Scarlett Johansson makes love slaves of Ivy League drag queens

Scarlett_lHarvard’s Hasty Pudding Club has selected their Man and Woman of the Year for 2007: Ben Stiller and Scarlett Johansson. According to their website, these awards "are presented annually to performers who have made a ‘lasting and impressive contribution to the world of entertainment.’" Katharine Hepburn, Anthony Hopkins, Julia Roberts, and Robert De Niro are among the past winners of this prestigious honor from one of America’s oldest theatrical institutions run almost exclusively by privileged young white men in drag. So, okay, fine, I’ll bite:


Can we all just wake up and admit this? Rub the shiny dust from youreyes, people, and see what is really happening! She is very, verypretty, and her powers of seduction over elderly gentlemen know nobounds, but must she now take the youth, as well? How, exactly, has shemade a "lasting" contribution to the world of entertainment already? Imean, Lost in Translation was a great film, I could see itagain and again, but what do you think college-aged boys wereresponding to more there: The subtle and heartwrenching relationshipbetween Scarlett and Bill Murray, or the opening shot of her ass? Andwas Girl with a Pearl Earring really all that compelling, anddid any of that have to do with her—or did she just have to sit thereand stare through the screen, hypnotizing people, while Colin Firth didall the heavy lifting? Did anyone even go see The Island? Sure, one could make a case for Ghost World and Match Point, but does two movies a "lasting" contribution make? Not in my book, PopWatchers, not in my book.

addCredit(“Scarlett Johansson: Mark Von Holden/”)

Clearly, the nice folks at the Pudding place have just run out ofpeople to confer this award upon and should probably consider making itbi-annual or perhaps a five-year thing lest they find themselves namingJennifer Love Hewitt their Woman of 2011. But in the meantime—andthis is more of a statement to the general populace—SHINY DUST. RUBFROM EYES.

Um… who’s with me?

(Side note: according to her biography, Scarlett was in an off-Broadway play called Sophistrywhen she was 8, an event notable for the fact that my theater schoolclassmates and I went to go see that and, during a talk-back with thecast, this girl Blair got into a huge fight with Ethan Hawke,who had just made the stupid mistake of telling a room full of kidswho were spending $40,000 on a theater education that a theater education isn’tnecessary. That wasawesome. The play was not.)


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  • Salah

    sounds like someone is jealous

  • sab

    Scarlett is seriously the most overrated actress out there today. I am always shocked that people heap praise on her, when she’s bored me to tears in each film of her that I’ve seen. She is supremely untalented, and it makes me sad that people continue to give her awards she doesn’t deserve.

  • Lora

    Don’t go dissin’ my girly crush!!!!

  • junior

    She’s pretty and in movies. You’re not and not in movies. Such is the recipe for making haterade. Plus, didn’t they give one to Halle Berry, too? Aside from “Monster’s Ball,” which is slowly being forgotten, what contribution has she made?

  • Howard

    Your theory that Scarlett is hypnotizing people is ridiculous. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to send her my ATM card, my car keys and the contents of my IRA.

  • Fran

    I am so sick of hearing the “jealous” comment because a person does not like a certain actress! Grow up people! I don’t like President Bush but that sure as heck does not mean that I am jealous of him!
    That being said- I think Scarlett is a pretty good actress but I agree that it’s a little ridiculous to say that she has made a lasting and impressive contribution to films.

  • debba

    The Hasty Pudding Club has given their “award” to many fluff actors in the past. They give the award to whomever they want to press the flesh with! It’s very tongue-in-cheek (or tongue somewhere else?)and definately not an award for acting merit.

  • Fran

    Thanks Debba. I personally didn’t know anything about that award.

  • Michael

    Although she does not yet deserve an award for lasting impact in entertainment, I think it is unfair to characterize Scarlett as being overrated. She’s a refreshing breath of fresh air for young actresses in that she doesn’t pander to the mainstream by doing the usual mindless gross-out comedies and romantic fluff. Also, when a majority of young actresses are paper thin and present a negative image to other women, it’s nice to see a woman (in addition others like America Ferrera) that is not afraid to embrace her curves and more full-figured body. You also forgot Scoop, which was dismissed by critics and by audiences, but has redeeming qualities and provides a different performance from Scarlett that seperates her from most of her peers.

  • Alicia

    I think she’s a good actress (who could become a great one) and she does have a very nice body, but I will never understand why people think that that face is “very, very pretty.” I know looks are subjective, but, wow, I really don’t get it.

  • Ep Sato

    Whitney, if I wasn’t already engaged I’d be asking you to marry me about now. Just last week I was watching her in “Scoop” and was thinking “this has got to me the most overrated ‘it’ girl in ages”. Because this seemed to be the first role where she played a character different than her Ghost World counterpart, she couldn’t pull off the role to save her life.
    Lost in Translation was good because of the writing and Bill Murray. Most of her other stuff is Scarlett playing the same character from Ghost World over and over again. I don’t get it either Whitney.

  • Chris

    Scoop was great fun!

  • EP Sato

    Agreed on Scoop. It was a fun movie, but I felt it was good despite Scarlet. The cheesy magician and the ghost reporter were what got me jazzed up about the flick. Scarlet couldn’t convince me she’s a dork. Instead it felt like the girl from Ghost World acting dorky. Meanwhile, America Ferrara is able to convince us she’s a geek every week, despite having played memorable characters before.
    I don’t think Scarlet’s evil or bad, but don’t think she’s “all that” either.

  • Jason

    She is bland and beautiful. This is why she works when she is cast properly (Lost in Translation) and why she doesn’t work when cast improperly (almost everything else). She’s an actress who appeared in a great movie and is given too much credit for its success. The credit should go to casting. She’s like the cast of Starship Troopers-a group of dull beauties cast for that very reason (an in-joke I’m afraid Denise Richards never got) only Scarlett has managed to make a career of it.

  • aramis

    Wow, I think you guys are being WAY harsh. True, she doesn’t deserve one of those “lasting” impression type awards, she has some pretty incredible roles under her nicely proportioned belt.
    They are in order of how I liked them:
    Match Point
    The Black Dahlia
    Lost In Translation
    In Good Company – simple, but still VERY Scarlett
    The Island – hey, I saw it on a whim, and thought it was a FUN movie, perfect for a summer release
    Scoop – another fun one
    A Love Song For Bobby Long
    Girl With a Pearl Earring
    Damn, I’m surprised I was able to list all these off the top of my head.

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