Adding 'Drama' to the Emmy nominations

Johnny_lGuess Johnny Drama and Variety have buried the hatchet. That nasty incident from a couple of episodes ago on Entourage, in which the elder Chase brother stormed the trade paper’s newsroom and angrily confronted critic "Paul Schneider" over his negative review of Drama’s soon-to-be hit show Five Towns. Today’s (real-life) Variety has a special on the forthcoming Emmy nominations that includes a hilariously narcissistic essay by "Johnny Chase," in which the (fictional) actor describes what it’s like to wait nervously for long overdue recognition from the TV academy. (Best line: "I can see all my peers’ faces when I shout, ‘Ha! Tonight I won. TonightI’m the winner. Tonight ma, you don’t need to cry for your baby.’") Perhaps not coincidentally, today’s Variety also contains a paid "For Your Consideration" advertisement for Drama’s performance in Five Towns, including a cleverly edited blurb from "Schneider’s" pan. (Shades of last season, when there was a similar, even bigger ad boasting of the record-breaking opening weekend for Aquaman.) I’ll leave it to you, PopWatchers, to decide whether all this playing-footsie-with-reality enhances your enjoyment of Entourage, HBO’s subscriber base, or Variety‘s journalistic credibility — because, as long as everyone is making money, who cares?

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  • aramis

    Look who cares. I’ve lost faith in the academy who’s about to let Gilmore Girls sign off after SEVEN WONDERFUL YEARS without so much as a nomination for the writing staff, or Lauren Graham. You know for a FACT Lauren isn’t going to get nominated. And if she were, it would be WAY after the fact, overdue, and bittersweet (because this season wasn’t even the best one). Though her “Snakes on a Plane” rant is quite Emmy worthy.

  • mike

    The Emmys never recognized the WB/CW. Maybe if they had Buffy, Angel, Gilmore, Everwood, and others would have had more veiwers. And maybe, would have lasted longer.

  • Drama’s in my entourage

    This is an ingenious way to promote the show! Definitely makes me love Drama even more!
    Aramis-you know this is a fake article, right?

  • Ed

    I’m not going to comment on the blog but I do want to comment on Entourage – I LOVE THIS SHOW! I’ve watched it since the beginning but this last season has really been fun. Turtle’s new romance with the ghetto style girl is sooo cute! Vinnie and E still get on my nerves but in a good way. I like when E was sprung on the psych major from season 1,a girl like Symone would never go for E in real life. Dramah is just that dramah.
    BUT EVEN BETTER STILL IS ARI – HOT HOT HOT! I want to see Jeremy in that kick as body of his do a nude scene – c’mon, it’s HBO for goodness sakes!

  • aramis

    Yeah, i do….it’s just word vomit for me. Anytime someone even WHISPERS the word “Emmy” I go off on a weird tangeant. A bitter one, I should say.

  • Allison

    The Emmy’s dont recognize talent when they see it. The office wins best comedy, but Steve Carell is the only one nominated? Come on! Dwight rules. I think Johnny Drama’s letter is hilarious. I would love to see him claim an Emmy, walk to mic and shout “VICTORY” and then depart! HA. Kevin Dillon deserves one in real life.

  • Cliff

    As long as the real thing doesn’t win any awards, they can campaign for the fake one all they want.

  • Ep Sato

    I love Entourage and dig the way the show’s makers like to play games with the fourth wall.
    Aquaman was allegedly based on the experiences from making Planet of the Apes. What show is 5 towns based on?
    And agreed, Dillon deserves an Emmy the way his brother deserves an Oscar (has Matt Dillon ever won? I’m too lazy to check on imdb today).

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