In defense of Rachael Ray

94648__rachel_l_1Rachael Ray is a loud, perky woman. Occasionally, she’s downright grating. Like when she flogs the themes of each episode of 30 Minute Meals — "THIS IS A MEAL FOR YOUR IN-LAWS!" — as if Beef Tenderloin Bites on a Bed of Arugula could, under no circumstances, be served to, say, cousins or coworkers or college pals visiting from out of town. I’ll also admit I get chills (and not the good kind) every time she follows the abbreviation EVOO by declaring it stands for "Extra Virgin Olive Oil." (Then why use the abbreviation at all, Rachael? Why?!)

But all that aside, you know what: I kinda like Rachael Ray, in all her dorky, overexpressive glory. And when I read profiles or articles about her (like this one) that mention the Rachael Ray Sucks Community at LiveJournal, I always feel the need to speak out on her behalf. There’s something oddly appealing about watching Rachael sit alone in a diner and say things like, "tasty omelet!" on $40 a Day. And you try making her Not-sagna Pasta Toss in 30 minutes, then tell me the woman isn’t a little bit genius. Come to the dark side PopWatchers, and admit it. You secretly dig Rachael (just a little), too, don’t you?

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  • Lora

    I will proudly admit I love $40-a-Day and I’ve been inspired to make many a 30 min. creation. I like Rachael…I think we’d be friends. I mean maybe, like my super loud co-worker, she just has a hearing problem?

  • dre


  • jason


  • toonces

    Holy EYEBROW LIFT batman!
    The anti- RACHAAAEEEEL site is hysterical. Everyone should check it out!
    She is more annoying than anyone I can think of.

  • Ben

    I love her on 30 Minute Meals and $40 a Day. Leave her alone!

  • Pitchmeister

    I had no clue who she was or what she did when her TV show premiered – so I was off from work and flipped her on. After that show I decided I could not watch her again and her voice was grating and annoying. Then recently I was home ill and gave it a second shot and it wasn;t all that bad (ended up watching the 30 minute meals later on that day). Then over Thanksgiving while flipping thru the channels ended up watching her do her 60 minute thanksgiving meal. No idea what it is with her, but once you get past the grating, annoying voice – the meals she creates aint half bad. So just like you MS, I am beginning to dig her as well

  • J

    I think being jaded and ironic is in again. Really, wouldn’t we all prefer a bored, smug chef instead? Not me. I like Ray. She seems to be having fun and she is a little dorky. Love on, Slezak!

  • Anna

    I too like Rachael. I’m still not sure why she was given a talk show but she’s a terrific cook. I’ve loved every recipe of hers that I’ve tried.
    I’m okay with “EVOO” but “Yum-O” drives me up the wall. If she’d stop saying that I’d love her.

  • brandonk

    I don’t really care for her, my partner can’t stand her, one of my coworkers actively hates her, and another of my coworkers watches her talk show all the time. So one out of four isn’t bad, right?

  • RedRidingHood

    Rachel annoyed me at first, but I watched 30 min. meals because I liked the set. After a while, she grew on me, and I can honestly say she’s inspired me in the kitchen. I wish she had more advice on cooking and storing for only one, but I like her travel shows too. I’m not sold on the talk show thing. I think that’s a bit out of her range, but as a television personality, I pretty much dig her. She can get annoying, but nobody’s perfect. And she is a smart and savvy chef/cook. I’ve known far more grinding personalities in person, so I don’t complain too much.

  • kate

    I am a convert. I’ve always been a Giada girl, but more and more I love that Rachael is not afraid of her inner dorkiness. Sometimes she goes to restaurants on $40 a day that no decent foodie would ever go to, but you have to do that when you’re on a budget! No other Food Network chef is that much of a realist. And come on, you got to love the garbage bowl on 30 Minute Meals. She’s cut down my cleaning time by 10 minutes.

  • oj

    I LOVE rachael ray!!!! her recipes are amazing. i stick up for her!! love ur show!!!!!

  • RA

    I have a like/dislike relationship with Rachael Ray. Dislike how loud and dorky she can be (my pet peeve with her is how often she uses the word “heat” when describing spice in her food), but on the other hand I think she’s wholesome and totally harmless. She could afford to take it down a notch, but how could anyone actively hate someone who is so obviously a nice person. And a good cook.

  • lilly

    I really used to like her when her show first came on food network. But now its like she is EVERYWHERE..on my crackers on every station, in the stores on the TV. Uggh totally overexposed. I also liked her more when she had a little meat on her bones, she is too thin in some of the newer episodes.

  • cami


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