Who are you and what have you done with my 'Gilmore Girls'?!

151916__gilmore_lI haven’t watched Gilmore Girls much since the ”Rory goes wild and drops out of Yale” situation (I mean, you think you know someone, fictional or real… sorry I’m still trying to deal.) There was promise for an episode or two, but this week’s ep further proves that the once wickedly clever show continues to spiral into the abyss of no return. You know, that point that so many once-good shows cross, the point where you don’t feel a part of the characters’ lives anymore because the plot has just gotten way too ludicrous and absurd for you to even care. Here are some of the burning questions in my mind after last night’s bewildering episode.

First, Christopher and Lorelai (pictured) got married! In Paris no less! I didn’t see it coming, but more importantly, what’s this about not telling Rory?! You don’t have to include it in the Wedding Announcements page of the Times, but give the poor girl a call before saying "I do." She’s your only daughter, for crying out loud! Understandably, she didn’t take the news too well. Not that it matters, since that sucker is null to the void without a marriage license, according to a Hartford County Records Office I spoke to. (It’s nothing but fully verified, hard-hitting journalism here at PopWatch.)

And who else wishes to save Lane’s tormented soul — first the loserrocker husband (who I can’t stand), and now her mother moving in?! Oy!She’s old news now because Rory appears to be BFF with these random twogirls I’ve never seen before, yet one of them goes out with Marty (he’sback out of the blue) who is pretending not to know who Rory is. Translation: just another plot twist I don’t need to try to understandin the convoluted mess that used to be one of my favorite shows.

Finally, where is Rory’s job at?! She is supposed to be getting her lifeback on track working a thankless, low-paying butgreat-for-the-experience job at a local paper, but there hasn’t been any mention ofthat gig on the show ever since! (So says EW.com’s Dawnie Walton, who’s been watching closely.)

Girls with the last name of Gilmore, I don’t even recognize youanymore. Is anyone else bugged out by these recent developments inStars Hollow?


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  • Lora

    Very. Actually, I’ve kinda been living in denial. I keep telling myself “Sure the dialouge is contrived and the plots are spinning out of control, but it’s still Rory and Loralei, right?” but after last night I think I may have to go the way of many others and dump the GGs before they can really hurt me.

  • kinglouieXVIII

    Oh, for the love of all that is holy…SHUT UP! If you don’t like the show, STOP WATCHING IT. Let others who are still enjoying it…well enjoy it.
    You obviously still like it by the way you analyzed last night’s episode. Go watch The Biggest Loser or some other far more intelligent primetime programming.

  • Patti

    Sorry King Louie, but the point is that we are lovers of Gilmore Girls and we don’t want it wrecked. I used to live for this show every week, now I TIVO and watch Wed morning, usually fast forwarding through most of it. I used to cry half the time I watched that show, I love to cry at sentimental TV moments, but seriously Lorelei is just sappy this year, Rory = boring, give me more Luke and Richard and Emily. I am not going to stop watching, I have too many years invested, but I am not enjoying it.

  • Media Maven

    I checked out when the creators found Luke a daughter he didn’t know he’d fathered. Did watch this season’s premiere and laughed out loud when Kirk crashed a car into Luke’s diner. Good stuff, that. But although I’ve always preferred the dynamic between the actors who play “Lorelai and Christoper”, it feels like the showrunners had to arbitrarily kill the romance between “Lorelai and Luke” because of Lauren Graham’s well-documented antipathy to Scott Patterson. Good shows can go bad when actors stop getting along (can’t you see the tension in every one of “Burke’s” scenes on Grey’s Anatomy now that you know about his history of violence on sets).

  • Fran

    kinglouieXVIII – Chill out. In case you didn’t realize, this is a BLOG on EW and they are allowed to speak their mind. That’s kind of the point. You’re speaking your opinion so it gives you no right to tell someone else ont to. A lot of fans can’t stand the way things are going this year and with good reason. That doesn’t mean that we hate the show anymore and can’t watch it.

  • Nick

    Yeah, I am still watching the show but last nights show was almost TOO much, when did these girls become so weak, Rory and Loralei have always been these great strong characters, now they seem weak. I kinda hope this is the last season. I miss the smart pop culture references. Last week Christopher actually said “Make It Work” I hope he was talking about the show.

  • Lexi

    I thought GG went really wrong plot-wise last season but I still loved watching the show because the dialogue and characters were so amazing. To me, the dialogue is just so wrong that’s its not even GG anymore. Despite almost seven years of watching the show every Tuesday, I decided to stop watching it last week so that I wouldn’t have this season ruining my memories of the show (I’m the same age as Rory’s character and went through a lot of the same things at the same time and it really meant a lot to me to see a smart, shy, respectful teenaged girl portrayed on television). Looking at the recaps of this episode, I’m glad I stopped when I did.
    Anyway, I’m now watching Friday Night Lights at that time on Tuesday without any lingering feelings of regret.

  • Anne

    I agree that the show went bad plotwise the minute Luke’s daughter appeared. His not telling Lorelei about April and then not letting her know his kid was completely unbelievable. It made Luke unlikable, and it was hard to root for him and Lorelei to be together. Now they’ve made Chris into a nice guy only to turn him into a jerk again when it’s time for Lorelei to get back together with Luke.

  • Kristen

    I, too, have bailed on my once-favorite show. Two weeks ago to be exact. My roommate and I discovered the show half-way through its first season when we were sophomores in college and I was a devoted fan from then on. I hated most of last season, was astonished by the once driven Rory quitting Yale, got very sick of the lack of chemistry between Lorelai and Luke as well as sick of the fact that their whole relationship involved the once witty, outspoken Lorelai not ever saying any of what she was thinking and Luke just grunting. But they were my girls, so I stuck it out. But this season, I absolutely agree with Sophia’s comments: I just don’t care. I can’t stand to watch an entire episode of this drivel and I prefer to remember the girls as they were, not as they are now.

  • Jennie

    I almost gagged (as would the old Lorelai and Rory if they were watching) at the “I love yous” and schmaltzy kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower view. It has turned into the kind of show the Girls themselves would mock. So sad.

  • Mike

    Have to agree with the “Where’s Rory’s Job At?” comment. Seriously, can anyone explain to me what happened with the Stamford Eagle-Gazette or whatever it was called? Also — yes, this season is at best pointless and at worst ruining the legacy of the series.

  • Vance

    I’m totally in denial about it (april? lalalalalala)…
    but I still enjoy it despite the fact that half the characters are acting out of sync since last year and that the dialogue this year seems forced. Still, I’ve actually always like Christopher and him and Lor always seemed to have a good connection so I actually DO buy this plotline. Still, they should have brought Marty back a LONG time ago and too bad Dave Rigowski moved to The OC. Plus, I’m not sure how long they can drag on Logan. It was good to start with but it should have ended a long time ago.

  • kayla

    Don’t worry the show cannot be called Gilmore Girls anymore. Didn’t get page 6 of the memo? The show is now called Mrs Hayden and Rory Gilmore

  • kevin

    This show jumped the shark last year when Luke started hiding his annoying and perky (and did I say annoying) nerd of a daughter from Lorelai, the woman he once told, “I’m in, I’m all in” when it came to their relationship. This season it caught the shark and gave it to Sookie, who flayed it, roasted it and served it with marmelade, because I can’t believe how this once brilliant series has tumbled. I keep hoping it’s all a dream, and Lorelai is going to wake up and either find that she’s still on her first date with Luke, or Bobby Ewing is in her shower. Either way, it’d be better than what’s happening this season.

  • kinglouieXVIII

    Patti: There are obviously some elements of the show that you still like. Otherwise you would not still be watching it. All shows have weak moments. As much as I worship BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (aka the greatest show in television history), I have to admit Season 6 was a low point. All shows go thru transitions.
    Fran: Yes, I do realize that this is a blog and that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, spending soooooo much time on something that you hate is simply stupid. I’m not saying that this Sophia chick can’t dislike the show. All I’m pointing out is that if you don’t like it, watch something else.
    That would be like me hating CSI but still catching all three versions of the show every week in hopes of NOT seeing any corpses.

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