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9302__dirt_lFor a series set in the world of celebrity gossip, the first episode of FX’s new Courteney Cox vehicle Dirt was suspiciously short on dishy fun. True, Cox’s tabloid editor Lucy Spiller (pictured) got a few zesty moments last night — tasering a one-night stand when he turned out to be an aspiring singer bearing a demo, snapping at a celebrity mole that there’s a difference between wanting to be an actor and wanting to be famous — but how come she seems to be the only staffer at fictional Dirt magazine enjoying the thrill of the big-game hunt?

The show’s biggest misstep was saddling Lucy with schizophrenic paparazzo sidekick Don (Ian Hart, so hammy, he’s practically honey-baked). Bad enough having to spend an inordinate amount of time watching Don talk to his cancer-stricken cat, but his raindrops-turning-to-blood hallucination sequence was perhaps the clunkiest visual metaphor (Look! He’s got blood on his hands!) in recent TV history.addCredit(“Dirt: FX”)

Worse still, the pilot episode suffered from raging gaps in logic.Why would Lucy be so eager to publish news of Kira’s pregnancy (and hersurprising baby daddy) but sit on a graphic sex tape of Julia and herco-star? How can we believe Kira’s speech about being vehementlyopposed to getting an abortion when it’s sandwiched by scenes of herdropping ecstasy and snorting coke? And how come the show’s writerssaved the best line ("Do you have the film? Do you have to go to thebathroom to get it?") for the previews for next week’s episode?

Instead, we got served heaping portions of dreary sex, allcalculatingly staged to remind the audience, "Hey! Look at us! We’repractically (F)X-rated!" The pro basketball player getting bent over byhis buxom blonde companion, the washed-up actor manually pleasuring hisgirlfriend in a crowded club, and even Cox’s own carnal moment came off asless titillating than the latest Nicole Richie cover of Star. Anyhow, that’s my first impression of Dirt. Did you tune in last night? And more importantly, will you be back for a second serving next week?


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  • Brian

    I liked it. Will watch it again.

  • cRAIG

    from what i saw, it sucked. but then again, it’s on FX – so i wasn’t that surprised…

  • Mark

    The pilot episode of “Dirt” wasn’t ther greatest, but I will stay with it for the next 4 weeks to see where it will go.
    It didn’t have the wicked twists of “Nip/Tuck”, but for a freshman effort, it will take time to find it’s voice.

  • Joe

    I got to admit that I only watch F/X shows like The Shield and Nip/Tuck to see how far they can push the envelope for basic cable. (Even more amazing is how the FCC doesn’t crack down on them. I guess it doesn’t hurt that Fox paterfamilias Rupert Murdoch has friends with current administration.) It’s like watching HBO but without the good writing. And I only watched Thief just for Andre Braugher. As for Dirt, my response is, “Eh…” Perhaps because Ms. Cox, who’s also the producer, is ensconced with regular Hollywood folk (supposedly Jennifer Aniston’s BFF), we probably won’t get much dishy name-dropping other than “Mr. Clooney.” (Although if Ms. Cox is Jennifer Aniston’s BFF, maybe we’ll see a dig at Brangelina, no?)

  • Ceballos

    It was “eh”…I expected more from an FX Drama. The pilot episodes for Nip/Tuck and The Shield, for example were unbelievable…and it’ll be interesting to see if a likeable character turns up.

  • Eric

    For the CONSTANT advertising they did for this (not to mention running it 3 times in a row) – I have to say I was dissapointed as well.
    While I am excited to see the behind-the-scenes at a papparazzi-driven publication, the acting is weak and the “pushing the envelope” moments felt like they were trying too hard.
    I too will stick with it for a few weeks to give a chance to find it’s voice- but I really hope the girl who plays Julia dies, because she’s a worse actress than the one she’s trying to portray.

  • Emily

    Ugh. It was Nip/Tuck minus all the charm and humor. And with much worse acting. Cox gave some of the worst line readings I’ve ever witnessed.

  • Jp

    Pilots are usually my least favorite episodes of my favorite shows, so I will give it a few weeks to settle into its groove. And, as demonstrated in the Scream trilogy, Courtney Cox plays a great b***h!

  • fredric

    I want an hour of my life back, please.

  • marykate

    Love Courteney Cox-Arquette.
    Hate this show. After the hour, I was ready to pop in a Friends DVD.
    The advertising for it put me off. I don’t want to hear Peter Gabriel sing any more than I have to. Grrr!
    But what’s all this about “The Riches” with a non-cross-dressing Eddie Izzard! LOVE HIM!!

  • Paul U.

    I LIKED the schizo photographer guy…it’s interesting to see a character whose work is literally making him crazy. Not that any real papparazzi really have any regrets about what they do…or at least I hope they don’t, because living with what they do should be agony. I will be watching again, I like Courtney Cox (what happened to the Arquette?) and I like that she is a witch on wheels but does have a small soft side. Her face looks a little tight, though.

  • Muhlyssa

    As soon as the cat started talking, I was done.

  • Joey Jo Jo

    I might watch the show for a few more episodes, but not if that photographer guy is a regular cast member. He was annoying me to no end. It’s shocking how this show made sex look tedious.

  • Madeleine

    I once liked Courteney Cox on Friends. Now, not so much. This role probably suits her cuz she ALWAYS looks SO pissed off in any pics you see of her in real life so most likely not a stretch for her to play a b*@ch (ex: pic EW is showing, she looks hard and yes, her face looks botoxed tight now).
    In interviews about Dirt, she goes on and on about the paparazzi, wah-wah-wah, it’s so hard to be famous. No wonder she’s the BFF of that other overexposed whiner, Jennifer Aniston. Puh-leeze, in 5 years tops, they’ll BOTH be begging photogs to pay attention to their worn-out faces.
    I hope her show tanks. Then maybe she’ll realize she’s not nearly as hot as she thinks.

  • Chuck

    I was a little disappointed in this show. I think this could possibly be a great role for CCA but this pilot was a little underwhelming. It was WAY too soon to have the Lucy character show regret over how dirty she has to get in work. I don’t think a person in her position would let some washed up actor see her emotions just becasue he says something about her having “no one to love.” She would simply smile and give it right back to him. The schizo character is a cool idea, but took up too much time. Also, I thought their would be new actors and actresses introduced every week like Nip Tuck, but from the previews, it looks like it’s just the same characters drawn out over the season. That’s no fun!! Although I wouldn’t mind seeing that basketball guy naked and “bottoming” out again. HOT HOT HOT!!! I am pulling for CCA and I will watch over the next couple of weeks to see if things get Dirtier!!

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