Today's Funnies: '24: The Interns'

Not sure if you’ll find this deadpan parody, by Masters of Humility, thoroughly funny or just a clever idea only moderately well-executed. Either way, it still packs way more nail-biting suspense into a few minutes than the real 24 did all season this year.


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  • garrick

    Funny, Sue giving a PC command (control-alt-delete) when she obviously has a Mac in front of her. I made it to 3:57 before quitting. The concept is funnier than the execution.

  • Tim Lade

    I think while it is isn’t the greatest short in the world it demonstrates what happens when you take the 24 style and apply it basically to anything else. It becomes hillarious.

  • Gary Wendall

    So you like Funny huh? So why haven’t you checked out ?
    Got Gary?, I do.

  • Ann

    Sometimes I wish internet video came with a sort of money-back kind of policy, but it would be a “time-back” policy. It could have been shorter. It could have had people who are trying to be actors not totally seeming like actors.
    And I could have been actually working instead of seeing this.

  • t3hdow

    I thought this vid was pretty amusing. Sadly enough, it is more enjoyable than season 6. I actually prefer it over South Park’s 24 parody to be honest.

  • merrick

    It was a pretty, perfectly, potent parody. All that was missing was, DAH-DUM, DAH-DUM, DAH-DUM, DAH-DUM…

  • natascha

    Funny. Very Funny…


    Oh, and by the way, I have to learn there’s a Small Fox epidemic from a wonderfully entertaining and clever TV show parody like “24: The Interns” instead of CNN? No wonder this world is going to hell in a hat basket.


    Okay, what I MEANT was the REAL dah-DUM, dah-DUM, dah-DUM, dah-DUM sound effect was missing. “The Interns” has an amazing simulation, but it’s not an exact duplication. Wait, omigod! Maybe, I’ve contracted Small Fox and it’s affected my eardrums. YIKES!!!!! I apologize,

  • Karen

    The guy who plays the guard is hotsie-totsie…and has badass hair as well.

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