Here's everything we still don't know about 'Lost'

Since I’m sure many of you are still going through Lost withdrawal (not me; I’ve been enjoying my sanity, thanks), my friend Michael referred me to this great list of the Top 50 Lost Loose Ends.

Some of the stuff has been addressed, especially if you are an obsessive reader of Doc Jensen’s columns here on, but to sit down and read all the questions consecutively is to understand exactly what we’ve gotten ourselves into. (Or, perhaps more accurately, what Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, and J.J. Abrams have gotten themselves into. Where is your Stephen King now, gentlemen?)

My personal faves:

#20 – WTF is up with Claire’s antichrist baby?
#6 – WTF is up with the goddamn polar bear?
#2- WTF is up with the goddamn smoke monster?

Actually, come to think of it, most of the 50 loose ends could be summarized using that exact same question structure.

Anyway, read through ‘em, lemme know if anything has been resolved(without the knowledge of us casual fans who are really just watchingbecause Naveen Andrews is hottt), or if the listmakers left anythingout.


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  • EP Sato

    I thought the Polar Bear question was answered. There were a pair of polar bears brought to the island as part of the Dharma initiative. It would seem they were housed in the bear cage that now houses Sawyer. Of course, this brings me to question whether or not “the Others” are really on a separate island.
    While I love this show, the real question should be how many of us plan to return to the Island in January. Personally, I’m going to let tivo record the rest of the season and just avoid any popwatch spoilers until having a major sit down and watch party the day after the season finale. Each week seems to bring more frustration than answers, and while the point of the others isn’t necessarily to like them, this season has made me really really hate “the others” and their lame plotlines. Just tell us who they are already!

  • Russell

    They are in LIMBO. Purgatory…whatever you want to call it.

  • Tim

    Glad I gave up on Lost back in the spring.

  • Mike

    Russell, you’re retarded.

  • wildecat

    FYI Mike – those of us who have children or other loved ones with developmental disabilities find the “R” word extremely offensive when used as an insult, so please cool it.

  • sarahhhh

    Remember the part in the Season 2 finale when they showed those scenes in the snow/arctic and talked about Penny or something? Whatever happened to that? What was it even about? I can’t remember.

  • G

    I find it interesting that no one has made the connection between Alias and Lost. Not some meta-same universe Dharma/Section 6 connection, but the connection that Alias was Abrahms other high concept show. With lots of questions. Lots of unanswered questions.Lots of unanswered questions that made the show, which had such an amazing first two seasons, into downright crap by the third and certainly by the final season. I would have hoped JJ would have learned his ways but the poor kid just likes to make plot twists with no answers. (See also Mission Impossible III… they BLATANTLY don’t answer the main plot question… what is the device the bad guys want?)

  • Brian Hodges

    One thing they don’t address is who the “him” of “are you him?” is. When Locke first goes down into the hatch, Desmond asks, “Are you him?” and then recites the beginning of some riddle and is obviously disappointed when Locke doesn’t know the answer. When Desmond first comes to the island, Kelvin asks him the same questions. Who the hell are these guys waiting for?

  • GT

    The mystery I want to know about is why didn’t Ben/Henry just go and ask Jack to perform his surgery? I mean Jack seems like the kind of guy who would do it, and it seems like it would be a lot simpler then the whole elaborate kidnapping scheme.

  • Dan

    After reading the Stephen King piece I feel even more inclined to stop watching. I was hooked initially but as it becomes more culty and sci-fi I find myself losing interest. The most distressing thing about the King article is that it leaves the impression that there is no exit strategy; the show was never conceived with an exit strategy, and; ABC is only interested in milking this for all it’s worth.
    Bottom line, expect viewers to get jerked around long past the point where it jumps the shark and some lame-ass resolution when the ratings plummet and irrelevance sets in. Way to go JJ, you’re really breaking the mould there.

  • Michael

    Dear Mr. Abrams,
    I am a fan of Lost, but I am fed up with all your plot twists. No matter how many times I watch and rewatch each episode, download it from, go to the Lost website and all the other affiliated websites, watch all the easter egg webisodes, buy all of the available Lost products searching for clues, dig around on Lostpedia, and post angry comments on every TV blog I can find, I still just cannot understand everything right away!
    My question is – why are you doing this to us?
    An Avid Lost Viewer
    p.s. – I’ll never stop watching!
    p.p.s. – I hate you!

  • Liza

    I am with you Michael.
    I love the show, but sometimes feel frustrated that we get no answers at all. Some of my friends have given up, but not me, I still have hope that one day everything will be answered. My question about the polar bears is why haven’t they died from the heat. Don’t they need cold to survive?

  • QueenElessar

    To GT-
    As I understood it…the “him” that both Desmond and Kelvin were waiting for…was their replacement to guard the hatch and push the button. Whoever was put their initially (maybe Kelvin) was supposed to wait for their replacement…and the poem was like the code word to prove who they were. Kelvin thought Desmond was it…and he wasn’t…but he ended up becoming the guardian of the hatch anyway…still waiting for the replacement. When Locke showed up, he thought he might be the guy.
    There probably never was a replacement if it all was some sort of sick social experiment.
    But I’m fairly sure that that’s what the poem and the “are you him?” was about.

  • staubin

    Lost continues to be one of the most inventive, fearless, and intriguing shows on network tv. So what if it takes a little bit of investment when the payoff can be really big. There is no other television experience like it. We live in a world where three of the top five watched television shows start with CSI. A world where instead of going for the rainbow sprinkles, we consistently settle for vanilla since it sells the best. For those of you who are giving up on Lost because it’s too much effort, or too obtuse to understand, all you are doing is contributing to the death of the only major network prime time show that never ceases to amaze me.

  • Dan

    So Staubin are you suggesting blind allegiance?
    I have no interest in CSI either, but for me Lost will only continue to “amaze” if it finds a creative and hopefully plausible conclusion… and before everyone jumps all over me I’m not saying next episode.
    At this point, I need a sign from JJ that he actually cares about ending this show with dignity… whenever that may be.

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