A staggering performance: Danny DeVito on 'The View'

145952__devito_lA little math equation for you Popwatchers: 7 limoncellos + 60 inches of actor = 5 minutes and 51 seconds of must-see-TV on The View (and one prolonged shudder from Elisabeth Hasselbeck). Danny DeVito appeared on the hen-party chatfest yesterday, seemingly loaded ("I knew it was the last seven limoncellos that was going to get me," he chortled) after a night out on the town with pal George Clooney, and proceeded to hoot, giggle and flail his way through a fascinatingly uncomfortable segment meant to promote his new movie, Deck the Halls.

Most shocking moment? I’m torn between the rubber-faced mocking of President Bush — he actually called him "numbnuts" — or his fond reminiscences of christening all corners of the Lincoln Bedroom with his and wife Rhea Perlman’s love juices. Then again, his nestling into Rosie’s lap near the end sort of put the cherry on the whole freakshow sundae.

Personally, I think it was a nice break from the usual stultifyingback-and-forth that is these shows’ bread and butter, and it’s unlikelyit will harm DeVito’s career much (Curses! Another leading-man rolelost to that pygmy hosebeast Hugh Jackman!), unlike Michael Richards’recent tirade.

Still, The View is daytime, Danny — next time, maybe, save the lewdness (and the limoncello) for Conan. What do you guys think?

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  • Daniel

    So what if he called the president “numbnuts”. He’s just telling it like it is. I can’t believe they bleeped that!

  • Denise

    Haha, I saw this show. He didn’t really seem drunk to me. He just seemed hilarious. I was laughing my head off during the Bush imitation.

  • dan cullinane

    okay, so bush sucks and is a numbnuts and everyone knows that, but devito, seriously, he couldn’t have been less funny or more gross if he started finger painting with his own feces, but then it is the view, so no one who matters was watching, and he probably knew that…the reactions were kind of hilarious, all these nattering eggheads trying to figure out what to do…except for rosie who was kissing his ass and egging him on like she didn’t realize how idiotic the whole thing was…then again, she’s usually as ridiculous,so maybe she didn’t

  • nathan

    AWESOME! Danny’s officially kinda cool again. Just to know he’s partying with Clooney is good enough, but calling the douchebag president “numbnuts” on national TV – sweet.

  • Karaoke God

    Really people……….this is the most non news ever. He was funny, didn’t embarass himself or anyone else.

  • Oscar, BuddyTV

    That’s pretty friggin embarrassing.

  • Honeybee

    Danny’s a family man that probably gets to go party only when he’s out promoting a film. And partying with Clooney? Very cool. I actually loved that he seemed drunkenly obsessed with his wife of many years. Kind of adorable. He didn’t make any racial slurs, he didn’t yell. He’s a cuddly drunk. And I’ll bet he’s not an alcoholic, either. He just partied too hard the night before his View appearence. There are worse crimes than that.

  • Ceballos

    I probably could’ve gone the rest of my life without having to read/hear about Danny DeVito’s and Rhea Pearlman’s “love juices”. Triple ick.

  • Erica

    I am a born again Christian. Someone who Danny probably despises or thinks I am uptight or whatever. But he’d be surprised to see me defend his point of view. Not necessarily everything, but his right to say it. Going anywhere drunk like that is a definite no-no. He’s an actor promoting a film. It’s like going to work drunk, don’t do it. As far as his opinions, what’s the big deal. He doesn’t like the President. Who does? I never knew numbnuts was a curse word. And they show more sex on tv then anything he was describing about Rhea. I am a proud American, but this country is full of hypocrites! And the View is such garbage. You go on their to promote a film, album, it’s just boring and scripted. That’s what that show needs, some spontaneity. Who cares if it’s daytime, it’s still boring! Barbara should be happy. Between this and the Rosie-Kelly Ripa thing, she’s got herself an interesting show.

  • Douglas

    This is the most entertaining Danny DeVito has been in DECADES! This is the first time ever that I wished I seen The View, a show you could not pay me to watch. Well, you COULD pay me to watch it, but it would have to be a LOT!.

  • Tike

    I Loved Loved Danny’s appearance on The View! It was great because he was Real and having seen his movies Deck the Halls the night before just put icing on the cake for me. Good for You Danny DiVito, this could be one of the greatest things you have done and as a result will certainly boosted your career!

  • wow

    Danny was drunk…. i think most of us at one time or another can make the same claim. He was funny, and right on the head about numnuts. I think we should leave him alone

  • Jakeem

    Is Hollywood going mad? First, we get the tirades from Mel Gibson and Michael Richards. Then the invasion of the pantyless Britpack. And now Danny De Vito embarrasses himself on national television!
    Is it everyone’s goal to be featured on “Best Week Ever” or “The Soup”?

  • Green Gummi Bear

    What I can’t believe is EW prints “numbnuts”, and people here post it and “douchebag”, but this stupid filter won’t let people post the name P-e-t-e-r or the word a-s-s-u-m-e

  • Marc

    Oh I`m sure I came in to work a bit tipsy a few times after long nights of partying. I remember my boss passing out on our couch in the staff room the day after we celebrated her engagement. It happens to the best of us. Danny was funny and I fully enjoyed it. Ease up america.

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