'Lost': OK, OK... I'll Come Back For More

95748__sawyer_l(WARNING: If you haven’t watched last night’s half-season finale of Lost, then why are you reading this? there are some spoilers below.)

These days, the often-surreal mysteries of Lost are having trouble competing with the often-surreal mysteries of reality. (As I write this, Russell Crowe and Martha Stewart are stuffing a turkey. It is among the top-5 most obscene things I have ever seen.) But last night, the Cuse-Lindelof Hour of Power recaptured some of its old mojo. Take this exchange, for example:

"Baby’s definitely got some back!" Russell says, patting the bird. "Wait, that’s the other end."
"These wings are disobedient," Martha tuts. "This is a shapely bird and I think it wants to stay shapely."
Russell cracks bird bones in his meaty, merciless hands.

Sorry, sorry — so distracted. This is bizarre, what I’m watching here.

But is it half as bizarre as, say, Jack actually concocting a decent plan? As Flashback Kate in a wifey wig getting hitched to a straight-arrow police officer (Nathan "Serenity" Fillion)? As a sweaty, Spice Channel resolution to the Kate-Sawyer romantic tension (pictured)?

addCredit(“Lost: ABC”)

Last night was no grand slam, no light-in-the-hatch moment — but Lost has, for me, made parole. My colleague Michael Slezak posed the question yesterday: Will you return after the hiatus? Honestly, I don’t know what my answer would’ve been before last night’s ep. A hearty "maybe," maybe. Now I’m genuinely interested in the upshot of Jack’s canny, selfless stratagem, using the Benry kidney as a bargaining chip. It is, in theory at least, a nobody-dies solution that affirms Jack’s humanity and upholds his Hippocratic oath. Is this what the Others were waiting to see? Is this the response they were testing for?

Oh: And you know Kate’s pregnant. I mean, come on.

So was I wowed? No. I won’t be "wowed" until those new additions, Pietro and Nicorette or whatever their names are, are fed to boars. But that alone will be worth the wait. That will be a "television event."


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  • Josh

    Though Jack’s plan was interesting, the producers promised a cliffhanger on par of Jack Bauer going on a boat to China. This felt more like one of last year’s many almost-escape cliffhangers from “Prison Break.” (Also, I missed Charlie and Hurley.)
    “The Nine,” on the other hand, keeps getting better and better. It knows how to mix a large number of characters together interestingly with personal/past reveals and plot advancements. The writers are really fine-tuning their scripts and have learned what works well, and even added some real-time mystery and danger to this show about a past hostage situation.

  • Lucy

    No, I will not be back after the break. I was not wowed last night, I was bored, and I am tired of wasting time on only having more questions raised and no answers.

  • Dave

    Are you kidding me? As soon as the episode ended, my first thought was February can’t come soon enough! Between Lost and 24, how awesome will TV be next spring??

  • Dave

    Also, I agree that The Nine has been very good as well. I hope ABC keeps it on the air.

  • Todd

    So after all of Scott’s whining and complaining last week, now he’s on board again? He’ll probably be whining and complaining again after the first ep in February.

  • sara

    steamy?? are you kidding me? that was about as steamy as a pile of socks. who the heck cares about kate’s wedding? and who the heck isn’t sick of NOTHING ever happening on this show??
    bored now.

  • GOB

    I love the show, but one of the main problems is that there are too many characters. All the story lines are interesting, but there’s not enough time to get around to all of them anymore. The show should either be expanded to two hours per episode, or they should kill off a few more people, and not add any new ones for a while… why did the producers feel the need to add two new supporting characters when there’s no time to get to know them anyway?

  • CH

    I enjoyed last night’s episode, but I find the idea of this twelve trillion month hiatus annoying. Did they think a “sneak peak” of February (which was 98% a slow montage of last night’s clips with talk about the February eps) would keep me satisfied? I thought a lot of doors were opened in last night’s episode, and I hate that I have to wait so long to see what’s on the other side of them. I also agree with posters that there are too many characters. Why on earth would I form an attachment to these two new people (who were just randomly at Eko’s funeral looking sad) when I haven’t seen my favorite characters, Jin and Sun, nearly all season!? I don’t think killing off half the cast is the asnwer, but I hope they’ll bring the Others closer to the original island or let Jack, Kate, and Sawyer escape so we can see more interaction. For me, the best episodes of the show were the early ones, where the survivors are struggling to live together and survive with whatever means possible (whether killing boar or playing golf). I can’t wait till February, but I hope some changes are made when it arrives.

  • Lucas Jensen

    I’m really disappointed in all of these impatient people out there. Nothing ever happens? So, um, the hatch imploding last season, the discovery of Othersville, Sun shooting that annoying Other…these are nothing happening? That’s in the span of six episodes, not to mention Eko got killed and…bah, you people are hopeless.

  • Liza

    Of course I’ll be watching in February.
    I can’t wait!!!

  • toonces

    I liked the cliffhanger. We are all still very frustrated and I hope the writers (who apparently write for Crossing Jordan- is that true? how ridiculous) are hearing what the creators of Heroes- (friends with Damon) say, and how they try to keep storylines moving, not having people wait on it.
    They sort of fixed the no repeats situation by splitting the season making us wait forever, but how about fixing the storylines lagging and unresolved issues.
    Criminal Minds BEAT Lost a few wks back. That’s perverse!
    JJ come back and fix your damn show.

  • John

    Great, great, great episode. Just can’t get enough of Lost. I don’t mind the hiatus, let’s be real, there were never new shows after Thanksgiving until sometime in January either so the break isn’t as bad as some would believe. Besides, it’s like taking the HBO model and I can’t wait to see 16 episodes in a row. Easily one of the best shows on TV and a must see every week it’s on!

  • lauren

    I loved this ep. I like the characters much more than the plot at this point, and it was a character driven ep.
    But WHAT are they thinking!! Ratings are slipping and they are going away for THREE MONTHS! Sounds like suicide to me.

  • Funky

    I miss Eko!

  • Jon

    LAME! Worst. Cliffhanger. Ever. Well not as bad as when Data’s head got lost in the 19th century, but still. this was supposed to be the one that was going to change everything. Instead it bored everyone. these last 6 episodes show the downfall of a formerly good show by focusing on sweaty people in cages. Everyone looks bored and nothing is resolved. Just more mysteries. Well suspense is leaking out fast and a 3 month hiatus at this point could be a nail in the coffin. Heroes does it so much better.

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