New NIN track "leaked" (yeah, right)

Nin_lWith this week’s leak of "Me, I’m Not," that makes three tracks that have "leaked" from the as-yet unreleased Nine Inch Nails record Year Zero. The blogs keep saying they’re being asked to remove the tracks from their sites, but there is no way Trent Reznor’s marketing machine isn’t behind the whole thing in an attempt to drum up attention from, oh, I dunno… entertainment magazine website pop culture blogs, for example. (D’oh!)

It’s been a while since the world held its breath over a new NIN record, but leaked songs that appear briefly, make the blog rounds, and then disappear can create a "Hey, did you hear the new NIN song?" buzz that you just don’t get by simply posting the tracks on MySpace and alerting people with your own blog post. (Actually, Trent did do that with one of the three leaked songs: the album’s first single, "Survivalism.")

Okay, but geeky viral marketing conspiracies aside, is the new music any good? "Me, I’m Not" actually is pretty good. Its dark, industrial-cold, twitchy-funky beats and sexy, Trent Reznor-whispered rage give hope that Year Zero might be worthwhile. What’s worrisome, however, is that the album is being described as a "concept record." Given Trent’s penchant for pretentious behemoths (like NIN’s underrated 1999 double-CD The Fragile, which was purposely too epic for anyone to possibly endure in one sitting — if ever) it’s entirely plausible that Trent himself could be the only one who really appreciates his ambitious efforts. Still, the other two leaks, "Survivalism" and "My Violent Heart," while less immediate than "Me, I’m Not," are also pretty interesting. And hell, we usually have to wait five or six years between NIN records. These new tracks come just two years after With Teeth, which, by NIN standards, was a pretty fun little album, so I say, let the guy indulge himself with his "concept," just so long as there are enough quality tracks to prove that he hasn’t completely lost it (like some other rocker from the ’80s whose track leaked this week — my oh my, 10 years for THAT crap?). What do you think, Popwatchers? Psyched for the new NIN, or yawn city?

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  • Lisa

    Absolutely can not wait for this album to drop.

  • Ep Sato

    I loved Pretty Hate Machine but am no longer a black haired teenager with a trenchcoat. NIN stopped appealing to me after the EP came out in ’92 and I stopped listening to depressing music. That said, Reznor got me through my freshman year of highschool…

  • spud

    What can I say? I am a 42-year old father of three (with one dropping in May) working for an Engineering firm, and I await each new NIN effort with excitement. Love the music, the emotion, and the effort that goes into it.

  • Scott

    I absolutely can’t wait for any NIN material, so I’m stoked to get a new album so close to With Teeth. Like another poster, I’m a family man, but NIN just speaks to me and vividly as it did 13 years ago with The Downward Spiral.
    And I absolutley love The Fragile. One of my favorite albums ever and I certainly can listen to it straight through.

  • Liz

    Wow you didn’t even touch upon what is Year Zero in that write up.
    Everything that is happening on the web with the sites isn’t “marketing” it IS Year Zero. Year Zero the album is just the music for Year Zero. There is much more to come from all this.
    What is wrong with a concept album. I love the concept of this album so far. 90% of the music out there is absolute crap. It has no meaning the people singing it probably didn’t write it and therefore don’t really care about it. Trent cares. He does everything for his album (with some help of others but he oversees) THAT is what makes an Artist a legend. Not fricken rhiana and lil boy or whoever those people just have good voices that is it!
    Trent’s music can get you through all stages of life. Not all of his music is depressing and I think its sad that people think that is all there is to it. NIN makes me smile, dance, cry, and get pumped.
    The fragile is one of the best albums ever thousands listen to it in one sitting.

  • G-Dog

    NIN has not been relevent for about 12 years now. A concept album about a post apocalyptic world? How original! Why Trent…how do you do it?
    Give me a break. Look at the ages of the posters. late 30′s and 40 year olds. I too quit listening to stupid electro-wannabe-goth-depressing junk when I quit being a teenager. Seriously…his music has progressed nil in 20 years.

  • anon

    I love NIN! It’s good to have some non-hip-hop music in the world!

  • Ep Sato

    Anyone ever listen to Trent’s cover of Queen’s “get down make love”? It’s the b-side on the Sin single. By far one of his best songs aside from “Suck” off the first Pigface Album. I can’t get into Reznor as a grown up, but those two still get airplay on my ipod…

  • Flick

    I’m definitley psyched about the new album coming out so quickly after “With Teeth” and Trent always does his best work on his concept albums. As for the idea that NIN is outdated, I beg to differ. I think he’s one of the few artists who have managed to change his sound with every effort, and I look forward to seeing which direction this album goes in. I like the new singles, albeit just like “With Teeth” they will take some listening to in order to really appreciate them. None-the-less, they’re still better than any of what passes for music these days. The reason that so many of us hold on to bands like this is that nothing has come close to their ingenuity in the past 10 years, and they manage to infiltrate the mainstream “pop” scene without sacrificing their musical integrity. Keep you American Idols and hip-hop gangsta wannabes; I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next NIN album after this as well.

  • Paul U.

    Why not a greatest hits album sometime soon?

  • Jake

    Yes. I am very excitied…
    I’ve been a big Nine Inch Nails fan for almost seven to eight years now, I know many people have followed Trent a lot longer than I have but nevertheless I still am very supportive of Trent and all things NIN related..

  • Jenny

    I cannot wait for this album either. The leaks are great and Me, I’m Not is my favorite so far. If Trent wanted buzz for the new album, he sure got it. And as Liz noted in an earlier post, this IS Year Zero we are experiencing. Music right now is all about ringtones, singles, and a complete bore. I applaud Trent for creating a concept album and great music. Oh and G-Dog, I’m 26.

  • t3hdow

    I’m probably one of the last people expected to be a NIN fan: a 20 year old black male who started to get into rock a few years ago. But ever since then, NIN is one artist I frequently listen to. Granted, I’m still playing catch up (I started out with 2005 ‘With Teeth’ and bought ‘The Downward Spiral’ over the summer and plan on getting ‘The Fragile’ in a few days), but unlike many recent rap/pop artists, Reznor’s music has longevity few could brag about. Not a single week goes by without me listening to some NIN single. I’ve yet to truly delve into how Reznor’s music changed over the years until I listen to more NIN albums, but anyone thinking he has no relevancy in today’s music industry is fooling themselves. So what if his bigger fans are in their 30s/40s? I don’t hear anyone arguing about James Brown’s relevancy, despite his biggest fans being baby boomers. If anything, blame the throwaway attitude of music these days on Reznor’s fading popularity.

  • furry_tom

    RE: Anyone ever listen to Trent’s cover of Queen’s “get down make love”?
    I like his cover of “Fat Bottomed Girls” even more.

  • frowny mcbeard

    Teen Angst in your 40s is really lame.
    Broken was really good.

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