CBS: How to lose '3 Lbs.' in one day!

For all four dozen of you who’ve been watching CBS’s new brain-surgery drama (starring Stanley Tucci), I regret to inform you, it’s gone the way of previous time-slot occupant, Smith. In other words, it’s fini, kaput, dunzo. Personally, I couldn’t bring myself to watch 3 Lbs. I made it through the first 90 seconds of an episode last week, but quickly began to experience numbness in my arms, legs, and soul. (It didn’t get the heart of EW’s TV critic racing, either.) Did I miss out on a never-to-be-discovered gem, PopWatchers? Or did I make the right decision to shut it off and go purge my closet of dreaded wire hangers? All must be revealed in the comments section below.

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  • James

    No, it sucked. I made it thru about a minute and a half too. Maybe we saw the same sucky 90 seconds? Bad title, worse dialog. I’ll just watch that brain-themed Nova on tape…

  • Nick

    It just goes to show that making a hit television series isn’t brain surgery.
    Sorry about that.

  • Jakeem

    I’d watch Stanley Tucci if he was onstage reading names from the New York City telephone book. But I suppose that most medical dramas with strong lead characters are going to be compared to “House” from now on.

  • Can I Get A What What

    3 LBS

    What the hell is going on? Every time I find a show I like they cancel it. I’m starting to get pissed!! First it was Studio 60 and now 3 Lbs. Not that it is a favorite but it was

  • junior

    With the way that they were touting this show, I thought it was supposed to be the second-coming. Oh well. CBS will just have to deal with being the No. 1 most watched network. Too bad for them.

  • Jonathan Lipnicki

    It was bound for failure. Everyone know the human brain weights eight pounds.

  • mark in nyc

    I saw all the episodes and onevery message board people complained that it was a house ripoff, which it probably was, bt I don’t watch house.
    The only reason I tuned in, and continued to tune in was for the striking beauty of Indira Varma. I was smitten by her when she was in HBO’s Rome, and she looked good in 3lbs. She also showed off some acting chops….with the demise of 3lbs I hope that frees her up to do other shows….she is not to be missed.

  • GOB

    Why is it so hard for the entertainment industry to come up with television shows that DON’T involve a hospital or law office? Seriously, we have House, Gray’s Anatomy, ER (not to mention CSI versions 1, 2 and 3, Bones, etc.) and others I’m sure I’m forgetting. Glenn Close just signed up for a new law-themed drama on FX… Are there no other compelling settings/occupations for a drama? Maybe people aren’t tuning in to the new ones because they’re tired of these settings. I know I am.

  • V.M.L.

    Its too bad the show is cancelled now. I only watched it because Stanley Tucci was in it. He’s so amazing yet underrated.

  • kana

    i liked it, i thought the way they expressed the patients’ experiences while in surgery was fascinating. i don’t watch House, so i can’t compare, but i’ve always loved Stanley Tucci and will eagerly await his next endeavor.
    Oh, and ‘Jonathan’? The human HEAD weighs 8lbs, not the brain. There’s a difference that i’m sure the skull would be happy to point out.

  • Ceballos

    As people on here have stated Stanley Tucci is amazingly talented. LOVED him in the first (and only good) season of Murder One, and he’s had solid supporting role after solid supporting role in TV and movies ever since.
    I’m kinda glad 3lbs got canceled. Tucci’s MUCH better than some half-assed “House” rip-off.

  • marykate

    No, Lipnicki, the human head weighs 8 pounds.
    Not the brain.

  • Kay


  • Diana

    A bad House rip off mated with ER with out the talent, writing and actually interesting characters.
    I made it through the first scene where Stanley Tucci was forced to be some sort of bald, short Hugh Laurie without the script tried to pull off a House-ish explination of some brain issue. It was so badly done with his supporting actor trying to be good cop, I forgot what the issue was and why I should care.

  • Marnie

    When they referred to Stanley Tucci as “Dr. Handsome” in the first episode, I knew it was done for me! (Not bec Tucci isn’t handsome, but because at least “Grey’s Anatomy” came up with interesting nicknames)

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