Things That Make Me Die Inside (Vol. 11)

Equus_lSo Daniel Radcliffe is making his West End stage debut in Equus, and bully for him. There’s just the little matter of the show’s publicity photos — the ones that feature the Artist Formerly Known as Harry Potter in a state of alarming disrobement. Bad enough that looking at Radcliffe’s nipples, I get flashbacks to Pale Man’s eyeballs in Pan’s Labyrinth, but then you glance downward and realize that he’s either wearing jeans that ride so low they’d make Britney Spears blush, or else, in the words of the great Tracey Ullman, the boy has got "No! Panties! On!" I mean, I can seeā€¦er, I don’t want to finish this sentence. Let’s just say Radcliffe is totally gonna be dubbed "Hairy Potter" by some jokester on his next movie set. It’s not like I have a problem with nudity, or even Radcliffe’s nudity (theoretically), but I don’t think I was ready for this jelly. Not yet. Not without a couple years’ notice. I’m not the only one dabbing my eyes with Clorox-dabbed Q-Tips, am I?

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  • brandonk

    Well, he IS naked in the play, and not just from the waist up. As Max says, if ya got it, flaunt it!

  • Ed

    Michael, too early in the week and morning to see that – but thanx anyways!
    Radcliff is the new Daniel Craig, at least in my book!

  • Paul U.

    I saw that yesterday, and I personally like it…but I feel so wrong for liking it! It’s like noticing that the kid you used to babysit grew up to be hot!

  • Simon

    Our Harry is growing up.

  • Erin

    I hate to admit I’ve always had a little Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliffe crush. My friends all made fun of me for it, calling me Mrs. Robinson, Underage Wizard Lover (my friends were never very creative), but I think finally some of them will see what I’ve been going on about.

  • Jakeem

    Forget him! Who’s the hottie who plays Jill Mason in the play?

  • roel

    go harry! woot!

  • Joey

    He is sooo hot!

  • Louise

    I feel as if I’ve committed a felony just by looking at these pictures.

  • dma69

    Louise, that makes two of us.

  • JenJen

    I give him props for doing a play, and if he is comfortable with the nudity then whatever. I just wish the promoters weren’t trying to sell it as the “Harry Potter Nudie” play. You’d think he was naked through the whole play, which isn’t true (unless they’ve taken it to a whole other level!)

  • Jeremy

    (Oh, I’m going to hell. I’m going to hell. Avert the eyes. I’m going to hell.)

  • Isabelle

    Jail bait!
    But I love it!

  • ceej

    I’ll see you there!

  • nathan

    Now we can find out if his wand is as thin and crooked as the Harry Potter one.

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