'Jericho': One Week Later

Ash_lI am one of the manydie-hard Jericho fans who were distraught last week upon hearing ofthe shows demise. And don’t get mestarted about Kid Nation. Itdoesn’t take a genius to add things up: a reality show, with fame-starved kids(I’m assuming, especially after watching the preview), costs much less to produce than a serialized drama thatactually has an intriguing storyline. Iguess CBS really is trying to harness that younger demographic, although I’mnot sure that pre-teens are the market they were aiming for. And while Jericho‘s ratings may not have been stellar, they weren’thorrible either (like the ill-fated 3 Lbs.).

Let’s quickly run down whathas happened since last week’s announcement:

May 16: Right after CBS announcedits fall schedule, the petition frenzy began, and the Jericho boards at CBS went crazy. Fan sites alsoimmediately began a rallying cry on how to help keep Jericho on the air.

May 17: Our esteemedMandi Bierly brought up Kid Nation on PopWatch, inspiring some 500 comments, most of them pro-Jericho.

May 18: CBSannounced, "In the coming weeks, we hope to develop a way to provideclosure to the compelling drama that was the Jerichostory."

May 19: At the Piratesof the Caribbean: At World’s End premiere in Hollywood, Ashley Scott (pictured), who played Emily Sullivan, told EW’sCarrie Bell how she felt about Jericho‘s cancellation: "It infuriates me. It is not fair to peoplewho watched because we didn’t wrap it up because we thought we were comingback. Now viewers will never get a chance to know the whole story of the bombsand what happened or what is going to happen to these townspeople. It is justrude and I think people are going to stop watching shows like that because theykeep getting shafted by these serials that they get into, then they getcanceled and they never get any closure."

May 21: Nuts Onlinebegan taking orders to send to CBS. They have YouTube video and photos of the more than 10,000 pounds of nuts being delivered to CBS HQ in NYC. (Another 4,000 pounds were to be delivered today). SyFy Portal even interviewedJeffrey Braverman from Nuts Online about the massive influx of orders.Why the nuts? It’s in reference to the Battle of the Bulge tale Grandpa Green tells in the final episode, which Stanley mistakenly calls the "peanut story," in which the Allied commander replied, "Nuts!" when asked if he wanted to surrender to the Nazis.  In the final scene of Jericho, when Constantino asks Jake if they are going to surrender, he replies, "Nuts."

addCredit(“Ashley Scott: Greg Schwartz”)

And here we are now, a weekafter the cancellation announcement, with nothing firm. A friend toldme that the season finale was supposedly written as aseries finale in case the show didn’t get renewed. At first, I didn’tbuy it, but as Ithought about it some more, I realized it could work as a finale. Whileit left many questions unanswered, it also let your imaginationrun wild with possibilities. What was Robert Hawkins going to do withthe tank? Who would get killed in the fight at the Richmond farm? Wasthetrain full of the soldiers racing to the farm from Nebraska? If Darcywasright when she asked Robert about "eliminating all witnesses" (re: thenuclearbomb), wouldn’t all of Jerichobe doomed to die? How could the new government ever figure out who didor did not know about the hidden bomb? Are Skylar’s parents stillalive? And most importantly: Where was Jake for all those years?

IfCBS does sum things up with a two-hour movie, I say, "Brilliant." The show was great, I loved it, but realistically, it’s timeto move on to other things. Do, however, count me amongthose viewers who won’t get involved in serial dramas ever again. I got burned last year with NBC’s Surface and this year with Jericho.I’ve learned my lesson.

What say you, PopWatchers? How long will the Jericho fight go on? Are you abandoning CBS for the long haul? What should happen now?


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  • Joyce

    I stopped watching serialized dramas in their first season. I got burned watching Surface, Invasion, Eyes and just can’t do it anymore. My heart can’t handle it. This upcoming season, the only new show pulling me in is Private Practice.

  • Kathleen

    I’m incredibly annoyed. I spend a year getting into the series, looking forward to it and then they cancel it! Let me tell you, from now on, I’ll tape and wait. If it gets picked up then I’ll watch the tape, if not then I didn’t waste my time. All the networks better watch themselves, especially in the age of YouTube and DVR.

  • Andrew

    I loved Jericho. I wished it hadn’t got cancelled but I can’t say I was terribly surprised. A two hour movie would be an awesome idea. I most certainly would rather watch a Jericho movie than CBS’s Sunday night Hallmark schmaltz. While we’re at it, let’s find out what happened on The Nine too.

  • t3hdow

    Although I liked Jericho, I’m not as upset as I should be after its cancellation. Maybe it’s because I didn’t care for most of the characters. They’re either uninteresting (sans Jake, Hawkins and the teenage kid) or unlikeable (most of the female characters, except Stanley’s deaf sister). Compared to Lost’s or Heroes’ bunch, they’re underwhelming.
    Still, I liked the plot enough to keep watching. Jericho definitely improved after the hiatus and the possibilities seemed endless after the season finale. It’s too bad it got cut for a reality show, though CBS should’ve cut some of their procedural crime dramas, since they’re far more of those populating CBS than reality TV.
    Still, I think I’m done with serialized dramas. Look how many of them – regardless of quality – were cut in the last two TV seasons without a conclusion: Surface, Threshold, Invasion, Reunion, Kidnapped, Vanished, Drive, Day Break, The Nine…and now Jericho. If these networks aren’t willing to finish them, forget it.

  • melissa

    I watched “Jericho” all season but am OK with letting it go. I do think a miniseries would be nice, with two or three two-hour parts. It wouldn’t be as cramped as a TV movie, and CBS could treat it as a Big Event.

  • EM

    I feel for you Jericho fans being cut short. I feel that ABC shafted me on Six Degrees. The “exclusive online” episodes were okay, but the supposed “finale” wasn’t any closure. A voice over monologue does not a series finale make.
    The actress was right. We, the audience, are going to give up on serials all together if we keep getting cut short.

  • mike

    I didn’t watch jericho, but had a full schedule including a bunch of serialized dramas: Kidnapped, the Nine, Smith…
    By the time the cw cancelled Veronica Mars, I still have a full schedule on Thursday, but only an hour and a half of shows the rest of the week.
    No new shows next fall. By January, I’ll watch a new show only if it comes with a certificate of longevity.

  • mscisluv

    I was totally into Surface, too. Sad…because I really wanted to know the backstory.

  • Jill

    I thought it worked well as a series finale – kindof a “they went down fighting” and then you can imagine what happened to everyone.
    I don’t think they could wrap up everything in one two-hour movie, due to the many, many, many, many storylines they would have to address.
    CBS should do a graphic novel or shoot a mini-series.

  • Micah

    Jericho was by no means the greatest tv show ever. In fact, as was mentioned, it was at times underwhelming and the acting was subpar. Still, it was a very intriguing storyline that drew in enough viewers to at least be bumped to a Friday night time slot instead of being chopped completely. With DVRs most committed viewers would either tune in to watch live or watch it within the week thereby counting as far as Nielsen is considered (see recent article re:advertisements watched up to one week after the original air date).
    I’m not abandoning CBS – their Thursday night line-up was stellar this season and will be worth the return even without Shark – but I will be much more cautious before beginning any new serialized dramas.
    I’d sign any petition to get Jericho back on the air, even if only for a mini-series or for one more season. Please CBS, cut us a break!
    ABC also deserves a little slap for leaving us hanging with The Nine.

  • L.Luva

    I am completely outraged and will only settle for a second season. This is the only show my entire family gathered for and kept conversation alive for days after each episode! We’ve been glued since Day 1 and want to see a second season!
    We DO NOT want a wrap up movie! There is tons of storyline left to tell. The cast is awesome, the writers are brilliant and the Producer’s rock.
    I’m tired of networks punishing the viewers by pulling GREAT shows off the air for shows that have no substance.
    This family has not tuned in to CBS since 05/16 and we will continue to boycott it until Jericho returns.
    A Dedicated Jericho Ranger

  • Amy

    I say shame on CBS, NUTS TO YOU! We as fans have adopted the Jericho family into our homes for the past season, short term breakup included, only to have you say that my opinions aren’t good enough. Well, how about the opinions of the over 70,000 strong so far on the petition or the ones sending nuts! Wake up CBS!

  • General Jack D. Ripper

    Unless CBS brings back Jericho for, at bare minimum, a 13 episode Season 2 – they will continue to be bombarded with NUTS !! See http://www.jericholives.com for details. They will be buried in NUTS up to their eyeballs – if Jericho returns I would have spent $200-$300 on DVDs and related items. Either CBS gets the money or http://www.nutsonline.com does. Plus CBS will be under prime-time boycott for at least 1 year in my house (everyone is on board with this decision) CBS – go ahead make my day.

  • Wildcards88

    Thank you for the article. A network can’t drag people all seaon long, then to just cut and run. It take time, a couple of season for a show to catch on. Also Jericho was in a bad time slot on top of that. It still managed 2nd place for the time, not including Idol.

  • David Carless

    Closure is not an option. Jericho needs to be renewed either on CBS or another network.
    CBS will continue to have zero traction going into the new season until they resolve this. The $7K for a full page variety ad was raised today, and another 4,000 pounds of nuts goes out tomorrow. We are in this fight for the long haul.

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