'The O.C.': So Julie Cooper thinks she can dance?

15489__jcs_lIt’s a shame no one’s watching, because The O.C.‘s getting better and better. It might be because we’re getting fewer and fewer reminders of Marissa; aside from Summer’s 5.5 stages of grief over losing her friend, practically the only reference we had to endure was the lifeguard shack (where Marissa lived on-and-off during the first three seasons) conveniently positioned behind Sandy and Ryan’s father-son moment on the beach. I choked up while staring at the shack and all it represented (sweatshirts, crying, foreplay) before all the talk of shrimp tacos snapped me out of it.

Julie Cooper, Urban Cougar (pictured) had a hot week, thanks in part to peer pressure from recurring Power MILF Taryn and some sweet, tequila-soaked moves enabled by Artem from Season 1 of So You Think You Can Dance? Marrrrrrrrrrry Murphy’s got nothing on Melinda Clarke in a tousled ponytail. I loved when she blew her cover by applying lipstick at the Cohens’ house simply because she’d just decided to sex it up hours later. Such a Julie move. And the Cooper women’s silent "I can’t believe you" bonding session post-slutty dance club delighted me to no end, mostly because Gold Medal Ribbon was involved (it’s what Kaitlin told Marissa was her favorite Baskin Robbins flavor on the boardwalk in Season 3). You can’t really read the label, but I’m confident that’s what it was. Whoops, I guess that’s another reminder of Marissa, which is weird because it has to do with food.

Seth and Summer’s relationship struggled somewhat during his weekendvisit to Brown. The gratuitouslook-how-thin-yet-somehow-studly-(?!)-Seth-is pan as he waited for herin the airport was a lot to take, but the playing of "Hello Sunshine"(remember that, from the pair’s not-so-special first time?) quicklycancelled it out. This week’s quandary: Is Summer really a hippie? Hoopearrings say no! Disgust at InTouch says yes! No! Yes! No! Thedisappointing Season 3 of The Valley on DVD! In the end: Yes, sort of.I won’t get into how obscenely fake all that student activism seemed;at least Summer and Che have switched causes from poultry rights tosolar energy. Che also cares a lot about polar bears, which we learnedduring his nude jam in front of Seth. The best part was when Checounted out "2, 3, 4…" to ensure he was on the right beat, obliviousto how he completely wasn’t.

Back in Newport, Ryan continued to brood at yet another low-levelrestaurant job, until Taylor arrived to annoy/distract/eventually charmhim with requests for favors. A few weeks from now, that Frenchdocument claiming the two of them had sex 30 times could be legit!Meanwhile, Sandy found a boy toy with whom he can play golf, drinkbeer, and show off "one of my kids" (awww), and then headed home for asexy round of Strip Scrabble with Kirsten in which the naughtiest wordswere "quixotic" and "rear." Fine, also "hoe."

What did you think? And why can’t Ryan do that to my nose?


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  • Alex Smith

    I LOVED this episode! It’s getting better and better. I wish people were watching!

  • tiff

    Why do I find Ryan attractive? Those RayBans? That Kiss? Get’s me all swoony. I’m scared.
    Glad the OC back… mostly because I’m glad you’re recaping it Annie!

  • Aron

    I just hope this show doesnt eat it soon. I love it but that 30 Rock show is on during the same time I think so I miss it. I hope it sticks around. Plus the ladies on the show are quite enjoyable. More so now that Marissa is gone.

  • Heather

    How has Ryan turned suddenly hot? One, he finally emotes and has conversations with people past grunting (which is thanks to tossing out the trash with Mischa). Two, look at those killer guns he is packing- I know I bought tickets to that gun show! Three, the dude knows how to deliver a killer kiss on the fly. And four, no matter how bad he gets his a$$ kicked or kicks some a$$, he always heals perfectly.

  • Ruby

    Wow, so sad that people aren’t watching as well. Because last night was so great. Was straight out of what made the OC good in the first place…the right amount of wit, solid interactions with all of the main characters (Kristen and Sandy are cute again), decent storylines. And the Ryan/Taylor budding relationship is actually really perfect. When I first heard they were going to be paired up before the season started, I wasn’t on board. Then again, I also thought there was no hope for this show. But needless to say, I have cashed in my ticket and am on board for the OC Express.

  • anne

    Wow, the O.C. is good again. Please get people to watch or maybe we should get Fox to try another timeslot. Thursday at 9 sucks! Maybe they should try Wed. again. I loved the Taylor/Ryan exchange. Which was funny and sweet at the same time. I loved seeing Taylor so vulnerable and Ryan doing his typical sexy white knight routine with someone other than icky Marissa. Its great to see Julie Cooper up to her old tricks. When Taryn kept going on and on about younger men Julie just nodded cuz dude she already knows! Summer’s scenes were vintage but I still wish that she would go back to being jr. mean girl Summer.

  • Kristin

    I absolutely LOVED this epsiode. It was perfect – everything a good OC episode should be. Lots of humor and drama – and I thought the whole Ryan and Taylor thing was adorable… I was a little skeptical, but they really pulled it off well. It frustrates me so much that people aren’t watching this season; shows like the ones they’ve had lately deserve to be seen! Please Fox, move it to Wednesday!!

  • Raegan

    This season is getting so good. I love RAYLOR!
    We need people to watch!!! Fox needs to switch it to Wednesday, stat!

  • harry

    The best episode since the Spiderman kiss? Since the Season 2 finale? It’s been a while since we had an episode this charming, warm, witty, romantic… and I loved the first three eps. But with Marissa-bot behind us and Raylor the future, I think things are looking mighty bright for the OC – creatively. Ratings wise – FOX has killed this show. It’s pretty much the most terrible treatment of a show since… Scrubs. Which will also be on Thursdays at 9. So I guess Grey’s (which is getting boring) gets taped on Friday nights. And Thursdays are OC/SCrubs.
    How bad is FOX? Did you see the promos for next week? It’s like a ten year old made them. But no matter: THE OC Is incredible this year. One of the top 3 most quality shows out there. Everyone should watch in 2 weeks!!!!!

  • JenJen

    Okay, last night was the first time I ever watched this show. It wasn’t so bad. I really like Ryan, but I think that Taylor girl is ridiculously annoying. He seems really grounded, and she seems flaky. He could do better.

  • Danielle

    Haven’t watched the show in 2 years…and this was the first time i’d seen it this year and i’m hooked again. I hope taylor and ryan get together. It’d be and interesting plot twist. hmmmm, those two in bed…very interesting.

  • Karoline

    This season is SO much better than the last two. The witty dialogue is back, Ryan is hot again, and the stories are better. I can’t remember the exact words, but Julie’s quip about men, chardonnay, and hanging from a chandelier was hilarious. I hope Fox moves this show to a better time slot.

  • Carrie

    Note to Fox: My favorite show is Grey’s Anatomy as is many people so when it on I am not even thinking about the OC even though I have always watched it. If they want this show to survive then switch it to another date and time. Any other night than Thursdays and I will be watching again and I am sure others will too and the rating will go up!

  • Jake

    Everyone who thinks the OC is good again, needs to tell a friend to watch it as well — let’s start talkiing about it and get the ratings up — which by the way, has been, albeit very slowly, increasing.
    I love the new love interest for Ryan.

  • katie

    There is life AFTER Marissa and those that have refused to watch because they are angry over her death — need to remember that there are still 6 other great characters who are still fun to watch. Don’t punish this great show because of the stupid mistake it made by getting rid of Marissa — because you are missing a great show which has returned to form.

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