'The O.C.': "Help us!" Love, the Cohens

85819__oc_lOnly 3.4 million peeps tuned into Thursday’s season premiere, so in a move that can only be labeled "Eff you," Fox has switched The O.C. from 9 p.m. Thursday to 9 p.m. Wednesday this week (yet another new episode will air Thursday night). The show probably can’t fare much better against Criminal Minds and Lost than it did against CSI and Grey’s Anatomy, but If ratings improve on Wednesday, it could stay there permanently. But come on, give it a fighting chance! The show already has a sizable fan base — why couldn’t Fox air it another night? Variety‘s Josef Adalian has some good comments about the show’s trajectory.

Look at how sad the Cohens are. Ryan’s taking the news the hardest. "Go ahead, punch me in the face. I won’t unlace my fingers," he’s thinking. Seth and Sandy’s hopeful eyes are pleading with you to watch them on Wednesdays. Kirsten’s half-smile means she’s trying to hold it together for the family but could really use some pinot grig. This does not bode well…


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  • melissa

    I was considering watching it regularly for the first time this season, as I don’t watch “Grey’s” or “CSI.” But I don’t like it enough to record it while I’m watching “Lost.” Though after that show’s “fall finale,” I might have some time free if “Daybreak” is only so-so.

  • harry

    Seriously what the hell! This is terrible news. I didnt even know the OC was on last week. I had to watch it on my computer. Maybe FOX and the UPN should’ve been merged into a new network. Save the OC!!!!! The first episode was great, btw.

  • Brad

    I welcome this change because I am so tired of “Lost” and its mystery. I have never felt more free than when I stopped watching/recording “Lost”. I would much rather watch the Cohen’s than the island castaways. The only way “Lost” gets me back is if Gilligan and the rest of the gang show up.

  • Ed

    The O.C? really? I hope it gets cancelled. it was a one season hit wonder, that’s about it.
    If they don’t cancel it because “Mushy’s” character died last season, then cancel for the actor who plays the father: those eyebrows and hair implants and washed out chemical peel freakin drive me crazy!

  • Jared

    Hey Annie, it might not be so bad! Remember that Wednesday was the timeslot of greatness back in the glory days when Ryan Atwood and Ryan Seacrest OWNED the night. Plus LOST is gone till February, and if the new slot sticks, IDOL will be back to help the boost. Fear NOT!

  • Ruby

    Okay, I am a bit confused. Are they airing Episode 2 twice, once on Wednesday and once on Thursday, or is it Episode 2 on Wednesday, Episode 3 on Thursday? Oh crap, I really hope they give this season a chance. Not only because it’s the last, but the season premiere was great…I mean, it had some chessy, dramatic moments, but even in its heyday that was always there. But it had all the other elements that made it great in the first place, that went who knows where in Season 3. Stupid FOX, why can’t they just put in on a less competitive time slot…if it was on a Tuesday or a Monday, I really think it would do well. Give the old fan base a chance to catch up, who gave up watching it in Season 2 or 3 for other shows. And ratings no longer take TIVO into account.

  • Erik

    The news is perfect since I gave up on Lost after last week’s disastrous episode. It’s heading into Alias levels of absurdity, so I’m grateful to be able to watch The OC on the night where it belongs.

  • Raegan

    There are two new episodes this week. One on Wednesday and one on Thursday.
    Come on OC fanbase. Let’s boost this show into a ratings winner once again!

  • Ed

    this question is for all the Lost fans who are leaving their show: What’s up with the never ending mysteries I keep hearing? And what’s up with the hiatus, I hear it’s not coming back until February? I hope that isn’t a successful ploy because I’d hate to have to wait until February for some of MY favorite shows.
    I’ve never watched the show before but keep hearing that the mysteries are getting old.

  • Aron

    It is so dumb to hang The O.C. by its neck on in primetime. Its on during Lost, and I dont want to miss Lost….which makes it almost impossible to understand why they put it there. The same people watch both shows afterall. Oh well, if they put it on a better night then ill watch.

  • Jennifer

    Aron, I’d argue that it’s more likely the same people that would watch The OC watch Grey’s Anatomy rather than Lost. I’m probably in The OC’s target fanbase since I’m a female college student and while almost everybody I know watches Grey’s Anatomy, only a small handful of people I know watch Lost. Of course, that’s not really an accurate sample, but Grey’s Anatomy’s plotlines of sex, romance, and drama seem more suited to a potential OC crowd anyway.
    Either way, I think it’s kind of a moot point. The fact is that The OC had a really really bad season last season. Really bad. They then topped it off by killing one of there main characters who, while I agree she was annoying and I rejoiced in her death, was still a major part of the show and I bet there were a lot of people out there waiting for her and Ryan to work it out. They managed to alienate a large portion of their fanbase last year by bad writing and killing Marissa and, IMO, the show’s done. I watched it faithfully since the beginning and didn’t even blink at missing last week’s premier. I might watch it on Wednesdays if I have nothing better to do, but it’s no longer Must See TV for me.

  • Todd

    If only 3.4 million tuned in, how does Annie claim it has a sizable fan base?

  • Julianne

    I hope they move The OC to Wednesdays so that I have something to watch during the Lost hiatus. Although it doesn’t really matter because The OC’s myspace page shows the new episodes for free. I have already watched the second episode on there. I’m guessing they are doing that for the whole season. It would be so much easier to move The OC to Tuesdays because nothing good comes on then. Plus American Idol is starting up soon, right? So it would air right after it.

  • dana

    this show was the worst piece of crappola inflicted onto the people. It lasted way too long, it should have been over after the first episode. Just shows, that most people in the U.S. have the intelligence of dust bunnies.

  • Lil

    Veronica Mars is on Tuesdays- it’s basically The O.C. (rich California kids + some not so rich California kid go through the trials and tribulations of romance, beating each other up and having a dead best-friend) only it’s better written.

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