Rosie, we hardly 'View' ye


I was really hoping this mess would be resolved with some class, and that Rosie would finish out her last three weeks on The View and get a proper send-off, borne aloft by a platoon of Broadway chorus boys. But no.

Rosie’s sudden announcement of her early departure was marked by carefully worded spin from nearly everyone involved (except for Elisabeth, who impressed me for the first time ever by saying nothing). Rosie’s statement said she was "grateful" for her "amazing" year on the show, "and I love all three women." (Translation: I don’t hate Elisabeth, really, I don’t!) For her part, Barbara Walters said she was "most appreciative" of O’Donnell’s contribution to the show and that "our close and affectionate relationship will not change." (Translation: Don’t expect me to invite you and Kelli to one of my dinner parties anytime soon.) And ABC’s president of daytime TV said, "We had hoped that Rosie would be with us until the end of her contract three weeks from now," (because the ratings will plummet as soon as she’s gone) "but Rosie has informed us that she would like an early leave." (And we were only too happy to get this PR nightmare behind us as quickly as possible.) "Therefore, we part ways," (Please clean up those defaced portraits of Hasselbeck before security escorts you from the building) "thank her for her tremendous contribution to The View" (those cat-fights sure made for great TV, didn’t they?) "and wish her well." (If you decide to launch your own morning show, may we bid for it? We won’t tell Barbara if you don’t.)

I’m still kinda puzzled; I didn’t expect Rosie to walk away from afight, and I figured she’d stick around for three more weeks just tospite the naysayers. But she seems to feel really hurt and betrayed(judging by her answers to her fans’ questions on her blog),not just by Walters and Hasselbeck, but by the behind-the-scenes folkswho framed Wednesday’s tussle in a, exploitative, Fox News-esquesplit-screen and let it drag out to a punishing length. Maybe she feltit wasn’t worth staying if even the producers weren’t going to supporther, and that the only way to save face was to set her own departure date and leave early, just like Star Jones did a year ago. Which means her final episode was today’s pre-taped installment. No weepy hugs, no montage of embarrassing moments, no chorus boys.

Not sure how the show is going to handle her absence: will it justbe Elisabeth, Joy Behar, and Barbara (or a revolving roster of guestpanelists) sitting around the big table? Will Joy, who startedWednesday’s fight with her own political diatribe, become even moreoutspoken in Rosie’s absence? How quickly will ABC move to name a newpanelist or panelists? And who will earn the honor of sticking their hand in this hornet’s nest being charged with attracting an audience to replace the throng who will leave with Rosie sitting at the right hand of Barbara Walters?

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  • Ceballos

    “I was really hoping this mess would be resolved with class…”
    Gary, my man! With Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck involved, you might as well have hoped for a leprachaun to ride in on a unicorn and deliver you…i don’t know, something else that doesn’t exist and isn’t likely to happen.

  • sam

    I’m done with the View as I didn’t watch it anymore until Rosie came on. Hasselbeck was constantly setting her up and she finally got her. I would get rid of this Survivor reject as soon as possible, if I were Barbara. I’ll be waiting for Rosie’s own show where she can say what she wants without the little blond fool interrupting her.

  • Sally

    I think Hasselbeck is next to go, but it’s going to be slow and quiet. She’s pregnant and they’re not going to ask her back. As for Rosie, I see her on cable. She can do whatever she wants on cable. She forgets she’s on network TV and the stakes are much stricter and higher. I certainly don’t see her back on NBC or CBS.

  • Lene

    No more View for me, but I’ll be waiting with bated breath for Rosie’s own show, where she’d be free to rant about pop culture and politics.

  • rtms

    Glad she’s gone now the hot topics can go back to being fun and gossipy with some bitchiness for a twist. Rosie made that place into a political panel, with her view being the only one heard.
    As for Joy, I think she will go back into her foxhole and not start too many fights. It’s the only gig she has and she can’t afford to lose it. As well she doesn’t have her pit bull Rosie there to attack for her so she’s toothless.
    Elisabeth will stay, they were already promoting her pregnancy for the Nov sweeps. Whether she goes on maternity leave and never comes back? Who knows.
    I do hope they stick with the rotating guest host, I think it’s been working fine all year.They might want to stretch out the stay to a week’s worth of hosting though.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really disappointed. I would have been more impressed if Rosie had defended her own comments, and handled herself better. From my vantage point, she looks like she’s just running away from the first person that’s actually confronted her directly, not through the press. Honestly, it makes her kind of look like the classic bully, who once stood up to is revealed to be a sham. I would have had so much more respect for her if she hadn’t ditched.

  • jenjen

    I’m just glad it’s over. The Rosie/Donald thing got so old and now Rosie/Elisabeth. Stick a fork in it already!!

  • jenjen

    And getting into a verbal altercation with a pregnant woman? Come on.

  • ericalina

    i would love it if i never saw another word about the view, its hosts, or their feuds ever again. who gives a rat’s ass about these loudmouths? give it a rest already!

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Rosie can dish it out, but can’t take it. Bw didn’t “defend” her in the Trump mess, Elisabeth didn’t “defend” her troops/terrorists comments. She loves the attention (blogging almost non-stop since Wednesday’s show), the cryptic career move comments, etc. Grow up Rosie, it not always about YOU

  • Evchen

    Why doesn’t Hasselbeck’s underemployed, clipboard-carrying quarterback of a husband enlist and fight the war they seem to believe is such a worthy cause? Plenty of pregnant mothers are managing on their own while their guys are over there; at least Elisabeth would have money to feed her children.

  • sam

    So many say that Rosie was a bully, but it is Hasselbeck who is a bully–she never lets anyone finish a comment that she disagrees with without yelling over them. (She started this fight by yelling over Joy). She should have acknowledged that Rosie would never call the troops terrorists, but that would have gotten her in trouble with the few people who like her. On Survivor, she rode the coattails of an old man to stay on the show. Now, she spouts conservative views so that she can have a job. Get rid of her, Barbara, or better yet, end the show altogether. If the only viewers left for the View are the ones who agree with Hasselbeck, cancellation is inevitable.

  • sam

    And please don’t give us that “yell at a pregnant lady” trash. Many of us have been pregnant ladies in our lives and it didn’t entitle us to any special treatment–especially if we had views as stupid as hers.

  • stephen

    Sam and Evchen……..I heart you. Will you guys be my friends???

  • Brainiac

    Ah…I had a feeling it would come to this. This whole show was one big, freakin’ mess, and it became obvious when they unfairly got rid of Star Jones. Why didn’t Barbara Walters stick with her “Specials”? I can’t believe that one of journalism’s great pioneers reduced herself to this nonsensical drivel just so she could have an easy and lucrative gig. She lost all creditibility – getting involved with the Donald feud and calling him pathetic didn’t help, even though it’s kinda true – and I bet the job’s not even as easy as she thought it would be!
    I’ll stick with Regis and Kelly, thank you very much!

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