Vanessa L. Williams wuz robbed!

PopWatchers, it’s Slezak here, and I need someone to talk me off the ledge. For the last 31 hours, I’ve been fantasizing about tracking down the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and feeding each one a sandwich de knuckles. I know this is at odds with the spirit of the season. Visions of sugarplums — not nunchucks and assorted Medieval weaponry — should be dancing in my head. But every time I sneak a peek at the list of actresses nominated for this year’s Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or TV Movie (which, I’ll admit, I’ve been doing every 15 minutes) I’m left with the same question: WHERE THE L IS VANESSA (L. YEAH!) WILLIAMS? And then, the white-hot rage (and a mild case of heartburn) returns. (Sarah Paulson? Seriously?)

Riddle me this: Did Globes voters miss the episode where Willy so memorably hissed the funniest line on television all season: "Did you just gesture at me when you said Kwanzaa?" Were they foraging for food in their fridges when she cracked open a church collection box with her designer boot? Have they forgotten her eerie/touching monologue to Justin at the end of "Fey’s Sleigh Ride"? How about Willy’s priceless facial expression in response to Marc’s "Someone got their hair did" remark?

I know, I know, other folks were robbed of Globes nominations yesterday, too (we even created an entire photo gallery devoted to your picks for the most egregious omissions). But keeping in mind the HFPA is usually more hip to new and noteworthy shows and performances than their Emmy counterparts, I really thought Williams, the most delectable scene-stealer of 2006, was a shoo-in. And yet, she got nothin’. And I don’t know how to move on. Any suggestions that don’t involve placing myself on a steady mojito drip from now till Jan. 15 would be much appreciated.

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  • J. Free

    agreed! you forgot my all-time favorite, from the pilot:
    “I’m hellaciously upset, Marc.”
    While on the topic…why didn’t our favorite pre-pubescent gay get a nomination????

  • confidential


  • Mozz

    I’m drilling 10 inch screws into a baseball bat as we speak. Get your medieval weaponry, we’ll pay a visit to every one of those HFPA members. After beating each one of them within an inch of their indulgent and not very knowledgeable lives, we’ll leave a card with some of the best written lines delivered by Vanessa L. Williams this season.
    Although I think HFPA,are a totally worthless group of people, and part of the most worthless organization ever created to pat people on the backside . I do have a violent streak, so I’m alway up for a beating.

  • Ep Sato

    I have to agree that it is like someone threw a scorpion in my boots to know Sarah Paulson’s been nominated for anything. Studio 60 grinds my gears. On the flipside, the whole country seems to be in love with Betty at least in part because of Vanessa Williams’ work. You’ve got reason to be upset Mr. Slezak. I’m going to eat some donuts like Amanda to make myself feel better.

  • dj

    ok, just a pet peeve, but every blog i read about “Ugly Betty” spells the character’s name as “Fey”. every woman i’ve known with that first name spells it as “F-A-Y-E”. as a last name (Tina Fey) alright, but as a first name, it’s Faye.

  • Ernesto

    WHAT THE HELL???????? I totally agree with you Slezak, and the only explanation I can find is that Vanessa Williams is soo damn hot that the old voters knowing they can’t have her decided to snub her and punish her for being sooo hot and on top of that how dare she be so talented???? I wonder if Vanessa would date me…mmm…oh well…

  • aramis

    Oo oo oo, medieval weaponry!
    *runs to the closet to get my torch and pitch fork that have been sitting there for YEARS for a moment like this*
    Yes, Slezak! VL was robbed. And I know this is a lost cause at this point, but, SO WAS LAUREN GRAHAM!
    That scene where VL’s Wil robbed the donation box…CLASSIC!
    *sigh* I wish we had more control over such matters.

  • Vegas Terri

    dj…While I totally understand (and have plenty of my own) pet peeves, the “UB” bloggers ARE using the correct spelling. Indeed, the character’s name has been spelled “Fey” since the pilot episode. It’s also sort of a double entendre, in that the Spanish translation of “ugly” is “fea.” (TMI, yeah, I know!)

  • J. Free

    dj – omg i can’t believe you spell your name dj when i have only ever seen it spelled deejay or D.J.! please stop. lol, in other words, calm down. names, essentially, don’t have “proper” spellings…people spell them however they see fit.

  • matthew

    van was robbed, again, dont forget they took her crown too, hasnt she suffered enough?

  • J.Me

    Katharine Heigl. Seriously? She is getting circles ran around her by Sandra Oh(Christina), Chandra Wilson (Miranda) and the more deserving Kate Walsh (Addison). I guess it just goes to show that if you submit a weeping crying deathbed/side scene it guarantees you a nom. Vanessa “The Undressa” Williams should have the writers of “Ugly Betty” get one in real quick for the Emmys.

  • Evie

    I’m so glad someone finally commented on the Sarah Paulson enigma. I love Studio 60, but I am not blind to its problems and in my opinion, she’s the biggest – though I am not sure if it’s Harriet or Paulson herself that grates on every last nerve I have. If the show stays on the air, may she be the Mandy of Studio 60.

  • seon

    I actually woke up early to catch the nominations via the news! I heard Ugly Betty for Best Comedy..ok that was expected. Then America for Best Actress- again expected. So I am eagerly awaiting to hear Vanessa L Williams so I can go back to sleep–What??No Vanessa? There must have been some mistake!!! My entire morning was ruined! I am hoping the Emmys wise up and give the talented Vanessa (L yeah) Williams the career achievement she deserves!

  • Jim S

    As I mentioned when the nominations come out (and now temporarily immortalized in the GG snub photo gallery–doesn’t that sound snotty), the genuises behind the Golden Globes lump comedies, dramas, TV movies and miniseries into their supporting categories. Vanessa still should have made the cut, but the twisted thought processes of the powers that be don’t make it easy.

  • sass

    I’m pissed…My girl Vanessa should have been nominated…this is crazy for real. “I’m hellaciously upset, people.” I mean will they ever give Vanessa the CREDIT she deserves? It’s a conspiracy it really is. These people they have working have absolutely no nack for what REAL talent is. UB is to me the best new show out and by far the best Dramady on TV today. NO WORDS CAN EXPLAIN!!!!
    Pissed as HELL Sass

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