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Uh, so where are the Transformers of my childhood? For one thing, there are too many damn people in this movie, from the looks of this trailer, and not enough robots. I mean, I’m sorry, I thought this was going to be about cars and things that turn into robots, not another IndependenceDayArmageddonWaroftheWorlds movie. (Although, what else would you expect from director Michael Bay?) Where are the autobots at?! I swear, they are only in the trailer for like five seconds; the rest of the time its Shia LaBeouf and another actor running away from things falling out of the sky. Still, if doomsday cinema that can rehash any unoriginal idea and make it something completely unrecognizable is your thing, if invading aliens bringing our natural world to the brink of destruction gets you going, and if car chase sequences that end in obliterating explosions help you find meaning in life, then by all means, jot down the Transformers release date of July 4, 2007 into your calendar.

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  • Ceballos

    I’m not really sure what you’re talking about Sophia.
    I thought the amount of robot action in the trailer was more than adequate. You made it sound like all we saw was someone’s foot or something. I wouldn’t want it any other way…save the REAL money shots for the movie.
    I’m not Michael Bay apologist. His movies are ridiculously over the top, and he dialogue is legendarily laughable, but even in crapfests like “The Island” and “Pearl Harbor”, the man CAN deliver good action sequences…and this is the “Transformers” movie, so I expect the action to be good.
    Also, love the tagline…”On July 4th, our world will be Transformed”…that’s SO Bay!

  • PJ

    I totally agree with you. In addition, I couldn’t identify any of the robots. Who was an Autobot? Who was a Deceptacon? Unfortunately, I don’t think the movie is going to be based off of the Generation 1 Transformers, aka The Real Transformers. There have been so many new revisions of this cartoon that are absolutely terrible, I don’t even think I’m gonna see the movie. It would be a complete waste of time. I may go see it is Michael Bay sends a car to come get me and take me to a free screening. Otherwise, this was a wasted effort on his part.
    That, and I’m not a fan of Tyrese. He should stick to music. He wasn’t even good at that.

  • Phil

    I’m not sure if its a nod to compliment the girls of the 80’s that had their toys like Straw Berry Shortcake and My Little Pony while we had Transformers and G.I. Joes, but the small girl carrying what looks like an enlarged My Little Pony doll at the end of the trailer, is pure genius in homage to the 80’s for what rounds up to be a truly KICK ASS trailer! I’m psyched for Independence Day 2007!!!

  • brandonk

    It looks great to me! I love how the robots transform, and Bumblebee looks pretty good as a robot, even if he isn’t a Beetle in vehicle mode.

  • aa

    i’ve liked shia since even stevens so i will definitely be there. truthfully it looks like a typical loud, fun, summer popcorn movie. nothing wrong with that.

  • Eddie Hargreaves

    You wrote the exact same things I thought when I saw this trailer. They never sold toys of the human characters from the Transformers cartoons, because who cares about them? Similarly, based on this trailer, the movie will focus more on humans than TRANSFORMERS — the name of the movie. And the redesign of the robots is unnecessary and counterproductive. Half the reason some people would go see this movie is because of nostalgia and they’re going to lose all those people.

  • blink

    Ok, for everybody complaining cause they didn’t show enough of the robots on the trailer. Just so you know is just a teaser trailer, usually on the teaser trailer for movies they don’t even show scenes of the movie, they show something more simple,maybe just the logo to keep your anticipation for the movie. This teaser trailer for Transformers was awesome. I think they showed more than enough even tho it was just a teaser. When they released the official trailer, I’m pretty sure they’ll show way more of the robots. 7-4-7 I can’t wait!!

  • Dave

    Seeing as the movie doesn’t come out until July, maybe they don’t have most of the effects done yet?

  • Ceballos

    Yep, there’s also that, and the fact that, seven months away from the movies’ release, all of the effects probably aren’t done. So even if they DID show the robots (which they shouldn’t to keep an air of mystery), people would complain that they looked crappy.
    Directors (especially on huge-budgedted pictures like this) routinely tinker with effects and the film up until a few weeks before it comes out.
    This actually wasn’t the teaser…the teaser came out a few months back and had some sort of probe on Mars being taken out by a Decepticon I think. Anyway, this was a VERY GOOD first trailer, and I’m more interested in seeing this than I was after the teaser. I’m confident the movie will have PLENTY of Autobot-on-Decepticon action…this is Michael Bay…if nothing else he’s gonna deliver the action and explosions.

  • roel

    you’re full of it sophia. i know it’s a michael bay, but c’mon!
    i’m giggling uncontrolably and just peed a little…

  • Joel

    This looks phenomenal. I’m there.

  • James

    This is based on G1; what are you talking about? I saw Prime, Bumblebee, Prowl… The thing with transformers is there is no canon, nothing to mess up. The cartoons kind of ‘reboot’ the mythology with every new series, the Japanese storyline is different from the US, and the comics are there own thing too. Even the Transformers toyline is cobbled together from 2-3 different toylines in Japan.
    This movie is not based on the cartoon, or comic. It’s based on TOYS. In that respect, it’s most like Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks, which was based on trading cards. No story to adapt, so they start from scratch.

  • josh

    Forget the robots, what’s up with the prominent product placement for the Strokes logo circa Is This It? All part of the new retro future?

  • Michael Ejercito

    In the trailer itself, we do see Blackout, Optimus Prime, Bonecrusher, Bumblebee, and an unidentified transformer in their robot modes.
    Starscream is seen flying between two skyscrapers in his F-22 mode.

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