Is the 'Nip/Tuck' transplant to L.A. a face-saving move?

20912__julian_lFrom the "Wait, They Weren’t There Already?" files comes this tidbit: Nip/Tuck is moving its storyline from Miami to L.A. In last night’s season finale, Christian (Julian McMahon, pictured) decided to take the practice to the Left Coast, following his partner Sean to a place where, let’s be honest, they couldn’t possibly need any more plastic surgeons.

I’ll admit to not really watching this show (I don’t do well with knives), so I’m not sure what the impact of this decision will be. PopWatchers, it’s all up to you.  Shark-jumping? Or a brilliant tactical move? And will this have any effect on the Actie Rosie vs. Talkie Rosie decision, which has us all on the edge of our seats?


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  • bluenote

    Yep, I think the show just jumped the shark. Where is the Fonz when you need him?

  • ABW

    I think it’s an interesting move so long as this has been conceived as a completely fresh start for the show, with no one but Sean and Christian as returning characters. I mean, come on, on what planet would the whole supporting cast follow them out to L.A. as well?

  • Ep Sato

    Wow, they moved the show out to LA? Isn’t there already a show about an LA based shallow plastic surgeon who cheats on his wife and who may be gay called Dr. 90210?
    There’s plenty of similarity between the two towns to say that the show has hope. On the other hand, many other LA transplants (Motown in particular) did not last, and tv shows tend to lose focus (and their audience) when the location and plot change significantly.

  • Ms Daisy

    Don’t know about the doc cheating on his wife and being gay, but Dr Rey on “Dr 90210″ has to be the most narcisstic a-hole that ever graduated from med school.

  • Jim

    I think everyone is too quick to say that a show has “jumped the shark.” Can’t people have patience anymore? This is probably the best thing for this show at the time. I’ve never been a fan of the rest of the cast (please no more Liz), and as much as I don’t want to see Matt anymore, the prospect of more Scientology jokes is always welcome.

  • Gretchen Weiners

    Dude. Whitney. Way to ruin the season finale for those of us who DVR it and watch it on the weekends. Uh uh not cool.

  • David

    Nip/Tuck won’t jump the shark. If it does end badly, it will be because it settled down or fell into a rut. This show, more than any other on TV, thrives because it is constantly in motion. The day Nip/Tuck stops being shocking, ridiculous or ballsy will be the day it’s all over.
    The move to Hollywood is just another, albeit pretty huge, creative move forward. Can’t wait for next season.

  • mike

    I think I’m finally over this show. Season 3 jumped the shark. I watch this year out of habit. I’m done. Nip/Tuck needs to rest-in-peace.

  • Jennifer

    I’m not sure it will make that much of a difference. It might be the best thing for character development, actually, as they may find they are not as successful in LA as they were in Miami. I watched this show for several episodes before I realized that it took place in Miami in the first place. I assumed it took place in Beverly Hills.

  • minniweens

    I agree… the show jumped the shark starting last season. How many other shows have to grab onto a dwarf, crazed drug lord (who was so beautifully written out), ridiculous kidney stealing plot, scientology, gay: to be or not to be and of course divorce. Why not just find one great plot and see it through. The show went way off the page instead of focusing on the great writing and character development. Oh well, down goes another great show… There’s always “Rescue Me” to look forward to…

  • Jane

    Uugggh! Didn’t Lucy, Ricky and the Mertz’s move to Hollywood when they ran out of ideas? Laverne & Shirley too. But who knows- this could be a reboot tactic. It would kind of be cool to see Troy/McNamara having to fight to get a corner of the market. They won’t be top dogs anymore and maybe scrounging for new business and facing off against Dr. 90210 will rejuvenate the series.

  • Jasper

    I was not a fan of last season either but I think they redeemed themselves by having a lot of great episodes this season. I do agree that they need to learn to just see one or two plots to the end. The wacky clients and everything are what make the show what it is though. I read in the paper that Liz will follow and so will Matt and Kimber. Matt will be attending Med school and fulfilling his prophecy from the future episode. I’m glad Escobar is done because I thought bringing him back was tired and disappointing. James seemed to high class to be working for him. Now had she lived and came back next season they might’ve been on to something. Idalis (former MTV Vj, yep that’s her)as his wife might’ve been more interesting on her own. What took his face so long to heal anyway? We’ll have to wait until next season to see if they really jumped the shark though.

  • Agent_Torpor

    Yeah, the move to L.A. worked out so well for Laverne & Shirley.

  • Sara

    It’s just jumping the shark *now*??? I thought they jumped it twice during last season.
    Let’s see… Racist dad and daughter, Matt’s transsexual issues, serial killers with no genitalia, the razor blade… Ugh. Far too much. It’s like they took ten darts and threw them at the Magical Dartboard of Insane Ideas.

  • Kay

    I had to laugh at the comment about there always being Rescue Me to look forward to. If any show has become unwatchable, it’s that one! ;) Anyway, I love N/T and will follow the boys anywhere, as long as they’re together.

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