Snap Judgment: Jordin Sparks' first single

First, can we agree that lyrically, the new American Idol song, "This Is My Now," is more of the same? A gloppy ballad about the sun breaking through the clouds, the path becoming clear, the light shining down, blah blah blah… Sorta weird that it came from an actual songwriting competition — I suspected it had been spit out by the Trite-o-Matic 2000. Still, it’s not as bad as Carrie Underwood’s Idol song, "Inside Your Heaven," which is notorious in the offices (well, between me and Slezak, mostly) for including the baffling line "Take me to the place you cry from." What? I digress.

So now AOL Music has debuted the recorded version of Jordin’s "This Is My Now," and a pretty okay version it is, to my huge relief. As all you Idolatry addicts know, I have been a Sparks plugger ever since the first go-round of "I (Who Have Nothing)," and am not ashamed to throw up the spirit fingers for the 17-year-old. But I have something to confess…

Every time I watched her sing live on TV this season, my jaw would clench in premature worry that something would go wrong. I always felt like Jordin was workin’ overtime (and who doesn’t love a hard worker?) to keep control in her performances. When she went for the glory note, didn’t it sometimes seem she was uncomfortably close to careening off-key, a victim of the dreaded Voice Crack?

No such worries on the recorded version, of course. (Yay, producers!) It’s nice to hear some vocal layers in there, backing my girl up. (Ooh, echoes!) I mean, it’s not terribly original — I don’t think I’ll be able anytime soon to hear a song on the radio and instantly know, "Hey, that’s Jordin!" — but for what she’s working with… that’ll do, Miss Sparks.

But what do you think?

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  • Sally

    No, it isn’t bad at all, but it’s more of the same. I guess that’s what AI producers look for, that love & hopeful type of song. Her vocals are good also, and actually I can’t see Blake or Melissa singing that song. It’s not my type of song but I’m resigned to hear it in every retail store I walk into.

  • beb

    Well…it’s better than “Do I Make You Proud.” I’m not going to buy it anytime soon, though. It’s just a’ight for me, dawg.

  • Thadjthad

    No purchase necessary. Congrats to her but nothing compares to Tamyra Gray/Fantasia’s “Believe.”

  • Mozz

    what a crappy song, but I just came here to say… OH MY GOD, Dawnie, you said “spirit fingers” how much do I love YOU!!!!?

  • osman

    ok to the people that hate the finale song…
    Last year when Taylor came out with “Do I Make You Proud” and everyone thought it was horrible, the producers actually thought of a fresh idea by making the songwriting competition.
    How is it their fault that people didn’t like the outcome? They left the final song up to you… DID YOU GUYS VOTE?? If you didn’t then shutup and live with it because you had a chance to decide and you passed on it!
    I think its a good song, mainly cuz it fits Jordin’s voice.. although I prefer “A Moment Like This” and “i Believe” over TIMN

  • Tim

    I seriously doubt if this song will get any radio airplay. It doesn’t fit in today’s play lists. It will only get played if DJs are told to play it.

  • Smackers

    Hahah, spirit fingers! I love Bring It On!
    “Those aren’t spirit fingers” (wiggles fingers limply), “these are spirit fingers” (rapid finger wiggling).
    “Cheerleaders are dancers who have gone retarded.”
    Oh, and “This is My Now” is the worst song ever. Period.

  • to osman

    i’m glad you like the song. go buy it, lock yourself in your room and have a fantasy moment with your Pretty Pony.

  • Brainiac

    Methinks this songwriting “competition” could have been just as rigged as the actual Idol competition!
    Sigh. Still bitter about Melinda’s premature departure.
    In all fairness, there have been worse songs – Inside Your Heaven definitely being one of them – and Jordin’s got a decent enough set of pipes to pull them off.
    I felt exactly the same way regarding Jordin’s live vocals – her voice, particularly towards the end, was always so pitchy and gaspy, teetering on the edge of cracking!

  • Joe C

    If I’m not mistaken, none of the singles written for the show have been RADIO hits; they’ve all gone to number 1 because people buy/download them. Top 40 radio simply does not play pop ballads. I agree with you that the song sucks, but really, what were you expecting?

  • Joe C

    I have to disagree with you on Jordin; I never thought her voice was going to crack during her performances. I always THOUGHT she was going to win, as I’ve been saying here, but my fave was voted off before the top 10, Sabrina Sloan. Oh well……

  • Eric

    It’s the perfect song for Jordin.

  • barbara

    I think the song is crap!! I don’t think Jordin should have won! Blake was great with Doug E Fresh, Melinda and LaKeisha sounded great with Gladys, Melinda sounded fab with BeBe and CeCe and the Guys sounded fab with Smokey. Having said that, are they going to do an encore of the finals? I didn’t get to tape it and I would like to. Simon, Randy and Paula should be ashamed of themselves for the way they acted this year. They were so bias toward Jordin it was shameful. I think that is one reason people were so upset. They acted like there was no one else there. Clearly, after seeing last nights finale, there were several singers (if this was a singing competition)that were better than Jordin, but they will get contracts. I just can’t believe the judges behavior. They practically told Blake over and over again that he was coming in 2nd, not that we didn’t know that by the way they were acting long before the final votes. If you know of encore, please let me know.

  • peachmahoney

    Okay, I LOVE your joke about “Inside Your Heaven” because my friends and I never get tired of making fun of that song. It’s terrible.
    “This is My Now”, however, isn’t even funny. It’s one of those cornball songs that the kid from choir that everybody hates sings at high school graduation. Awful but par for the course as far as AI singles go.
    I recently heard Reuben’s “Flying without Wings” at Von’s and nearly vomitted in the produce aisle.

  • ?

    With all the money this show has brought in, why not hire the better song writers? These first songs have all been the pits!

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