John Stamos helps give ‘ER’ a booster shot

155125__stamos_lIf there’s such a disease as triskaidekaphobia (the fear of the number 13), ER seems to have discovered a cure: John Stamos (pictured, right, with costar Mekhi Phifer). NBC’s decision to cast the heartthrob as cocky med stud Tony Gates has injected so much new life into the drama, now in its 13th season, that speculation is swirling about a — gulp! — 15th go-around for the series. (The current deal expires in spring 2008; a new pact would add an extra year.) While NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reilly says official talks haven’t begun, he’s reveling in ER’s ratings (at 13.9 million viewers, the show is up slightly from last year and is winning its time slot over Shark and Six Degrees). "It warms my heart that ER is once again a part of our circle of good news," says Reilly. "It doesn’t feel like a vestige of the show like it once was."

The first step in securing ER for a 15th season would be to renegotiate with the series regulars — most of whom have deals that expire in May of ’07. Stamos is game should ER go the distance. "I’ve never gotten this kind of writing," beams the Full House alum. "It’s so good!" (Don’t let the Olsen twins hear you say that!)

PopWatchers, how many of you are still checking into ER on Thursdays? Is the former Uncle Jesse the draw for you? Or is Grey’s Anatomy at 9 whetting your appetite for a second hour of hospital theatrics, led by another (Mc)Dreamy medic?

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  • Simon

    I am not checking out ER because of John Stamos. Gates and Neela – yuck.
    There are enough good tv on Thursday – Ugly Betty, CSI Shark and Grey’s Anatomy – who needs ER?

  • jj

    actually ER is one of the best and most sophisticated dramas on tv. It is the only show that dealt with the Darfur crisis by having two doctors facing life and death with doctors without borders, and having Mekhi Pfifer, an urban black doctor, go to Africa to volunteer in Darfur, made him into a real man. It has also had another black doctor in the reserves go to Iraq and correspond with his wife and friends before being tragically killed, and his wife feeling guilt as well as grief. I’ve never liked John Stamos but he has great chemistry with Nila and Mekhi Pfifer…

  • Garry

    As a longtime fan of the show, I’m enjoying ER now more than ever. The characters that drove me crazy and almost ruined it for me (especially Romano)are gone, and I actually like everyone now, each for a different reason–the addition of John Stamos was a great choice. But my absolute favorite is the underrated Maura Tierney. I find myself waiting for her scenes every week.

  • Steffany

    Way, way back when I was in middle school and George Clooney was still there, I loved ER. It only took a few episodes of Julianna Margulies’s departure for me to start forgetting that it was even on. Occassionally over the past few years I’ve found myself watching it (Like the episode with John Mahoney!), and the next thing I knew, Abby was pregnant, and (I thought) it was Kovac’s, but he seemed to be in a relationship with the blonde woman who has a kid.
    I just can’t go back to ER.

  • Gretchen Weiners

    I’ve been watching ER forever and I even broke up with it before the season started. I must say, however, that I am enjoying it now more than ever. Stamos is a great addition and I really love that the show is taking risks with the characters and allowing the viewers to see more of them – like Kerry with the TV news stuff, and Morris with the DID patient. Love it. And I can’t wait to see what happens with the stalking!!

  • Dave

    stamos has been great on er. i just wish they would get rid of morris. i can’t stand him!

  • Ora

    After ER lost most of the original cast, the show went through a revolving list of actors (so much so that they had to alternate every other episode), had fantastical stories (e.g. a tank driving through Chicago), and the cast lost much of their chemistry. I don’t give the credit to John Stamos, but he certainly doesn’t hurt the great energy that has developed this season. Visnjic and Tierney are finally in a position to lead, Phifer and Nagra are particularly strong, and Cardellini and Innes are great a support and anchor.

  • Liza

    I have watched all 13 seasons of ER. I thought it would be over for me when Clooney left, but Goran Vinjic kept me going. Man! I love him. Though I think Stamos is great, if Visnic leaves, I’m gone.

  • AS

    Ok, so bear with me, this is NOT intended to be a troll.
    I watched every single episode of ER for about 10 seasons. It killed me when Carter got all into Africa and the action really shifted from the ER. Looking back, it started going downhill when Eriq Lasalle went to Mississippi (or where ever it was) years before.
    ER is a great premise, but the plotline is driven by huge things happening, and after a while, you stop buying it. I long for realism. The ER is rarely slow, there’s always some major event like a bomb, or a virus, or – God help us – a helicopter accident (um… twice!)
    As for Grey’s, my fiance loves it so I watch it with her every week, but I have to say: it sucks. It’s so unrealistic and just painful to watch event after event of inconsistent and unlikely happenings. Interns hanging out with Attendings? Everyone sleeping with everyone? An intern controlling the surgery board? How about interns running complex surgeries like Cristina? All working the same shift all the time – and conveniently – always in the daytime? Sorry, don’t buy it.

  • Lori

    I have watched ER from the very beginning. I’ve been through it all. I even was a little leery about watching Grey’s Anatomy at first because I didn’t want to betray my beloved ER. :) But now I watch Grey’s first and faithfully turn to ER right after. I’m loving all the storylines on ER this season. I think Stamos is a great addition, but I think the cast as whole have done a great job. I love Abby and Luka with the baby and that whole dynamic, I love Pratt and his development into a more mature doctor and person. I love Neela, etc. I think they have a good ensemble cast going and if ER does come back for a 15th season, they need to sign everyone.

  • Jennifer

    I have tuned in just to see John Stamos…when I was a teenager he was IT for me. (In the Blackie days) I even waited in line for hours at the Autorama in Detroit when I was 12 just to give him a kiss. Wow — I thought I was the sh*t! I even have been known to turn on Full House just to see him. Kind of gives me that warm feeling of innocent childhood we all need to go back to one day. I really think he has made a comeback since his divorce!

  • Kimmie G

    I broke up with ER a few years ago, and, like any good girlfriend who’s been done wrong, haven’t looked back at my decision to ditch the show. Too many stunts, too many over-the-top tragedies (haven’t we seen the bus crash before?), too many episodes away from the emergency room, and too many soap opera turns for the characters (seriously, could any one more thing have happened to Carter?). My Thursday nights are now reserved for Shark.

  • Rahul

    I only stopped watching for a year or two, when the cast was going through a revolving door.

  • Faye

    I would watch John Stamos watching paint dry

  • mrcr

    I love ER. It’s one of the few shows I look forward to each week. I watch TV for drama, not realism, so it doesn’t bother me if it’s not realistic. I was 17 when this show started, so it’s kind of been a constant thing in my life and I will be sad to see it end.

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