'Road Rules': Viewer's Revenge

Veronica_l"My team started playing a game with the girl that created the game. I just got a big wake up call, so at this point, game’s on." And with that being said by the ever-so-dramatic Veronica (pictured), so begins another season of the infamous Road Rules franchise that MTV first made famous back in 1995.

There hasn’t actually been a new season of the show since 2004 (which was Road Rules: X-Treme), so it’s about time they brought it back. Only after watching the premiere episode, I can’t decide if I even like this new interactive format. It’s cool that the shows being filmed in real time, which means Internet rumors won’t be able to surface weeks ahead of time about who wins. But what I’m not liking is this whole American Idol wannabe voting system where it’s up to us viewers at home to decide the fate of the Road Rulers and the new group of fresh meat, the Pit Crew. (Not to mention, there’s no way I can ever vote because mtv.com seriously takes forever to load on my computer, and right when it’s about to, my browser inevitably quits. So annoying!)

I like that MTV brought back cast members from old seasons—okay,well, except for Kina, who just annoys the heck out of me because she’smilked her 15 minutes of fame way too long (she’s been on her own RRseason + three challenges thus far)—but did they really need to bringon an annoying host and name him the "Roadmaster?" Lame! Bring backT.J. Lavin! Also, since the RV’s basically going to have a revolvingdoor of new people coming in depending on who wins in the pit, how isthat going to give the cast members any time to get drunk together andhook up? After all, that’s about the only reason I’m still watchingthis show.

It’ll be interesting to see how this all pans out. If I would’vebeen able to vote, like I had planned, I definitely would’ve voted forVeronica. How mature was that when she flicked off her teammates?

Who did you guys vote for? Do you think you will keep tuning in thisseason or will the "viewers decide" thing wear out its welcome? Is RR more or less exciting than The Real World?


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  • Todd

    I haven’t liked Road Rules since caved and started the vote off nonsense. Remember when it was the same 5 or 6 people the entire season? That was fun. And remember when one of the missions was to paint a giant pink dinosaur in order to make cash for the trip (it was season one, if you don’t)?
    What I don’t get is “Road Rules” was a success long before the rest of the shows started, so why does “Road Rules” want to be a combo of “Survivor” and “Fear Factor”? It was always like “The Real World,” but they actually gave them something to do, which always made it more interesting. I know the kids today like to drink and have sex, but come on, give us a break. Give us something more interesting to watch please.

  • Vicky

    Yeah I agree Todd. I hated when they changed the format. Voting off cast members doesn’t really work with 6 people. And I don’t know if I like this new new format either. Instead of letting us choose who to vote off, they should have let us picked the cast for the show (Even though that’d never happen). I mean, Kina? Veronica? Again? Are you serious? And yeah, mtv.com is always crazy slow. I don’t get that. It’s kinda pathetic.

  • aramis

    MTV=MORON TELEVISION. Will it ever get back to the music? *sigh* :(

  • Mikey K

    Vicky, they did let us pick who was on the show…
    I don’t care what anyone says, I love Veronica. SO much.

  • kav

    I fell asleep at 9:23, so I didn’t see the end. What happened?

  • Todd

    Yeah, Mikey, they let us pick, but they were offering us choices that were never going to do the show. I think I voted for Alison from the first season. Think she’d be there if she got the most votes? I don’t think so.

  • Jill

    The one who has definitely run out her 15 minutes of fame is Veronica. Aren’t these people getting a little old to be doing this stuff?

  • Vicky

    Hey Mikey K? When did they do that?? I never saw any commercials on MTV about it and I went to the website and it says nothing about letting the audience pick the alumni/allstars/whatever for the show. All it says is you get to vote as the show goes along. Nothing about choosing the castmates before the show even started. Oh and props to you and Veronica. I’m not trying to hate, I just want to see different people.

  • Mikey K

    No offense, Todd, but you were probably the only person that voted for Allison. No matter what random person some of us might have liked to have seen, the majority of people are gonna vote for the same old people time and time again. Vicky, holla @ the love. The voting was a few weeks ago. When the RR site was hardly built, it had a voting thing for any of the old cast members.

  • Tim

    It took me forever to get the page to load , then voting wouldn’t work… it finally did. I don’t understand how this is going to work. Didn’t they show us the ‘pit’ in the MTV studio where the battles are going to take place? How does that happen if they’re on the road? The Roadmaster is terrible.

  • tim

    for everyone having trouble with mtv’s website:
    if you expand your screen and scroll down to the bottom right-hand corner, you can click on “HTML SITE”
    this will bring up a non-flash version of the site that is way, waaay easier to handle. doing this, you’re about 85% more likely to navigate it without getting a migraine.

  • Ellipsian

    Thanks for the HTML advice, Tim–much better! Hmmm…I’m not finding the place to vote, though. Is voting still available, and if so, can someone guide me to it or post the link?

  • Andy

    I can’t agree more with you Jill. I can’t believe people still watch this crap. Why on earth does MTV keep bringing back the same people for these shows. Don’t they have anything else to do with their lives than do these stupid challanges?

  • Nikki

    Does anybody know when Road Rules starts showing in Canada?

  • Todd

    You’re missing my point, Mikey. I’m just saying that they gave us the option of picking from everyone who’s ever been on the show before, and most of them probably want nothing to do with it anymore. I don’t honestly believe that these six were the top vote geters, but they probably were the top six vote geters that would agree to appear on the show. All of the smart ones (no offense, Susie. I still love you) said no.

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