Hey, kids: 'Transformers' movie stills!

Transformer_lLook, kids! Up in the sky! It’s more than meets the eye!

Yep, DreamWorks released a handfulla pics of the Transformers movie, which is due out on July 4. As your typical child of the ’80s — a onetime wee lad who reveled in watching the Autobots battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons — I’m definitely psyched to see the film, which is directed by big, bad Michael Bay. But from these images of a CG robot, a grimy Shia LaBeouf, a crew-cutted Josh Duhamel avec machine gun, and lotsa dust, I still can’t tell if the movie will be doing the beloved cartoon justice. Please, PopWatchers, say it’ll be okay.

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  • brandonk

    Well, I’M optimistic, but I didn’t watch the cartoon when I was a kid, so I guess I can only speak for myself. I do think the flames on Prime are a little unnecessary, but whatev. It’s a popcorn movie, and Transformers has always been pretty cheesy.

  • Christopher

    It will NOT be the cartoon. It will not have the same feel. It will be in some ways better and in some ways not. Nostalgia might make you buy a ticket, but Bay has to hook you on the story. I think he has the chops to make this movie exactly what it should be… so this is the first Michael Bay film that I’ll want to see on opening night.
    I think it’s kids who will be the big losers in this scenario. The movie has mushy scenes, and the toys won’t transform the way the originals did.

  • PJ

    It amazes me how this publication tries its best to trash a movie before it even comes out. Wait until you’ve actually seen the movie (or about waiting until it’s released) before trying to get us to avoid it.

  • Michael

    PJ, you call *this* post a trashing of the Transformers movie? What a sheltered life you must lead! This is practically gushing, uncritical praise compared to some of the stuff out there…

  • Paul U.

    I am not a Transformers fan, but my hubby sure is…when I first started hearing about this movie I told him it had a very high capacity to suck. He was optimistic at first, but he is starting to believe me…especially after that trailer!

  • Evie

    If Josh Duhamel and Shia LeBeouf are in it, I’d say it HAS to be good.

  • Cristina

    Anyone else sing along to the Transformer theme song when he wrote the line of the Autobots defeating the Decepticons? I know I did.

  • Ed

    After that mess called The Incredible Hulk, I no longer believe that big budget movies MUST be good.
    Any movie Josh is in can be an indication of how good it might be; did they want to spend a lot of money on big names or more on the CGI?
    The only way I’ll be first in line to see this movie is if I hear that Josh’s cloths come completely off in order to transform into a gun.

  • marykate

    I would make out with Optimus Prime. He’s looking sleek!
    Also, doesn’t that last pic of the “desert scene” seem vaguely reminiscent of the market scene in the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular at Disney MGM.

  • Tyler D

    Wow is Megan Fox hot! How is she involved with a 90210 wash-up? Anyway, I’m extremely conflicted by this movie. Transformers was always one of my favorite cartoon concepts as a child, but I have absolutely no confidence in Michael Bay.

  • aramis

    Ed – LMAO! I totally agree on all accounts. But even if the movie sucks, at least they’re will be something pretty to look at to get you through to the end so you won’t feel like you’ve completely wasted your money.
    It does seem like Transformers is geared up to be either the BEST tv-adaptation EVER, or the most expensive BOMB in the history of crappy series-adaptations (and you know there have been plenty of those).

  • Victor

    Let’s hope not, but it looks already like the Flop of Summer 2007!

  • Ned

    I never had any interest in Transformers when I was a kid, I was a superhero nut, robots that turned into stuff didn’t do anything for me. But I have to admit, that trailer makes it look like a fun movie, I’ll probably check it out. Not the first weekend, but on a slow summer day, why not.

  • Dave

    I’ll probably check it out as well, but I’m not dying to see it. Josh Duhamel is hot, though, so if there’s a chance he’ll be shirtless (hey, he IS in the desert in those pics), then all the more reason to give it a chance :-)

  • Dre

    When I was a kid, Transformers were the coolest toys…period! As a youth I loved everything about the franchise including the cartoon (looking at episodes now, the cartoon is pretty weak). When I first heard about this movie I was pumped! Live action Transformers? There’s no way this movie could suck, right? Then I heard that Michael Bay was directing and instantly my hopes about the movie were squashed. There are good directors and bad directors, and then there’s Michael Bay who makes the bad ones look like John Ford. Bay has never made a good movie…period. There have been good moments like a couple of scenes from The Rock, but overall he is a dud in the director’s chair. He should go back to directing fluff like music videos.

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