Why Brandy's deadly crash may not be a career-ender

Pop Quiz, PopWatchers: If you were a crisis management publicist, would you rather take on a new client who:

A. Utters bigoted slurs.
B. Is accused of vehicular manslaughter.
C. Has an inability to keep on his or her pants.

Well, if you were looking for the easiest case to make go away, the answer would seem to be B. In today’s Hollywood, car accidents — even those that result in others’ deaths — don’t seem to negatively impact the offenders. (Gawker has compiled a list of the most notorious — we’re looking at you, Rebecca Gayheart and Matthew Broderick — here.) The latest celeb to enter the club is singer/actress Brandy, who has reportedly admitted to causing a multi-vehicle accident on Dec. 30 that has resulted in the death of one driver. Brandy herself was uninjured, but if she’s found to be "the party most at fault" for the accident, a misdemeanor for vehicular manslaughter (but no jail time) may be in her future. So the former Moesha star’s fans needn’t worry too much about her future prospects. She could even still become First Lady of the United States.

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  • jason

    is it me or is this whole article very tacky? worried about brandy’s career? wow, i’m disappointed.

  • mark in nyc

    Although this is a tragedy, it seems like Brandy did not act like a spoiled star, she takes full responsability for her actions, and was not drunk or under the influence.
    Mistakes happen in life and while driving…..it is refreshing to hear of a star in trouble who does not try to hide it or blame someone or something else.
    I hope Brandy finds strength in what must be a very trying time for her right now.

  • melissa

    The thing that really bothers me about the Gawker list is how no one seems to appreciate the idea of forgiving someone who is responsible for an accident. Were all these “celebrity”-related incidents related to drug or alcohol abuse, or an intent to kill people? We all make bad decisions, often while driving. I would hope people would let me move on if I was responsible for something like these people have experienced. I pray the best for Brandy and the other people involved and affected by this crash.

  • Ep Sato

    Running people over due to reckless driving is standard operating proceedure for most starlets. Shannon Doherty and countless other famous hotties have either run over or been runover in clearly “at fault” traffic accidents, many of them involved injury to a few dozen people…

  • Marci

    This article is in poor taste. Celebrities are people who make mistakes just like the rest of us. If they really didn’t mean to cause any harm, they should be forgiven. They’re the ones who have to live with what they did for the rest of their lives. One of my friends was driving a car that wrecked and caused the death of another one of my friends. Do I blame her? Of course not, because it was an accident. She feels terrible enough about it as it is, she doesn’t need other people blaming her too…that would just make it worse.
    I thought the jab at Laura Bush was INCREDIBLY unneeded and mean spirited. Very poor taste, EW, very poor taste.

  • Stephanie Travitsky

    I don’t think that the journalists have all the facts yet. Was Brandy under the influence? Was something wrong with her car? Problem with the breaks? I am sure that she is in a terrible state right now and the media should just let the poor girl get back on her feet.

  • Mike

    I agree that the tone of this article (or blog or whatever) is in bad taste. I mean, can we really compare one tragic accident to another? It’s not like we’re talking about Jack Nicholson bashing someone’s car with a golf club and getting off. I would have like to have seen this treated topic with a little more delicacy and respect.

  • Mike

    topic treated

  • Dave

    I agree, this post seems to be in poor taste. Regardless of whether it was an accident or not, a person died, and to focus solely on how that affects a celebrity’s career is inappropriate. That does not imply that people who are at fault in these accidents don’t deserve forgiveness or sympathy as well, but the victims shouldn’t be glossed over as just another part of the story.

  • jerry

    Hey Michelle Kung, do you think the family of the young lady who died would enjoy reading your blog about whether Brandy’s career will survive? This is easily the most tasteless thing I have ever read on EW. It was an accident. I think any rational person can understand that. But to do this sort of sad, speculating about someone’s career in light of someone losing their life, is shallow and unnecessary. I hate the media these days. You really should be ashamed of yourself, but sadly, something tells me you aren’t.

  • mike

    So the point of this is that a famous singer, actor, or sports star is allowed to kill you.

  • Casey

    C’mon people, wake up. The point of this blog is to highlight the fact that most people care more about sensationalized tabloid affairs (Britney’s crotch, Mel Gibson’s slurs, etc.) than they do about a celebrity who is directly related to someone’s death. The world seems to collectively shrug their shoulders about the latter, instead turning their attention back to their muffins and gossip pages.

  • Ed

    Wait didn’t Brandy hit someone from behind which caused a chain reaction, which pushed a car in front of another on-coming car; isn’t that a real accident.
    This is a tuffie because if the lady in front didn’t get pushed into the on-coming car, this accident wouldn’t have been reported.
    But I understand Michelle’s point; if it were me instead of Brandy, I’m sure I would be sitting in jail instead of my teacher chair while my 2nd graders are at recess.

  • Ceballos

    EXACTLY Casey…that’s what I got out of this blog. Every blogger on Earth (and on popwatch) had something to post about Mel Gibson after his rant (which granted COULD’VE ended in tragedy, but didn’t). Most of the focus in that instance was on his hateful words rather than the fact that he was driving drunk at high speeds. I just doubt that every blogger on the planet is going to weigh in on this Brandy story, or that EW will give her a cover asking if the public will forgive her, or whether her career will survive, or if Diane Sawyer’s gonna want to sit down for a chat…and she (to some degree), like those other famous people before her CAUSED THE DEATH OF ANOTHER PERSON.

  • mari

    I’m not a fan of the president or his family. I’m definitely not a fan of Bush politics, but even I have to admit that the line about the first lady was an unnecessary cheap shot.
    “Keep it clean and stay on the subject” are the rules here Ms. Kung. You should abide by them as well.

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