VHS Pronounced Dead

Variety, in a very funny obit (with the very Onion headline "VHS, 30, dies of loneliness"), reports that videotapes are now officially fossils. Retailers have said they no longer have the shelf space to stock ‘em, so the studios will no longer produce ‘em. This raises several questions:

  • When will they stop making VCRs? If you, like me, never really use yours, you haven’t bothered to replace it since it ruined your American Anthem tape. Do you run out now and buy a new one just so you’ll have it? Or is it time to finally throw the thing out and sell the tapes it hasn’t destroyed? (Keep in mind that your mom paid $80 for that copy of Dirty Dancing).
  • Exactly which ’80s and ’90 movies are you willing to replace on DVD? The decision will be extremely difficult if they keep releasing classics, like Weekend at Bernie’s, with no extras. (I refuse to believe Jonathan Silverman didn’t have time to talk. He chatted with me).
  • When is American Anthem going to be on DVD? You know you want it.


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  • brandonk

    I use my VCR almost every day to record TV shows, seeing as how it’s much cheaper than a DVR or Tivo or whatever. I rarely if ever watch regular VHS tapes anymore, though.

  • Vicky

    I also use my VCR to record my favie shows. I don’t know what I’d do without it. It’s no fancy dvr box, but it gets the job done. I do still have movies on VHS, but it’s always the hard decision between buying new movies on DVD or replacing my old VHS movies. I usually opt to buy new movies because I don’t own them yet. I don’t think I’ll replace the VHS ones until I have no other options. Buying movies can get pretty pricey. Plus I buy TV series on DVD and those add up too.

  • Ep Sato

    I just want Tao of Steve to come out on DVD.
    And since the James Bond top 20 didn’t have a talkback, here’s mine:
    Did Blofeld right that frikken’ list? Ian Fleming would be spinning in his grave if he saw that You Only Live Twice and Diamonds Are Forever were listed among the “better” Bond movies. The list is wayyy off. Bond stinkers like “You Only Live Twice”, ‘On her Majesty’s Secret Service”, “Live and Let Die”, and friggin’ GOLDENEYE should have been near the bottom of the list, not the top.
    The Living Daylights was AWESOME and deserves a top 10 spot. Nevermind that it’s the only Bond movie to deal with Afghanistan. Tomorrow Never Dies was the only good Brosnan flick (wayyy better than Goldeneye), and For Your Eyes only was by far the best of the Roger Moore movies. Also, From Russia With Love deserves a higher ranking.
    The only things I agree with are that World is Not Enough was the worst and Goldfinger was by far the best. And it dealt with the North Koreans attempting to use nukes in the USA.

  • GT

    Like brandonk I also use my VCR to record TV shows every day. The satellite system available to me doesn’t have the option for a PVR and I have not bought a recordable DVD player yet so my VCR is great. With all the crap on TV it is nice to have a guarantee that I can always see the good shows.

  • Let Me See You Get Low


    We’ve all seen the signs so it shouldn’t be that much of a shock that VHS is no more. Dead. Gone. I noticed a while back that Blockbuster’s shelves were sans VHS and when the latest Harry Potter came out,

  • Phil

    I still use a VCR to record my fave TV shows. BLAH BLAH BLAH about TiVo and DVRs. Whatever shows I miss that are on the same time as I’m taping something while I’m out, I have friends that happily DVR stuff for me, and then I spend weeekend afternoons on their couch! *YES, I HAVE SOME TRULY AWESOME FRIENDS*
    But actually I just bought the only movie I have on VHS that had yet to be replaced on DVD last night. THE LITTLE MERMAID. I don’t buy many movies, but I can’t tell you how many people have borrowed this VHS from me. My sister is a community center/day care teacher & has worn the VHS out, so yeah, I had to finally upgrade to dvd. I don’t usually buy very many movies since I see most of them in the theaters, I just rent em. But yeah, the VHS THE LITTLE MERMAID tape I have is the original clamshell that caused the controversy with the fallic shaped spiral tower on it. Disney stopped using that cover. I tried telling my one friend about it last night when she was with me buying the new dvd, and she totally didn’t believe me!

  • mon

    i still use my VCR everyday to record as well since it’s cheap and efficient for what I need. my vcr is only a year old, so i think that should work fine for a while, but i guess i need to stock up on blank tapes.
    i do however, only buy dvds for the most part.

  • Sally

    I have a combo DVD player/VHS, and use the VHS to record TV shows. It’s ok if the studios want to stop making them, but as far as recording, it’s still a viable machine.

  • Kitty

    I have, count ‘em, 3 VCRs. Call me a luddite, but it’s a technology that still works and I can tape one show while watching another. I am not totally in the 80s – I also have two DVD players, but no DVR. I dread trying to upgrade to TIVO and digital cable and making sure the TV PIP still works as well as the surround system…….

  • stef

    Wow I would definitely buy American Anthem on DVD. I watch exercise machine infomercials at 2 am to get my Mitch Gaylord fix now.

  • Patti

    Don’t be haters to the TIVO! Can your VCR pause live TV shows, can it record the exact time (2 minutes over LOST episodes), can it hold 70 hours of shows in the palm of your hand (not a big huge stack of tapes or only 3 hours since you keep taping over the same tape until it falls apart). Big Fat No Sirree! Just like the heated seats in my car (can’t live without ‘em now) – I will never go back to a world where I don’t have TIVO.

  • blackpower

    What a scary thought! I adore my VCR and use it every single day! I still have a video library of 250 tapes so I guess I have to buy 2 or 3 VCRs before its too late. I rarely use my DVD. But I’m a liitle slow because I still carry a walkman on my hip each day as well!

  • Kitty

    Patti – not a TIVO hater, just afeared! =:-O

  • Tim

    I, too, use my VCR on a daily basis. Can’t live with out it.
    I’ve also been known to purchase pre-recorded movies on VHS, especially since the chance of the movie being released on DVD is nowhere on the horizon.
    And Ep, I agree: the Bond top 20 movie list was screwed up. Live and Let freakin’ die is #3?!? From Russia with Love #8? Did the EW staff smoke something funny before coming up with that list???

  • Rahul

    I use a VCR to record shows as well. No money for a DVR. I think the last cassette I bought was ‘Titanic’ in 1998 for $10.

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