Snap Judgment: Jay-Z's remix of Amy Winehouse's 'Rehab'

Amyz_lThey tried to make him quit the rap game, he’s the CEO, O,O!

Even with Kingdom Comeoff his chest, it seems that Jay-Z can’t quite get the proverbial No. 45 off hisback. In this snippet, the "Mike Jordan of mic recordin"’ comes back outof the boardroom to drop a verse on Amy Winehouse’s smash single, "Rehab" (listen here). Turnsout Hov needs some help too, but it’s not tequila shots and bottles of Scotchkeeping him off the straight and narrow:  "Mo’ money, mo’ checks, I’m addicted to fresh/Six pair of kicks is my definition of 12 Steps…"

Jay hops right in amid the track’s upbeat percussion andsultry horns, cleverly flipping the theme of addiction to describe the allureof the mic that keeps pulling him back. In the process, he manages toshout-out rehab icons like "Britney, Bobby, and Whitney" and even sneak in anapt reference to Dr. Dre’s long-overdue Detoxalbum. But it’s not until the closing lines that he puts the concept to sleeponce and for all: "My heroin flow’s more lethal than Marilyn’s nose/I’ma ODtil I’m in peace like Anna Nicole." Daammmnnnn! Don’t cut us off, Hov!

A Universal Music Group rep tells PopWatch that,although Island Def Jam (of which Jay-Z is president and CEO) andWinehouse’s Universal Republic are distinct labels within UMG, Jaywanted to spotlight her song anyway because he really liked the track. Seeing as Backto Black debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard charts, the Brit does not seem tohave had much trouble grabbing the spotlight on her own. However, along with the buzz she pickedup with her 2006 appearance on Ghostface’s "You Know I’m No Good," Jay’s voteof confidence might give her the extra push needed to attract a hip-hopaudience.

On a side note, I would be remiss not to mention that PharoaheMonch, the Rawkus Records vet behind the 1999 hit "Simon Says," already beatJay to the (spiked) punch with his own unofficial "Rehab" remix (listenhere). Granted, it’s not quite as good, but at least Lindsay Lohan and theOlsen twins are officially finding their way into the hip-hop lexicon.

As impressed as I was by Jay’s imaginative take on the"Rehab" theme, am I the only one who thinks Eminem would have an ecstasy-inducedfield day with the concept? What do you think, PopWatchers?


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  • Anonymous


  • Fatima

    Oh dear god is Popwatch going to be one of those places where 5 idiots all type “FIRST!” like they do at gossip blogs?!
    Great verse from Hov!

  • whol

    ruins the song, absolutely ruins it…Amy Winehouse’s voice is sultry and unique and throwing unnecesary, “uh”s and “bla bla bla anna nicole smith” on top of it really takes away from it

  • Juan

    correct me if i’m wrong, but this remix has been out too long for it to be a popwatch?

  • Doogie


  • Doogie

    Amy Winehouse is one disgusting roach. I swear, just looking at her makes me feel like I need a shower and a shot of penicillin. Adding that illiterate thug doesn’t help her cause at all. He looks like he should be pimping her out or something.

  • K

    Amy’s song is much better without any of the added rap. Jay-z’s Remix was ok, but the remix Ghostface Killah made was pure crap. Final wrap up: The Original is the best.

  • Jasper

    I’m always glad to hear Jay but I think this song was fine as is. I love the Hot Chip remix on the album the best! Not a fan of the Ghostface remix though. It could’ve worked but his delivery was too intense.

  • me

    For the person who called Jay Z illiterate – its obvious that you don’t know his music. I’m sure you couldn’t spell half the words he uses or know the many political and social references he makes that defines him as a hip hop icon. You should keep your ignorant, biased opinions to yourself. Speak knowledge not ignorance. Always.

  • Nose

    I am not a fan of rap, so take this for what it’s worth, but how in the heck can someone be called an artist for taking a song that has already been recorded and just rap over it? This is ridiculous and unoriginal and it just further illustrates to me why rap isn’t worth my time. Before everyone freaks, I’m not dissing anyone’s love of rap; it just doesn’t speak to me. Love Amy Winehouse, though.

  • AD

    That was great! Love Jay-Z. That Pharoah version was terrible though. And keep Eminem away. While he can turn an interesting phrase I don’t think his whiny voice would work well on the song.

  • Doogie

    Look, me, I’m not here to give you my resume or my transcripts, but I am quite certain that I have more knowledge of English, grammar, politics, and pop culture than either you or Jay-Z.
    For instance, the second sentence in your post is fragmented. If you dissect “you” with the two verbs that follow it, it appears that you are saying “you couldn’t know”. That doesn’t make much sense in the context that are intending.
    Further, because you used the word “references”, you should have used “define”, not “defines”.
    So spare me the lecture on who is really ignorant. Go stick your nose back up Jay-Z’s butt. Good day, sir!

  • RCM

    where can I download? Don’t see it on itunes or rhapsody

  • Reality

    You can find Jay-Z down on the corner, pimping out Amy for $20. He probably is selling tapes of the song out of his trunk, too – old school style. Like Wu Tang Clan.

  • Anonymous

    “That doesn’t make much sense in the context that are intending.”
    Oops, I forgot to include the “you” there. Better correct myself before someone mistakenly cracks wise about forgetting a word being the same thing as ignorance.

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