Aggggghhhhhhh! Fox cancels 'The O.C.'!

17582__taylor_lTaylor Townsend (pictured) is here to blood-curdlingly let you know that Fox has officially canceled The O.C. Its last episode — the 16th of Season 4 — will air February 22.

Ah, O.C. My love, my life, my adorable but at times disobedient pet. I’m conflicted. Yes, Season 4 has been great — the humor’s back, Ryan and Taylor are doin’ it, Seth and Summer are for some reason engaged. But let’s face it: it had to end eventually, and we fans pretty much knew this was coming. Did we really want to see a senile Julie Cooper terrorize the other patients in her nursing home, which she had to live in because her 17th husband, Rich Oldman, whom she poisoned for real this time, left her only Riverside-rich? (Actually, yes.) I don’t know — I’m torn between devastation and a philosophical attitude of genuine appreciation that it ever existed at all. I like Josh Schwartz’s comment in Fox’s press release: "For a certain audience, at a certain time, The O.C. has meant something. For that we are grateful."

And so are we. Let’s all wear our "Save Marissa" shirts, leather wristcuffs, and hoodies tomorrow in mourning. (I only own a hoodie, but whatever.) Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth begin…

UPDATE: This just in from the Schwartzinator himself, via e-mail: "Yeah, this season will indeed be the last. There was some speculation about a Season 5 on another network but we are having a really fun, great run and I feel like better to go out now then stay too long at the party… and after 4 seasons of the OC, I know a lot about parties…"

Drunken pool parties featuring occasional hookers? Ah, yes, I remember them well…


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  • mike

    I don’t share the universal theory that the OC was back. The episode where someone steals the purse with the pregancy test was pretty silly. The Taylor character talks fast without being funny. Julie hooks up with a different guy every month?
    Season one was the highlight. The steady descent happened after that. If Fox would have given the show a chance, they would have airlifted it out of Thursday night.
    R.I.P. O.C.

  • Jay

    This SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS. I can’t even talk right now.

  • THE BIG K-Dizzle

    Fox is the dumbest net on TV! Everytime I start to love a show, they cancel it! fastlane, Family Guy, now my all time fav Dramedy gets the ax! As Seth Cohen would say, “THIS IS RIDUNKULOUS”! O.C. You will be missed!

  • El Franco

    Fox really hates keeping good shows. My faves like Firefly, Wonderfalls, Arrested Development, and now OC have been targeted for death by them. They were not really given a fair chance at showing what real good shows can do.
    Now I’m going to miss the comic book exploits of Seth, the brooding of Ryan, the whimsyness of Summer, and I will never see the full potential fun of Taylor.
    Thanks a lot FOX for shooting down another good show that showed so much promise.

  • aramis

    What is this “O.C.” of which you speak? *raises eyebrow*

  • beachmom

    are you crazy? of course i want to see julie cooper nichol ho’ing it up at the nursing home…i want to see sandy white-haired…i want to see kirsten get bloated and menopausal…
    boo hoo…i guess we can hope for a Very Special Christmukha reunion show… and what bad timing, the day of the last ep my viewing buddy – my 16 year old daughter – will be away on vaca with friends…how sad to watch it alone!!!! i’m crying already!!!

  • Phil

    How is it that Fox axes The O.C. and yet STILL has STAND OFF on their schedule!?! Have the execs at Fox been partying with Ms. Spears over the holidays?!?! This is probably the worst news I have heard ALL day. I have stood by The O.C. since it was a summer replacement series back in 2003, and am totally saddened to see it go, just as I, as well as many other fans felt the magic was returning to Newport. I hope many of the regular stars/guests from season 1 like Jimmy, Luke, and Anna return for the finale (sadly, NOT Oliver). Guess I’ll just have to get back to CALIFORNIA, CALIFORNIA…HERE WE COME…for my fix of sands and soap suds now!

  • Vicky

    Boooo Fox!! I can never really trust this network with any show that I like. Firefly comes to mind right away. The OC should have never been in that timeslot. Ah well. Now we can sit through 5 nights of American Idol…cause that show never gets old. Excuse me while I pray for my other beloved Fox show, Bones. David Boreanaz better watch his back. Fox can be very sneaky.

  • Nicole

    OK. Can I just say that I am a HUGE O.C. fan and this news is devastating to me! Although, I did kind of see something of this nature coming. I just never thought it would really happen. I know that The O.C. has never surpassed its first season, but I thought season two was really good. In season 3 they did lag a little, bc I didn’t really care to much for that season even though I still love the show. In season 4 I felt like that was the test for the show, if they kicked butt with the start of season 4 and Rachel Bilson took on the role of the lead female character well then the show would be in the clear for at least a season 5. I totally love this season and I think everyone is doing an awesome job, especially Rachel Bilson, she really took to the challenge nicely. It leaves me to wonder why so many fans just gave up on such an awesome show! While I am having a serious emotional moment over this loss it did have a good run. Even though its cancelled I’ll always love this show!!! RIP OC! <3

  • Christina

    Ii’s sad to see The O.C go, but it was pretty clear that this season would be it. At least FOX is letting the season play out so we get a conclusion

  • RayT

    This is all Mischa Barton’s fault! Shows never get cancelled until people start leaving them! I’m organizing a campaign called Mischa: Impossible and we’re all going to congregate outside her home and pelt her with her uneaten pancakes from The Bait Shop when she leaves to go meet Nicole Richie at The Ivy!
    But seriously, now that The O.C. is no more, who’s going to tell me what indie music to download to my iPod making me appear much more musically distinguished than I actually am?!

  • Amanda

    Nice job, FOX. You’ve kept “The War at Home” on for multiple seasons, and yet put (and KEPT!) a show that was NOT painful to watch in the timeslot of death.
    Makes no sense to me, but I hope this season ends on a strong note.

  • Cassie

    NOOOOOO!!! It was SO much better this season. Taylor + Ryan > Marissa + Ryan. The only good thing about this? It just made Thursday night TV choices easier.

  • Jackson Fust

    What the hell fox? what else are you going to air? why dont you move the oc to a night where the legion of girl fans it had that you let down last season and moved on to loving greys anatomy could come back to it? worst news of the year. f you fox. & fyi, american idol sucks. just so you know…

  • Dylan

    This freakin’ sucks. Although, I knew it was coming. How sad that the show will never see a 5th season. May I offer a short list of other piece of crap shows that deserve to be cancelled in place of Th OC? grey’s anatomy, csi, studio 60, all reality shows except Real World And The Challenges…This really freakin’ sucks. I was hoping for one more season. I hope they at least knew they were filming the series finale and got to send everyone off properly.

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