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Our TV Watch message boards are down temporarily (sorry!). so if you’re dying to comment on last night’s finale of Gilmore Girls, post your raves, questions, criticisms, and tearful farewells below.


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  • Julia

    I was pretty disappointed with the finale. I thought that I would either laugh, or cry, but I did neither. Just noticed it somewhat drive by. I agreed that they wrapped everything up nicely, but I would have appreciated either more witty banter, or poignant moments.

  • Joyce

    I cried and cried and cried. No, actually I wailed. I had to call a friend to calm me down cause I was taking this break up hard. Thanks Melissa! Although it was a bit sappy at times (look who’s talking)it ended great! I was moved by Richard’s apology to Lorelai but felt Emily could have at least hugged her just once…I will miss you so every Tuesday night. I still can’t bring myself to erase you off my DVR. I’ve not been this emotional since Alias ended.

  • mike

    I liked it. As messy as this season has been, the finale did what it was suppose to do. I especially like the last shot. Lorelei and Rory chatting away in the diner as the camera pulls back. Just like the very first episode.

  • aramis

    You know MY arse is going to have opinions…
    I seriously think those behind the decision to cancel the show should be place in a room alone with CatKirk! I mean, this was a great ending to a season, NOT a series. There were still loose ends that need to be tied together (uh, hello! Luke and Lorelai!). The only thing I like about this ending was that at least Rory was well on her way to being a journalist. After NOT going to Harvard, after NOT being with Logan, we at least got what we were promised from the beginning with her. I was well prepared to see this show end, but not as sudden as this. I mean, we know that the show was ending TWO weeks ago? That’s not enough time. Especially since the season had already wrapped. Writers aren’t given a chance to resolve things. Faithful viewers are barely given a chance to say farewell.
    MIKE – I at least agree with you. Ending on the girls chatting away in the diner was the most appropriate last shot. From the start of the show to the end.

  • cookiemac

    My wife and I watched the finale, and thought it was a great send off. The first time we watched the pilot episode, we were actually on our honeymoon relaxing. as such, she was in a tears for part of the show. have to say, the scene where they pull up to the tent, and see everyone gathered with signs was very touching. Not quite as perfect ending as six feet under, but pretty close.

  • Dawn Frizzi

    I loved the final episode. Please bring them back once in awhile as a made for TV movie.

  • Diana

    I thought it was frustrating at times. The story needed the huge events like Rory getting her dream job and Luke and Lorelai but the best series finales are the ones without the big events. That last shot was fitting but I found I was more bitter about the episode then I expected to be.
    Plus no Paris, no Mrs. Kim. Thankfully Michelle got to be rude at the beginning.
    I posted a complete review of the episode on my personal blog at:


  • LL

    I loved it. All the mother-daughter moments absolutely killed me, from “It’s too soon” to “You’ve given me everything I need.” And I think Luke-Lorelai was wrapped up – We know they’re starting over and we know they’re both happy, so I’m okay with just knowing that and not seeing it. Although I would love to somehow see their wedding someday.

  • MM

    I was pleasantly surprised that the finale was good. I know that we didn’t get complete closure on some story lines, but I really like that they ended with the world being wide open for Rory (affirming that she made the right decision about Logan). I do wish though that they would have decided sooner that this would be it so that we could have had some farewell specials…when Friends was ending we were inundated with farewell specials and interviews, etc. With GG it would have been nice to have at least one such show to acknowledge all that the series had been.

  • shay

    I thought that it was a good send off. Of course, I like everyone else was upset at the announcement that they were cancelling but it was time to say goodbye. I think the only thing I wish was done differently was having Luke and Lorelai get married and be starting their family. Marrying Christopher was a huge mistake because she never really loved him. It was always Luke and I felt a little cheated by the fact that they had teased us for 7 years and we didn’t get to see a final conclusion. Now what? Is Lorelai and Luke ever going to get married and live happily ever after? Anyway, I thought sending Rory off to conquer the world like that was great. That is what she always wanted to do and I was happy to see that the writers gave her a proper send off. We will miss you Gilmore Girls and all of Stars Hollow!

  • Anonymous

    This last episode looked as thrown together as the re-enactment party for Rory. The only slightly touching moment for me was when Lorelai was looking down fondly on a sleeping Rory. You could almost hear what must have been Lorelai’s silent thoughts. I didn’t think the writing was very good this season, and feel the same about this episode.

  • jean

    you said it all….thank you and thanks to the writers on the show..I felt the same as you said to see them go, but as a mom myself I also cried for what is just so very true and right to do “give our kids roots & wings”….thanks again for summing it up.

  • David

    I’d give it a 6 out of 10. Major points off for SPOILING THE KISS IN LAST WEEKS PREVIEW. Then there was the kinda lame reunion/send-off between Lane and Rory, Rory suddenly over Logan, no Paris (phone call even?) and no Mrs. Kim. But there was a lot to like in the ep – the final scene with Lorelei and Emily about the Friday Night Dinner was the best by far. Giving each of the supporting characters one last moment to shine was also great. The way the necklace was worked in was also top notch. But even with all that, I can’t help feeling somewhat deflated by the ending. Wish I could place my finger on it – oh wait that’s right, it’s because THEY SPOILED THE KISS IN LASTS WEEKS PREVIEW!!!

  • aramis

    My last comment reviewed my complaints. Now I’m going to voice my LOVE of the show – which hopefully was obvious. I’m going to miss the Girls. And Stars Hollow. I will always have the DVDs – of which I own every season, but it won’t be the same. But at least in
    every cup of coffee I drink,
    every Star Trek episode I watch,
    every snide remark I make to my boss,
    every Metallica song I hear,
    every hotel I sleep in,
    every ugly baby christmas card I receive,
    every cat hiss,
    every poodle that crosses my path,
    every London-themed party I attend,
    every Paul Anka picture I view,
    every prophetic dream of me and Luke,
    every dinner I have with my parents,
    every obscure indie musical group’s show I’m dragged to by my friends
    every Joan & Melissa Rivers tv-appearance
    every creme I brulee and inadvertantly set the table ablaze
    every cake I eat
    and so on…I know the Gilmore Girls will always be there smiling and ranting. As I will be…
    Here’s to seven great years of tv-watching.

  • Gail Ballard

    I think it ended very well. Beforehand I thought, “I’m sorry it will be off the air, but it’s a good time for it to end.” After watching the episode, I’m REALLY sad! I’m really going to miss it!

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