The PopWatch Confessional (Vol. 19)

Perry_lEarlier this week, I went to the taping of Bon Jovi’s new Unplugged, and I found myself wondering how different my life would have been if I’d had MTV before 1993. For one thing, Jon Bon Jovi could’ve spurred my sexual awakening instead of the 1984 U.S. Olympic men’s gymnastics team.* On the bus-subway-bus ride home to Jersey, I started thinking about all the other entertainment-themed regrets I carry with me. I’ll share mine, if you share yours…

• I never saw Journey with Steve Perry (pictured). I only saw them a few years back on that Journey/REO Speedwagon/Styx tour with a Steve Perry-lite.

• I was out of town on the weekend of Sept. 21, 2001 when my friends went to see Glitter. You know I love a good crapfest.

• In 2000, Ralph Fiennes walked into the bar where my friend Tamara, his No. 1 fan, was celebrating her birthday — right after I’d left. I don’t regret not seeing him; I regret not seeing her seeing him.

addCredit(“Steve Perry: Robin Kaplan/Retna”)

• Back when the Wallflowers first hit, I read an article that reported that Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi joined Jakob Dylan onstage at a show in Asbury Park and sang a Sam Cooke song, which the story did not identify. In my mind, it was "Bring it on Home to Me", and it was hot.

• I didn’t go to a college that screened Jaws at the campus pool while everyone floated on inner tubes. I would so pee in the pool.

* Credit should also go to Ryne Sandberg, second baseman for the Chicago Cubs, who took the National League East in 1984.

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  • Cece

    I don’t regret being in junior high school while R. Kelly was in concert and all of my friends went. A bunch of 13-year-old girls watching Kells sing “Bump N Grind” in his pink Speedos? I was mad then, but I’m grateful now.
    However, I do regret not tagging along with my friend when she got to meet Ginuwine after a concert. I was part of a dance team that was his opening act, but she drew a really good picture of him and got to hang out with him for about 15 minutes. But he gave me a high-five. That counts as something, right?

  • Michael Morrison

    Two years ago the Rolling Stones did a concert an hour away from my house. I didn’t go because the tickets were $100 and I thought it was too expensive. Then can someone please explain to me why I just paid more than that to see Kelly Clarkson? They are about the same caliber right…right….anyone?

  • Michael Morrison

    Two years ago the Rolling Stones did a concert an hour away from my house. I didn’t go because the tickets were $100 and I thought it was too expensive. Then can someone please explain to me why I just paid more than that to see Kelly Clarkson? They are about the same caliber right…right….anyone?

  • frEd

    MANDI! Love the fact that you want to see the REAL Journey too! I too went to the Journey-lite concert and purposly got the nose-bleed section. I felt that if I closed my eyes while they played it would feel like the real thing.
    …lying beside you, here in the dark, feeling your heart beat with mine…softly you whisper, you’re so sincere, how could our love be soo (I forgot the next part).

  • Kevo

    My friends and I were supposed to go to Woodstock 99 but we couldn’t afford it. Instead of working hard to earn extra money, we got lazy and watched it on MTV. (Though in retrosepct, it was probably much nicer to watch it in our clean, bathroom accessable, riot-free living rooms than actually being there). To make up for the fact, we made sure to go to Live 8 two years ago in Philly (It was free – you can’t beat that). Though the acts were the size of ants from where we were sitting, the jumbo screens helped. (Though the mounds of garbage did not).

  • Heather

    I regret not sneaking out to see U2 in concert during the Zoo TV era…I was a freshman in HS and my mom said I couldn’t go and my cousin had tickets. I still hold a grudge 15 years later over that one because that was admittedly the hottest Bono has ever been…pleather pants and fly glasses, oh my!

  • Sarah

    I am still bitter about when my mom would not let me go to see New Kids on The Block when I was 9 on Halloween 1990.

  • bebop

    I’ve seen lots of great shows – real Journey, Stones (for free), RHCP w/ unknowns Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumkins opening for them; John Mellencamp when he was still Cougar – my regrets all stem from being in the National Guard and having drill on weekends that had me missing – Prince, Police (twice), Ramones and CSNY.

  • j

    I kind of regret not waiting in line with my friends to see Star Wars: Episode 1 at the Uptown in DC at midnight. Even though the movie sucked, the experience would have been great.

  • Martha

    Back in spring 1985, Tears for Fears and the Smiths were playing in DC (my hometown) on a Monday and a Tuesday, respectively. My parents would only let me go to one concert, so I chose the former. I always regretted my decision, not because the TFF concert wasn’t great, but because my friends (and dozens of others) stormed the stage at the Smiths concert and got to SHAKE MORRISSEY’S HAND. Which, of course, to my tortured high-school freshman self was the pinnacle of life. But then I really did experience the pinnacle of rock concert-ness in August 2001 at the Radiohead concert in Montreal, so I guess things works out for the best after all. ;-)

  • Brie

    I regret never watching Freaks and Geeks when it originally aired. (Now the reason.)
    Back in 2000, I won a trip out to L.A. and Freaks and Geeks shot on the next door to the sound stage I was on. Another person I was with managed to sweet talk the stage manager to letting us on their set. We got to watch to them record a family dinner scene and I got a picture with Linda Cardellini in the kitchen. I met a number of cast- and I really wish I remember which ones.
    If I had watched the show- I wouldn’t have had to lie about being a big fan and I probably would remember who else I met. I started watching after that trip- but it’s just not the same.

  • FabK

    I regret that my town did not have Fox until way after the Simpsons became a hit. I didn’t get to say “Eat my Shorts” when it was cool. I also regret that I didn’t see Beck when he finally came to town, even though I had tickets, because I found out I was going to be induced the next morning. I will forever hold my child responsible for that one. And, I’m already regretting that I will not be able to go on the Ben Folds cruise, because I’m poor.
    And, Sarah, you should be bitter. I saw NKOTB in concert and Joey was totally looking at me the whole time even though I was in the second to last row of the highest tier in the arena. He totally was!

  • Auriana

    1. My undergrad university owns a castle in England where they set up a studying abroad program. They decided to use that place as the set for “The Haunting” and happened to film it while I was at school there. Though I watched some of the scenes being filmed, I never got over my shyness and thus did not ask Liam Neeson (my favorite actor of all time) for his autograph. Some of the guys did get Catherine Zeta Jones’ though and I managed to tag along with some other girls and got to hang out with the crew a bit in the trailers…but alas, no Liam Neeson.
    2. I was getting my Masters degree at the Univ. of Glasgow in Scotland when the 5th Harry Potter book came out. I heard that Rowling was having a book signing in Edinburgh, about an hour away by train. There was no reason I couldn’t go, I thought about going, but in the end I was lazy and didn’t go. Not that I would sell it but I saw copies of said signed book selling for 3k and up. :sigh: Regrets.

  • Jennifer

    I regret not seeing Pink Floyd reunite at the Live 8 show back in 2005. Too bad I was stuck in the states with no money! But at least I can’t say that I had a chance to miss their Wall tour, like my dad did. He couldn’t get anyone to take over his shift the night he was supposed to go to the concert!

  • Frightened Inmate #2

    I was in Atlanta for a conference and thought I’d go see a baseball game where Randy Johnson was pitching for the Diamondbacks, since I was only a few minutes from the stadium. But weather reports said it looked like it was going to rain, so at the last minute I passed.
    It didn’t rain, and Randy Johnson pitched a perfect game. Damn that haunts me!

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