Former 'Simpsons' guru Sam Simon still makes an 'ex-cellent' living

Mrburns_lGood morning, PopWatchers! Wanna brigten your Wednesday? Check out this 60 Minutes profile of Sam Simon, the co-creator of The Simpsons, who has turned his multi-million-dollar fortune into something highly unusual: A haven for dogs. Dude’s a dog nut! And the things he does — rescuing strays, training pups to look after deaf folks, taking pooches to visit lonely seniors — will melt your heart. They sure as heck make old Morley Safer all goofy-woofy. Awwww.

Still, two things really stood out to me as I was watching this story when it aired on Sunday night:

1. Simon gleefully admits that, thanks to residuals and licensing fees, he earns more than $10 million annually from a show that he hasn’t even worked on since 1993. Whoa! Now, I’m not one to tell people how to spend their money. And everybody loves dogs and The Simpsons. But, I mean, really, when you become a gazillionaire from what one person in the report calls, "a half-hour show of people, you know, with yellow faces," don’t you have to pay some sort of karmic restitution? Like, go save a small, destitute country or two? Or, I dunno, cure sneezing? Just a thought.

2. Thanks to a favorable divorce settlement, Simon’s ex-wife also makes a mint off of The Simpsons. Hollywood. Typical. But who is this lucky lady? Why, she’s the famously buxom, squeaky, poker-playing, Oscar-nominated actress Jennifer Tilly. WHOA!

As I said, GOOD MORNING! Your thoughts, dear friends?

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  • gabulldog

    That Jennifer Tilly has to be the luckiest woman I know. And how do I know her best? As the Bride of Chucky of course! I’m tellin’ ya, some people have all the luck!!!

  • Anonymous

    Joshua Rich, why are you ragging on him for opening a haven for stray dogs? That’s enough karmic restitution for anybody. It’s better than just blowing all the cash on idiotic things like private jets and multiple homes and cars.

  • lw

    how many dogs have you rescued? sam simon pays for his doggie haven out of his own pocket, so if there’s not a place for him in people heaven, doggie heaven will greet him with open paws. and everybody knows most dogs are better than most people.

  • Nick

    It all makes sense now! The Simpsons has sucked for the last 13 years because of a lack of dog-lovers on the staff.

  • dashandfin

    Even if Joshua Rich is curing sneezing and rescuing “small countries,” how does that diminish the EQUALLY VAULABLE work that Sam Simon does? He’s reducing misery on an individual and global level. And c’mon, Mr. Simon, don’t you think the guy is also contributing to some other causes that you think you have the audacity to deem more worthy than rescuing and caring for animals? Gimme a break. I salute and admire the guy. Dog only nose (and Dog is my Co-Pilot) that Dog is love in any form.

  • Nancy Walker

    He is making a bundle off of his creativity-one I wish he would have kept to himself. At least he is doing something worthwhile. It would not hurt a bit to give some of that money to Cancer research, disaster relief funds,etc.

  • Brennan Kirby

    I agree, lay off the poor guy. He’s actually doing something to help the world and you’re bashing him because it’s animals and not people he’s helping? Look at what Paris Hilton does with her money. Sam Simon rocks. Who cares if he makes 10 million a year for doing nothing. He earned it by helping to launch a huge success like The Simpsons.

  • Jeanne

    Ah ha, so that’s how Jennifer Tilly can afford to do all those crappy indie movies!
    And at least Sam Simon is doing something for the betterment of society with his oodles and oodles of cash. Good for him.

  • Tor

    So the guy had Jennifer Tilly and makes great money. Jealous much?

  • GT

    Maybe he is just gathering stray dogs inorder to make a Greyhound Fur Tuxedo.

  • Lola

    I think people get to spend their money how they want to spend it. Period. You don’t have a say in, nor should you.

  • Honeybee

    He’s not just saving dogs! He’s helping deaf people by giving them service dogs at no charge and helping dogs give lonely senior citizens companionship. Also, by offering free neutering/spaying services he’s improving the quality of life for both people and animals in the inner city. I’ve heard of rich people spending money on much, much stupider things.

  • Karla

    I think he’s the bomb. And it’s true, we don’t know what else he spends his money on.
    But what he does is totally right on. Especially providing free spaying and neutering for low income people’s pets – that so rocks! SPCA gives out coupons, but you have to make appointments, and you have to have a car and a carrier, and so on. Proper animal care is essentially becoming a privilege for the elite.
    The pet overpopulation problem is totally created by humans, and humans have to fix it.
    I love that this is where his money goes. Bless his heart.

  • matchkitjohn

    There was a defense contractor who spent $10 million on his daughter’s sweet 16 party! I think helping dogs and using them to help people is not a bad thing.


    mr.sam you are the best who saves dogs for vetrans in service and so much more so well pleased with you as am saint of god .i got nothing but good feeds to give on your behalf of your existance i love you brother.what man cant heal jesus will.amen

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