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Rifkin_lSeason-finale cliffhangers — who needs ‘em? Last night’s final episode of Brothers & Sisters‘ freshman year had its share of deliciously unexpected plot twists — all of which will warrant further exploration in season two — but none of them arrived with the "holy-crap!" bombast we’ve come to expect from network-drama finales. Kind of refreshing, no?

I loved how so much of the revelation about Saul’s sexual orientation — and his one-time affair with the mysterious Milo (Rambaldi?) — wasn’t at all overt, but instead conveyed with things unsaid, subtle glances, an old nickname ("Solly!"), and the way Ron Rifkin (pictured) and Michael Nouri’s body language indicated the two men’s differing comfort levels with acknowledging their affair. I certainly didn’t see it coming, but in retrospect, it helps explain the demise of the dapper bachelor uncle’s relationship with Holly. Add that to Rebecca’s revelation about her older lover’s suicide, and her admission to Hot Junkie that she was also culpable in her kiss with Joe, and it sets up scads of season-two drama. And that’s not even touching on Kevin’s lust-hate attraction to the Senator’s minister brother (Eric Winter), the future of Sarah’s marriage, and Justin’s return to Iraq. (Bonus points to the show’s writers for refusing to soften Kevin’s off-putting bitchitude; his comment that the banquet hall was "like the first 15 minutes of Extreme Home Makeover" provided the night’s biggest laugh.)

addCredit(“Ron Rifkin: Vivian Zink”)

I also loved Sarah’s "give me alcohol" hand-signal to her brothersduring Nora and Kitty’s participation in what she dubbed as "thepassive-aggressive Olympics," plus the discussions centered on thepronunciation of Major Weiner’s name. I’m not sure any of that lattersubplot — with Garry Marshall leading the Senator’s boozy familythrough a party gone out of bounds — was plausible, but at the veryleast, it gave the Walker clan an excuse to dive into the water, apoignant end to a season that began with their father’s death and theirmother’s mournful nighttime swim in said pool. With a capper like that,I can barely wait for September.

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  • kcholt68

    Love the show, it needs its own TV Watch next season!

  • Ben

    Loved the show! And I’m so glad that they didn’t shy away from Kevin and Pastor Yummy making out. What I don’t get, if the family is so accepting of Kevin being gay, why is Saul NOT out of the closet?

  • Karen

    TV Watch!!! TV Watch!!! Season 2 needs a TV WATCH!

  • MM

    Completely agree that B&S needs its own TV Watch (hopefully done by Slezak).
    I’m glad that Rebecca revealed her role in the kiss. That opens the door to redemption for her character. I didn’t like the role of resident evil backstabber that they were starting to put on her. I agree with Slezak that the Senator’s family as drunken lunatics was implausible (one crazy in the family is to be expected, but the whole lot??), however any opportunity to give the hilarious Garry Marshall a cameo is worth the stretch.

  • Al

    What a great episode. One of the few shows that I truly made me feel sad that I’d have to wait until September to see what would happen next.

  • Jenners

    I have definitely come to love this show after its tepid beginning. What I don’t get is why it is always written up on Popwatch? Duh, why not just put it on TVWatch.
    Also, I adore Kevin and the actor who plays him. He is so delightfully bitchy and has the best facial expressions. And dear god do I also love the former Sam Seaborn! (even if he does play a “republican” or a liberal tv show’s version of one).

  • Andie

    This show continues to be a breath of fresh air for me. I get so bogged down with heavy shows like LOST and Heroes, that it’s nice to just sit back and watch a show that’s playful in it’s drama, with great characters and acting.

  • lala1215

    With Gilmore Girls, Sopranos, & Apprentice gone and not much new shows with potential coming up this fall- we have plenty of room for a B&S TV WATCH!!! And a cup of Slezak’s charm on Monday AM is a great way to start my week!

  • Carli

    I stopped watching this show awhile ago, but I had to laugh at the Rambaldi comment.

  • Stace

    I was STUNNED at the whole “Solly!” thing. For some reason, it just never occurred to me until I saw the body language. Really well done. And I totally agree that it was refreshing not to have mega bombs dropped. Looking forward to September!

  • Anonymous

    It really was great, watching a season finale that just felt good. I needed that break between Ugly Betty’s Sad-a-thon, Grey’s Anatomy’s Itchy-Dress-Scratch Dance and tonight’s Heroe’s debacle… Thank you Berlanti, Thank you.

  • Tina

    This show totally deserves a TV watch. Its amazing to see a tv family bicker realistically yet love eachother with such devotion.
    I for one didn’t see the Gay!Saul thing coming and really don’t like it. I happen to like the idea that not every older adult who’s never married is neither a mistress or homosexual. I like Saul as just a man who decided that marriage is not for him, which could have worked given his and Nora’s mother.

  • Erik

    This show totally deserves a TV Watch! I love the way this show portrays family drama. There are always the made for tv antics but at the heart there is always touches of realism. Such a good show.

  • Idol Thoughts

    Michael, it’s amazing how similar our thoughts are! Check out my thoughts on the finale at Idol Thoughts, http://www.americanidolamericanidol.blogspot.com

  • Snooks

    Thought this was a great (and refreshing end) to the season. McAllister’s family was sort of implausible but it was a bit on the opposite “crazy” family end of the spectrum, so still fun. I died when Kevin pulled Kitty into the kitchen when Jason McAllister began to say the blessing… They are hilarious together.
    Please…get a TV Watch going!

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