'The O.C.': Everyone is an alien

102839__oc_lIt’s almost vacation time. Cab in an hour. I gotta pack! This blog post feels almost as urgent as the stroke of midnight looming over Summer’s uterus! But not. What?

So, last night’s O.C. The plot has thickened and the hair has thinned: We find out Ryan’s father is a clean-cut, seemingly white-collar criminal type who probably knew Bullit from jail and is about to launch a reign of terror onto Newport; also, he’s Hercules. No spoilers for me this week, so I had no clue who the guy was — and I loved the pairing of the big reveal with that electropoppy tunage in the background. Reminded me of the filler music they play during the "science" scenes on CSI. But I bet there’s no CSI: Mix 6. Booyah! Boom, boom, FRANK ATWOOD, boom, boom, and the beat goes on! Quite rewind-worthy. Really, the music is so perfect. Rewind that shiz.

There’s other big news, but since neither party seems to want any part of it, I hestitate to even mention… Seth and Summer got engaged because she might have been preggers and he wanted to prove his love, blah blah etc. I wish they would have just laughed off the engagement in an ironic, pooh-pooh sort of way, seconds after seeing the negative test. Neither of them seems to really be feelin’ it right now, especially Summer.

addCredit(“The O.C.: Greg Schwartz”)

I loved Kaitlin and her new surrogate daddy, Bullit. Ryan andTaylor: eh. Julie: yes. Sandy: perceptive. Kirsten: coffee. Alienparty: okay. Fun, even, but I was so expecting some sort of twist orthe slightest hint of plot development involving the girl who stoleTaylor’s purse. Maybe I was caught up in the magic of last week andthought the purse snatcher could serve as the metaphorical "Spirit ofNew Year’s," and that she’d led the foursome through the desert onpurpose, knowing they’d have a totally out of this world time at therave (pictured)! Not really. Damn, I had so many questions about thatgirl. "Why is she an alien?" was not one of them. Rather, why didn’tshe drive faster away from Ryan? How did hours and hours go by duringthe snail-paced "chase" that ensued? What kind of pre-sex stretchingwere she and that nasty character doing on a giant massage table? Andreally? Him? He was, like, an alien…

I’d like to nominate Ryan’s "ick" facial reaction to Taylormassaging his shoulders in the car as the moment of the night. Tell me,PopWatchers, what did you think of the episode?


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  • James

    Ya know, before the season began, I had reservations about whether or not I would bother returning to The O.C. The show has been on a steady decline since season one. And the whole Mischa Barton press didn’t help matters either.
    However, I am happy I did come back. This season is a vast improvement over last season. The Ryan/Taylor relationship is such a quirky pairing. I’m glad the writer’s toned Taylor’s character down in terms of her personality. Last season she was really annoying. And Kaitlin Cooper is way more interesting then Marissa ever was.
    The big reveal at the end of last night’s episode; I was truly blown away.
    Here’s to the new era on The O.C.

  • Raegan

    James, you couldn’t have said it any better!
    Hail the new era of THE OC!

  • abby

    i’m with james, i stopped watching last year and i’m actually glad i came back. this season is WAAAAY better than last year and all marissa’s drama. i didn’t think i’d like kaitlin, but i’ve warmed up to her. taylor used the annoy the hell out of me and now she’s actually pretty cute. NOT surprised that summer wasn’t preggers and i can’t really understand why both of them are going through with this “engagement” thing but whatev. the ryan’s father plot sounds pretty fun and interesting and i loved seeing the preview where sandy decks ryan’s dad. go sandy! kirsten has been quite boring since she sobered up, but i’m loving julie’s character. i’m glad i came back — now we just need to get the OC reviews back on TV WATCH.

  • Sergio St.

    Well, I gotta say that I stopped watching OC for a while. I would catch it every once in while, n everytime I did it reminded me of why I had stopped watching it. However, when I found out Marissa died last season, I had new hopes for the show. I was right, I like the show a lot now. I dont miss an episode, n I gotta admit I have a crush on Taylor. Kudos for the writers for making of her such a lovable character!!

  • tiff

    Ryan and Taylor are totally adorable. I love how they don’t stretch out their drama – they address it, and move on. And Funny Ryan! “Is that my neglige? I’m gonna need that back.”

  • Ceballos

    I have to say, I don’t watch the O.C. at all…but these recaps by Annie of this wild and wacky show are entertaining as hell and ALMOST make me wanna watch.

  • melissa

    I’d never watched “The O.C.” regularly, or maybe at all, before but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it this season. It’s entertaining and has a lighter feel to it without being airy or trashy.

  • Phil

    I can’t say enough good things about the O.C. this season, but I don’t have to, since all the other posters already have! I really truly just wish more new viewers would come to the rave, err I mean party! The show is so much better than last season, and I it deserves another season because of this great one, but how is that going to happen when Fox refuses to move it from its current deathslot at Thursdays at 9 PM??? GIVE THE O.C. A CHANCE!!!!

  • Christina

    I thought the reveal of Ryan’s father was awesome. Troubled times are ahead in the O.C.

  • RB

    my moment of the night was when Summer asked Seth to help her pack and they go to her closet and he hands her a lamp. hilarious

  • RH

    I too stopped watching the show because Marissa was getting on my nerves. I was shocked though that they killed her off, but I’m so happy that they did. She was depressing! And I like Ryan a whole lot more now without her. Taylor’s fun! I think I’m going to start watching on a regular basis again.

  • Mike

    This show is sooo dead. The driving force behind this show was the relatonship between Ryan and Marissa–good, bad, happy, sad. Two people who loved each other but weren’t meant to be. Now it’s just a sitcom stretched to an hour, with Ryan, Taylor, Seth, and Summer the new Ricky, Lucy, Fred, and Ethel. But without the charm. And Sandy, Kirsten, and Julie. How many careers have these people been through just so the adults will have something to do.

  • Jane Doe

    OMG I have always loved the OC and marsia dieing was a very big shock to me…but this season seem 2 be going good an the whole ryan an taylor thing I think it’s good that ryan moves on and didn’t kill that guy an go 2 jail that me real happy…an I’m glad that seth an dsummer r still 2gether they r so freakin cute….but I can’t wait 2 see what will happen with his father being in the picture now an how sandy punches him!!!!!!!!!
    I’m loveing the OC I hope more ppl watch it

  • harry

    Mike – I could not disagree more. This show was never supposed to be about Ryan and Marissa – it was supposed to be about a community and families. This year the show has broadened out, and lightened up and its been all the better for it. Freaks and Geeks, GIlmore Girls… the OC is now up there as one of the great young adult dramedies. It has already proven itself in the 90210/Dawsons’ teen soap vein and this year has trasceneded it. IF people aren’t watching cause Mischa Barton isn’t it then those are people who should just watch E! specials on Nicole Richie and Lindsey Lohan. The OC is the real deal this year and Autumn Reeser is one of the brighest starts on tv today.
    Long live the OC – thought it may not live for long.

  • beachmom

    OH MY BLOODY GOD!!! thank god i resisted reading your recap before i watched the dvr’d ep just now…
    i screamed when herc said he’s ryan’s father…it didn’t even click when i saw frank atwood on the paper…
    an amazing ep with humor and intrigue….i love kaitlin’s daddy-figure relationship with bullitt…and julie back to her true conniving self…
    i honestly didn’t see the atwood dad plot coming at all…can’t wait to see how it develops…!!!!

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