Sundance Diary: Featuring Celebrity Guest Blogger Rainn Wilson!

Rainn_lI am so glad I’ve finally got a chance to sit down and tell you about the EW party. Man! This place has been en fuego! But I’ve taken a deep breath, and gotten out my trusty notebook so I can remember all the amazing people I talked to on Saturday night, and…

… what’s that, Rainn Wilson? You are feeling the seductive call of the guest blog?

"Hello everyone on the Internet and in the world of entertainment. It’s me, Rainn Wilson, international superstar (hugest of all in Malaysia) promoting myself as un-official "spokesman of a generation" and gynecologist to the stars (Whoopi Goldberg, Katie Couric). I’m here because of the greatest movie ever made, The Last Mimzy, in which I star. I am actually raped by Dakota Fanning in this film. It was very disturbing and is causing quite an uproar in the blogosphere. [Nice word, Rainn, thanks. No problem. You’re so smart. Oh, go on.] She was wonderful to work with and very giving. So anyhoo, check out the family sci-fi epic adventure The Last Mimzy, and you will see my thighs. Good-bye."

Okay, now I’m distracted.

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  • furry_tom

    I’m sold. Who wouldn’t want to see Rainn Wilson’s thighs?
    Is Whoopi Goldberg still a star?

  • cathi

    I freakin love that he was raped by Dakota Fanning. That made me spit out my coffee.

  • Matt


  • Martha

    Does anyone else think Rainn looks like [Death Cab singer] Ben Gibbons in this photo? Has anyone seen them together? Hmm…

  • fredric

    In a word, eww.

  • step

    It’s Ben Gibbard.
    And yes.

  • furry_tom

    I guess Matt was more impressed with Tara Reid’s banal pleasantries. Either that or he’s more of an According to Jim fan.

  • Martha

    Thanks, step, for the correction on Ben Gibbard’s name. That’s what happens when you type too fast and don’t check things on Google. ;-)

  • Ross Tipo

    Oh gaaad, i love this man. He is a GOD. (Perhaps of the golden variety…?)

  • Amelia

    In this particular picture, he DOES look like Ben Gibbard. I think its in the glasses mostly. I love Rainn, and CAN’T wait to see his thighs!!

  • EP Sato

    Whitney, the Popwatch Genie strikes again! Dwight Shrute on Popwatch! This is better than free paintball lessons

  • C

    This was my first laugh of the day. Thanks Rainn!

  • Lauren

    I LOVE this man. If he didn’t have such a cute wife and son, I’d marry him.

  • Jazz

    Hey Rainn, in my life of single-father insanity, work-related stress, and generally fighting the fight that is life in the big city, it is GREAT to make it to Thursday night and chill in front of the tube…laughing my ass off at your character on that oh-so-funny show that employs you…a heartfelt thanks and congratulations on your success!

  • otto

    Ah yes. Go ahead and join the mob beating up on Dakota. You be such a macho man.

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