'The Bachelor: Rome': The women disappoint

145059__erica_l_1Last night, we reached that shameful point in every season of The Bachelor when I send my inner feminist out to Pizzeria Uno, so I can enjoy the hideous spectacle of the "Women Tell All" episode without getting the urge to slap the bejesus out of myself. Sadly, though, the expectedly shrill sound of vitriol oozing forth from skinny, rejected singletons was downright muted, and even the few callouts of "bitch" and "prostitute" seemed halfhearted. You know it’s a weak episode when the highlight involves previously aired footage of a drunken Kim collapsing into the producers’ lighting equipment. ("Hey, at least I made history, right?" she shrugged. Um, sure.) That said, last night did raise a few burning questions.

1) Were the producers employing a laugh track, or was the studio audience totally wasted? I ask because surely, those outbursts from mumble-mouthed Erica (pictured) — like her feeble "I’m giving myself a rose because I deserve one!" — couldn’t have resulted in all the delighted howling that followed, could it? I mean, it’d be so much easier to love loathing Erica, to revel in her steady stream of put-downs — "Agnese looks more like a nanny or a maid than a princess" — if she weren’t such an appallingly bad actress. Everything she says and does seems designed to score screen time, nothing more, and it’s not remotely entertaining, no matter how many times host Chris Harrison insists it is.

addCredit(“The Bachelor Rome: Craig Sjodin”)

2) Is it just me, or can you picture Lisa saying, "Omigod, shoes!"?Not that that has anything to do with anything — I just can’t shakethe idea, and I had to share. I thought the other bachelorettes wentpretty easy on Lisa, but then again, are you really gonna kick a chickwho’s defending her sanity while watching footage of herself trying ona wedding gown for a guy on their third date?

3) Anyone else want to lobby for Agnese as the next Bachelorette?She’s barely fluent in English, and yet her one-liners were thefunniest of the night, particularly when describing her three-persondate with Erica and Lorenzo. "If Lorenzoliked Erica, please don’t like me!" she exclaimed, and later, pumpingher fist with delight, she described the evening’s outcome, "I comeback home with rose, and without Erica! Yessss!" Who knows? Maybe thisTV dating thing will turn out well for her after all.

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  • Todd

    Any excuse to link to Kelly, right? “Shoes” is good, but “Text Message Breakup” is better.

  • mg

    I feel the same pain. There’s always a point in these shows where the excitement/entertainment wears off and the slow march to the inevitable, pointless conclusion takes over. That point was reached when Borg-easy let Agnese go because he was too lazy to learn Italian. For her sake, I hope she turns them down for The Bachelorette. Nothing erodes your dignity faster than being on this show.

  • Ms Daisy

    Poor Erica…must have been quite a shock for her to get dropped by the prince. I’m sure she’s never been told “no” in her young and pathetically useless life. I love Agnese’s comeback about Erica. It’s the kind of thing I’d love from one of the girls to tell the Bachelor when he keeps someone like Erica around (or even worse…Trish. Good grief Jesse, what were you thinking there?): “Excuse me, Mr Prince, but if you are attracted to THAT, then I think I’m NOT the girl for you.”

  • Michael

    Slezak – for once you are wrong. Erika is entirely amusing because she is so clueless and out of touch with reality. She lives in a world that is real to her – daddy’s liitle princess, first class cabin, “the help”, but she doesn’t realize how ugly that makes her to those of us who don’t live like the nouveau riche. That is funny. Her bad extensions, cheap tiara, tacky sequined clothes, bad makeup, and dark roots reveal her new money background and her lack of class as much ads her actions while she protests that she is the girl that is of the caliber to marry a prince. HILARIOUS!

  • Yurgisova

    Erica was the complete antithesis of the other girls. She’s very smart and very ridiculous. She knows it’s a game and she’s playing right along.
    Erica should definitely be the next Bachelorette. Just imagine her working over all of those potential suitors.
    Just don’t forget the tiara!

  • toonces

    i loved Erica. But I truly think that if Sadie loses (god NO! – how could all the girls not like her???) then she should be the next bachelorette.
    OR Erica… She is so funny. I loved her calling out the huge-boned Texan chick who would be better off with a ‘football player or a country singer’ .HA!!!
    And everyone forgot to point out her fantastic looking but so-done-by-her-father- fake boobs!
    Go Erika! Hope you land a new gig! You are refreshingly honest and obnoxious! Enough with the boring generic “i’m so sweet!!!” (better-bleached)blondes!

  • Kayla

    Love Agnese and Erika for different reasons. Agnese was the only sincere contestant of the lot; she is refreshingly candid and does not appear to have a mean bone in her body. Erika on the other hand, is gratuitiously insulting and obnoxious, convinced that she is better than anyone else, and fully under the impression that the world evolves around her and that is funny because she seems oblivious to the fact that nobody buys her act, and that she is a joke with big breasts. Oh, and Erika, dear, a tiara does not a princess make….. If you are soooo popular amongst your people, what are you doing in The Bachelor? Enquiring minds want to know.

  • Shoes

    Erica is an idiot. Is she for real? She should be in that Shoes video. That vid is frigging hilarious.

  • Tim Gunn

    Sadie should be the next bachelorette. She is genuine and Larenzo is wrong for what he has done! Sadie you will find your proce charming!

  • colette

    So sad when he let Agnese go. How can a guy have an Italian father, live in Italy and not speak Italian? He is too serious anyway. Jenn’s laugh drives me nuts…hehehhehehehehhehe…hehehehhe….good luck to him living with that!

  • Georgia

    I was truly disappointed when Lorenzo sent Sadie home last night. With Sadie, Lorenzo would have had a life filled compassion, trust, honesty, respect, loyalty, and fun. I think Sadie should be the next Bachelorette so she can find her true “prince charming”!!
    Oh Lorenzo, good luck with Jennifer’s father!

  • Sara

    Sadie was so perfect for him. They shared the same feelings, what was he thinking? Sadie is so smart, and trustworthy. I dont see why lorenzo picked a stupid girl like Jen.If you notice from watching the show, Jen cant even look at him straight in the face every time they talk to eachother, and if they do, she just giggles away like a little kid. She’s not ready for marriage yet. I still feel she hasnt even opened up to him yet.Shes says words like and and like alot like a teenager. Now Sadie did open up, she always was thruthful from the getgo. She diserves to be the next bachelorette. These are true words I say, Lorenzo made the wrong decision! He just went for the fake blonde.

  • kim

    My vote is for Sadie as the next bachelorette — the poor girl put her heart on the line and was crushed with disappointment and confusion as to why this man would act one way towards her and now she must be questioning his actions and behavior. Her abiltiy to trust men will be destroyed unless she is given the ppower to make the decision as the new bachelorette! GO SADIE — WE LOVE YOU!

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