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Oc_l_4We’re nearing the end of an era, and I’m sure I’m not the only one with questions. O.C. series creator Josh Schwartz has agreed to answer a few of yours. Post ‘em in the comments below, then check in next week for his response. These should be things you’ve wondered about the entire series — not just next Thursday’s finale. I’ll start: Are you in agreement that Seth and Ryan (pictured) make the perfect TV couple? What have been the writers’ favorite episodes? Was there any significant personal attachment to Cheese Stix and Ding Dongs? If an annoying surfer boy fell off a cliff and nobody cared, did it really happen? And what the hell was that yellow beverage the kids used to drink at the Bait Shack supposed to be? (Like Summer Roberts would ever Do the Dew. Ew!)

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  • Red

    Josh Schwartz, you created the greatest show ever, and I am eternally grateful for your existense.. I would ask you about what you think of FOX, but we will get all the formalities. Not that I’m dissing you, because I understand you are a professional. Here is my question: Was The O.C. ending always how you imagined it, or was it more of the ending you thought of but with alot of tweaks (ie. Marissa probably should have been there, or did you really have the intention of killing her off from The Pilot?) I’m still bitter about Johnny being killed off, what were you thinking? LOL. Seriously though, I am really bitter about the death of Caleb at the end of Season Two (The O.Sea), what was your thinking behind that?

  • Stin

    Did it get old being compared to 90210? Specifically the jokes about the “high schoolers” being in their mid to late 20s in real life?

  • soulman

    are there SERIOUSLY 2 consecutive O.C. popwatch pieces? Seriously??? Is there NOTHING else going with anybody?

  • J

    Perhaps this is premature considering there’s one ep left to go but…..baby? Theresa? anybody?

  • Hod

    In the Kiki is pregnant episode with the flashbacks…why didn’t young Sandy have the power ‘brows that mature Sandy does?

  • GradyBridges

    When you killed Marissa off you said her character had nowhere else to go. That seems like crap to me. Are you, A-bad writer or B-covering for the real reason that Misha Barton wanted off the show?

  • J

    Also, I’ve always noticed that the episodes I enjoyed more are the one’s that have your name under the “written by” title. As you and the writers made your way through the years, were there things along the way that you had always planned to eventually bring in to the fold?

  • Pinky

    Did Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson’s real life break up affect the show and storylines in any way?

  • GradyBridges

    Why did Sandy and Kirsten fade into the background the last two seasons? It seems all they did was give advice to the kids and serve dinner. A little 90210 dont you think?

  • GradyBridges

    When you killed Marissa off you said her character had nowhere else to go. That seems like crap to me. Are you, A-bad writer or B-covering for the real reason that Misha Barton wanted off the show?

  • Kristen

    Dear Josh,
    First, I want you to know that I have been faithfully watching your show for four years, and I will be really sad to see it go. Now, on to my question:
    In regards to how you originally envisioned “The OC” when you created it, how different did the end product turn out to be? Are there any storylines that you had originally planned, but scrapped due to network interference, scheduling conflicts, contract negotiations, fear of fan reaction, etc.? Did you imagine that characters like Summer or Taylor would become as popular as they did? Are there any storylines that you did that you wouldn’t have previously imagined doing?

  • Alex

    1. Where is Trey and why didn’t he come back? Above all else, I believe Ryan needed closure with his brother.
    2. Why the lack of the Nana? She was a fantastic character portrayed by a terrific actor. She should’ve been recurring along with Caleb, Jimmy, Luke, and Anna.
    3. The My Two Dads was an amazing episode – one of my favorites – and it’s so disappointing that Frank’s child-abusing, alcoholic past was swept under rug after just one episode (it took Dawn three seasons!). Julie doesn’t have a problem with some child beater around her 15-year-old daughter? And why did Frank’s reappearance become so much more about his relationship with Julie rather than his reunion with Ryan, which is what actually matters?
    I’ll have to end this with something positive: The OC is amazing. I love all of the regulars (and the new additions this season were fantastic!). I’m glad I caught the pilot because it hooked me and I never stopped watching. I hope you succeed at whatever you do next. :)

  • latteluver

    The finale scene of The Dearly Beloved with Imogen Heap’s Hide & Seek will probably go down as my favorite music moment from The O.C. That whole sequence was just amazing. Even though, there were several others that I really enjoyed such as Caleb’s heart attack to Coldplay’s Fix You or Dice in The Countdown. I was just curious what was your favorite musical moment/montage you’ve done on the show?

  • oclover

    why did u make julie cooper and frank atwood hook up? seriously thats wrong, cause he and marissa had a chemistry and by making the parents hooking up, u basically written off the romance of what couldve been, and what was,the romance between marissa and ryan..cause now i watch old episdodes and think, eww..so u ruined that chemistry, when u didnt have too..so why did u hooked up julie and frank?

  • Red

    Mr. Josh Schwartz,unlike some people, I was a fan of a majority of your guest characters (Jess, Volchok, Lindsay, Theresa, Eddie, etc.). Do you have any favorite guest characters [please don’t say Taylor or Kaitlin, even though they are awesome, they are technically regulars now, well actually nothing. Damn you FOX for cancelling The O.C.]?

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