The Devil finds work for 'Idol' hands

155125__kelly_l_1As if to follow up on Michelle Kung’s PopWatch post from Thursday, yesterday’s New York Post lists the asking prices for various American Idol stars to make personal appearances at private shindigs. Kelly Clarkson (pictured) demands as much as $300,000, which seems about right, but Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard gets only a tenth of that. And Season 2 finalist Kimberly Caldwell will show up at your party for as little as $2,000. (No word on Justin Guarini’s party price; guess you have to ask that catering company what they pay their individual waiters and busboys.) Anyway, we note the Idol article here just to raise the question: is the market, at last, a truly objective way for us to rate the fame quotient of Idol-minted stars and others? Discuss.

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  • whimsey

    Let’s not forget that this *is* what they do for a living. I have no problem with the practice of private event pricing. How much for Chris Daughtry to, uh, perform privately for me? Just asking.

  • Jimmy

    Quite frankly I would rather have Barney sing at my party than any of these Idol clowns. I still can’t believe anyone watches American Idol, much less cares about who’s on the show. America has sunk to a new intellectual low.

  • Paul U.

    Quit using that photo of Kelly Clarkson! I hate it…it looks like she is wearing a modified napkin and that hairstyle is too old for her!

  • tinawina

    Jimmy, what does watching Idol have to do with intellect? It’s just a talent show. Talk about taking things WWAAYYY too seriously. Sheesh.
    On to the question posed. I don’t know if it’s a true reflection on any individual Idol’s popularity, since the sample is by nature skewed towards people who can afford it. Then it’s further skewed by the types of events people are likely to be shelling out bucks for i.e. weddings, sweet sixteen parties, bat/bar mitvahs, etc. So maybe these prices are a decent reflection of who’s popular among the children of the wealthy. :-)
    I can’t for the life of me ever imagine being so rich that I wouldn’t mind spending that kind of money getting someone to show up at my party! I’m a tightwad by nature, I guess.

  • Nancy Walker

    I would pay five hundred for Ruben, one thousand for Clay, one hundred for Justin, five thousand for Kelly, zero for William Hung, two thousand for Bo, five thousand for Carrie, one thousand for Taylor, two dollars for Fantasia, and one penny to make Mikalah go away.

  • KC

    $300,000 for Kelly Clarkson? How sad that you would have to pay for her friendship.

  • Me

    I’d shell out everything I own for Kelly! And it shouldn’t be shocking that her price is so much higher than everyone else’s. Kelly is still the only American Idol contestant or winner to acheive giant success. And sorry, Claymates, but his crappy cover albums blow! Although come Oscar time, Jennifer Hudson may be on her way to replacing Kelly as the new #1 A.I. diva!

  • Alyson

    I think it is an excellent metric.
    And KC, don’t forget that these are not the prices for friendship, but for performances, which constitute her job.

  • Madeleine

    At least they’re singing at these events (which is work for them).
    What I don’t get is paying celebrities to “host” a party (like New Year’s Eve at a club)/ Paying someone to talk on a mike, dance and get bombed seems like a new low, even for La-La-Looney land.

  • Nancy Walker

    Me: Unfortunately you are right about clay’s covers album, it is not very good at all. I do not consider myself a Claymate, but a fan. I bought it and have not played it since hearing it once. I hope he can get it together. By the way, Daughtry and Jennifer are worth just as much as Kelly And Carrie.

  • sam

    Private performances are not that unusual these days and people pay the going price for a particular artist. Obviously, somebody with hits is going to be paid more than somebody without them. Could you please stop taking the cheap shots at poor Justin Guarini? Although he was not the most talented guy who ever did Idol, whoever produced his first album totally destroyed his chances of success at that point. With better songs, he probably would have had a modest hit or two. He shows the danger of handing your career over to an “expert.”

  • bb

    Nancy Walker, you are one smart poster with excellent musical taste! Your comment about Daughtry is right on!

  • Nancy Walker

    Thanks BB. Chris is one of the best to come out of Idol. Kelly’s “Breakaway” album is really good. Until this album I had not bought any of her CDs. I feel bad about Bo, because his album turned out to be disappointing, and I really like him. Clay, unfortunately, bombed this time around. Ruben, well, “Sorry for 2004″ was not good at all. I hope the ones who have not been able to record material worthy of their talent will recover.

  • bb

    Yeah,NW, I was bummed about Bo,too…..he was SO good on AI, but his cd was a huge disappointment. Maybe next time out, he’ll redeem himself. Kelly is a major talent and Carrie has proven she’s a force to contend with as well. But since Chris was always my favorite, I am especially pleased to see him achieve success at last. I already can’t wait for his next album!

  • bb

    BTW, Nancy W……DAUGHTRY has officially gone PLATINUM…over one million in sales in just 4 weeks!

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