Kelly Ripa can't wait to youth-enize her face... live!

Kelly_l_1Maybe I’m just cranky because I’ve been gradually hacking up my left lung for the past few days (Luden’s cherry cough drops, you taste like delicious candy but really aren’t that effective when it comes down to it, duh), but I feel the need to comment on "health-conscious" Kelly Ripa’s plan to air her first Botox injection live on Regis & Kelly.

Can she NOT?

Ugh. I know why she wants to. "Ratings." But, just, no! It’s bad enough that everyone’s having it done, at this point without even the slightest debate. Now the millions of perfectly fine-looking, home-grown peeps who think Kelly Ripa is awesome will become even more inspired to do it. I won’t pass judgment on the awesomeness of Kelly Ripa, but I’m fairly positive that Botox is NOT AWESOME. It’s gross. I hate it. This is really mean, but when I watch Desperate Housewives, I get this terrible urge to go around popping the about-to-burst-anyway eye sockets of the main characters just to see what would happen. It’s a real challenge to write the TV Watch for that show because I have trouble deciphering the indeterminate emotions of every woman except Mrs. McCluskey. Susan is… sad? Lonely? Look at Lynette — based solely on what’s coming out of her mouth, I’m guessing she’s ANGRY. Maybe? Wait, why does Bree look surprised? Oh, that’s just how she looks. Sometimes these constitute the entirety of my notes. (That would be on one of my "lazy" nights. But still.)

You walk along the street and the humans look like aliens! Does nobody care? *#%(@! Kelly, please!

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  • Jeff Rivera

    That is so true. You can’t tell people’s emotions on television any more because they’ve done so much botox they can’t move their foreheads or scrunch their eye brows anymore!
    Jeff Rivera
    Author of FOREVER MY LADY
    Warner Books

  • Nancy Walker

    Good article! Why doesn’t she just go get a face lift? I know, she doesn’t really need anything so drastic at this time. Kelly Ripa is a media hog of the worst kind. This is almost as bad as Oprah Winfrey looking at women’s breast after plastic surgery.

  • Paulo C.

    She should get vaccinated against homophobia. And move somewhere remote.

  • Jason

    I hate that women are ruining their faces in the name of beauty. We have let the cosmetic surgery thing go way too far. They don’t look pretty or young, they look alien.

  • Dave

    Paulo C. – If I disliked you would that make me idiot-phobic?

  • Gretchen Weiners

    At least it’s not Oprah. I’m sure Ripa’s housewife/soccer mom following is large, but if The Oprah did it I’m sure her lemmings would suck every last bit of Bo out of the U.S. and cause a backlash becaue of the short supply.

  • NYmom

    Oh, please, how old is this EW writer? Can’t be more than 25, I’m sure, but she sounds like a 17-year-old Valley girl. Talk about ignorant!! Listen, honey, why don’t you hit the wrong side of 35 first, and then get back to us on how “gross” it is, okay?

  • maya

    calm down, NY MOM. I guess that hit a nerve, huh? Or a muscle? Or whatever your weekly shot of botox hits.

  • Carlos

    Sad. When someone as pretty as she is has to do this stuff in public for ratings. I find her annoying and shallow but very beautifl… A few lines in your face doesn’t diminish beauty.

  • vanbuek

    It’s botulism. I’m sure down the line they will discover that injecting rancid meat into your face is not the healthiest thing to do. I doubt the long term side effects are yet known. Remember Thalidomide…

  • Joel

    Kelly Ripa does not need Botox. I think most people look worse with injections, but to get it done when it’s unnecessary is just stupid. She can only look worse.

  • Jo

    Botox is stupid. Why can’t people just live with the way the good Lord made them. I could see plastic surgery in you had a bad accident, but to have stuff just because you want to look younger, own up to your age people.

  • Lilly

    The wrong side of 35? EEEWWWW! What have you done to look so bad at 35 NYMOM? You think Botox will fix that?

  • Mike

    Don’t do it, Kelly. Aging gracefully is the way to go. I can’t imagine “The Graduate” would have worked half as well if Anne Bancroft had looked like a modern actress her age (e.g. Lisa Rinna).

  • Tracy

    I read that interview in Self magazine, and she said that if she ever does get botox she would want to do it on the show b/c it would be free. She didn’t say that she was going to do it now. Read the interview!

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