Sherri Shepherd: The new 'View' co-host?

175736__sherri_lThe blogosphere (specifically, Ellegedly, Jossip, and is abuzz with the rumor that former Less Than Perfect star Sherri Shepherd has bagged herself a permanent slot as The View‘s fifth resident yackmeister. (She’s been guest-hosting all this week; here she is, pictured at left, on today’s edition, along with Barbara Walters, guest Michael Urie of Ugly Betty, Joy Behar, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.) And while PopWatch is still awaiting a return call from ABC to confirm the news, I’ve got my hip flask out on the desk, ready to heartily toast what I think is a brilliant move by the show’s producers.

If you don’t understand or share my enthusiasm, then click here and check out this four-minute clip of Shepherd’s substitute-hosting appearance on the show’s Nov. 21 "Claygate" episode; note she’s the only cohost who doesn’t get steamrolled by Hurricane Rosie, and better still, that she manages to defuse Rosie’s off-base accusation of Kelly Ripa’s "homophobia" by boldly placing her hand on O’Donnell’s breast. In other words, she’s not afraid of ruffling the alpha bird’s feathers, and she’s capable of scoring a laugh while she does it.

Of course, even if you’re not on Team Shepherd, there’s still reason to cheer. As my colleague Alynda Wheat notes, "Really, the only saving grace is that Hasselbeck will never get another word in." So what say you, PopWatchers? Is Shepherd the right woman for the job? Quick, weigh in now before Barbara comes out of her hyperbaric oxygen chamber and inks the deal!

UPDATE: Sorry to disappoint, folks, but a source close to the show tells PopWatch that the rumors calling Shepherd’s signing a done deal are "complete hogwash," and that we’ll be seeing a number of subs in the Star Jones seat before a final decision is made. Still, they should totally hire her, right?addCredit(“The View: Heidi Gutman”)

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  • PWeekly

    Please let this be true! Sherri Shepard is KILLING IT everytime she co-hosts! Her bawdy personality is a perfect fit with Rosie and Joy.
    Make the deal ABC!

  • David

    I wholeheartedly agree that Shepherd MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST get this job. Aside from her amazing ability to go toe-to-toe with Rosie and everyone while getting big laughs from the audience, she speaks for single mothers, divorced women, women who are dating, black families, and Christians who aren’t just talking heads but real people with real problems.
    My only worry is that Barbara Walters, who I’m assuming has a lot of say in this decision, isn’t so funny herself and might not *get* Shepherd the way we all so obviously do. HIRE SHERRI SHEPHERD!

  • JJ

    I have been hoping for this ever since she first co-hosted. Not only is she really funny, given her stand up background, but she can also hold her own against Rosie. She is not afraid to speak her mind, or express her ‘view’ even if it’s dissimiliar from the others.

  • Tim

    Totally agree!! Sherri is really great on The View!!! I hope the sign her soon!

  • darlene capozio

    Love, just love Sherri and am keeping my fingers crossed BUT! Elisabeth has to go….I don’t want to hear
    someone quoting scripture unless I’m tuned into TBN. She
    has nothing to offer and with 4 strong women on board who needs her?

  • Miles

    YES, YES, YES, as much as I hate Rosie, I love SHERRI, so it would be a great balance between good and evil… or just hire SHERRI and get rid of rosie all together… how perfect would that be.

  • Jen

    No other guest co-host has captured the audience’s attention like Shepherd. I’m so excited we’re getting a black voice on the show, but all the other trial runs have been interchangeable. Shepherd has IT, and they’d be fools to hire someone else.

  • Elaine M.

    I love Sherri. She is hilarious and would be a great addition to The View. I love Rosie and Joy too. But Elisabeth is perhaps the most annoying host of anything on TV. The whole panel, as well as the audience, kind of just rolls their eyes when she speaks lately. Honestly she adds nothing. And Barbara? I guess it would be too unkind to ask the founder and creator of the show to leave, but sheesh… she is so boring and shows up mainly just to plug her upcoming specials. I love the days when she’s out because it’s obvious that the others are more comfortable and can let loose.

  • David

    But still, Sherri Shepherd. Hire her.

  • A

    She’s hilarious. If they have any sense, she’ll be permanent. She’s legitimately funny without being offensive or telling the same old lame jokes all the time.

  • Humphrey

    They NEED to give her that spot. She’s the only guest host that didn’t bore the audience. I get sick of the 10 minutes it takes to “get to know” each new guest host; such a waste of time.

  • David

    Just saw this on IMDB. Don’t know if it’s legit, but it seems to fit with what she’s said on-air.
    — “She has said in the past that she will not join “The View” fulltime because she would have to move to New York. Her and her ex have joint custody and she said she doesn’t want to move out of the state and make it harder on the baby than it already is.”

  • Maria

    Sherri is great! But to those who say Elisabeth “adds nothing” or “has nothing to offer”, get real. Elisabeth adds the view of a young, conservative, Christian woman. That is a point of view that none of the other current hosts can, or will, offer. And last time I checked, there were still young, conservative, Christian women living in this country and watching The View. I appreciate Elisabeth.

  • Jasper

    I LOVE Sherri, but I HATE The View I hope it isn’t true just because I’d hate to see her go down like that. She should just get her own show or something.

  • jay

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT she kicked Rosie’s butt in that Claygate episode.

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