my support to manic comic Jack Black; every time that dude appears on stage or screen, I feel like I’m being force-fed a ham sandwich. (Was it just me, or did he add an extra hour to Peter Jackson’s interminable King Kong remake?) My editors Jay Woodruff and Jason Adams, meanwhile, are lobbying respectively for Carlos Mencia and Robin Williams, while my husband insisted over dinner last night that a first-round showdown between Sting and Bono would be a nail-biting delight.

Let us know, are we on the right track, or are there far worse pop-culture irritants we ought to be highlighting? Give us your whos (and your whys) in the comments section below!

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  • Lisa

    for all that’s in me I cannot figure out why Mischa Barton is even a star. She’s not pretty, too skinny and just gross – and can’t act her way out of a paper bag – which, coincidentally is about what some of the ‘dresses’ she wears look like!

  • sdkj

    Jamie Foxx makes me want to pull a Helen Keller

  • Byron

    Carrot Top. Enough said

  • Jenny

    Every single cast member from Grey’s Anatomy, with the exception of Sandra Oh, Chandra Wilson and Sara Ramirez.

  • furry_tom

    Is Bill O’Reilly an entertainer? He’s in books and television, but he might just be classified as a(n obnoxious) “personality” like Howard Stern.

  • Ep Sato

    Dane Cook and Colin Quinn are my candidates.
    Cook was alright in Waiting, but has proven extremely disapointing as a stand up, tv show host and bigboxmart cashier.
    But Colin Quinn’s been bugging me since the days of “Remote Control”. Between the St. Patrick’s where he actually showed up drunk on the Air at SNL, to the overused joke about the Pollice Sgt. Killed by a Poptart (Mtv’s half hour comedy hour), to his awful standup special with Mario Joyner to his awful stint hosting the “morons who hate on everything and who don’t know jack about politics but talk about it anyway” gig, I HATE no talent Colin Quinn.

  • BF

    Jeff Goldblum. Hands down. Can’t stand him.

  • Alimentum

    Great idea!! I’ve got to nominate Eric Roberts – King of crappy, straight-to-video movies and all around horrible actor. I cursed the heavens when he joined Heroes and cheered when he left.
    Also, Rosie Perez has a voice that makes dogs weep, Joan Rivers is a lit cigarette and can of hairspray away from starring in the Ghost Rider sequel, and Phillip Semour Hoffman has always, inexplicably, given me the creeps. Just something about him – I wouldn’t be at all surpised to see him on “To Catch a Predator”.

  • Ben

    Good call on Jack Black, Slezack! I would nominate David Schwimmer… Loved Friends… hated him. Kept yelling at the tv for a cab to hit him and let him die. He was whiny and distracting at first and then became this bizzare loser… totally skip his scenes on TiVo now.

  • mcbridefan

    Angelina Jolie, who is trying to get ink via her personal life moreso than her actual film work these days.

  • Lesley

    Nickelback. Bad musicians are one thing. Bad musicians emoting like they are saving the world is an entirely different thing.

  • DW

    Adam Sandler. Like nails on a blackboard when I see him.

  • liz

    I will second you choice of Jack Black and add Dakota Fanning to the nominees.

  • Anonymous

    Rachel Ray!!!

  • jar

    i second the david schwimmer nomination.

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