'The Nine': It's getting better all the time

Wow, The Nine really picked up the pace last night. Nearly everyone’s story lines advanced, and we got a bunch of flashback scenes (arguably the most intriguing in the series) right away. Just a few minutes in, I couldn’t believe the opening credits were still rolling because it felt like so much had already happened. (Looking back, the credits appeared a whopping 16 minutes in. Very chic, very Lost. I like.)

Quick recap. On hostage day: Nick and Kathryn both noticed tics in Eva’s behavior that suggested she might be in on the crime. Eva and Nick spent a quality "first date" handcuffed to poles, even though Nick’s not really into bondage. In present day: Kathryn found out Eva had planned on leaving the city the day after the robbery. As a witness in The Nine’s case against Randall, Felicia admitted she visited his brother Lucas in jail because she felt they were "connected" and that he might have "saved" her from his bro. Lizzie made the most awkward pregnancy announcement in post-traumatic-group-of-strangers history. Malcolm threatened to blackmail his bank if they didn’t offer security guard Tom’s widow more settlement money for his death. Egan wore cowboy boots, hat.

I’m loving where the show’s going because everything’s up in the air. We still don’t know if Eva was involved — Franny’s explanation that she shifted her departure date around because she was hoping Nick would ask her out was sweet, but she easily could have made that up. I’m psyched that The West Wing’s Will Bailey (Joshua Malina) has been reincarnated as the prosecutor for The Nine. And I love the rare glimpse of Kathryn’s mom (Susan Sullivan) we get once per episode. "Why can’t [the robbers] make up their minds,” indeed. But for now, it’s working.

What did you think?


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  • Nikki

    Very great episode!!!! I love how Lucas stabbed Randall in the back!

  • Josh

    Great episode. As somebody who just criticized “Lost” in that thread (as opposed to bashing, and there is a difference), let me here praise “The Nine.” Eva might be dead, but because of her connections to the survivors and the mystery surrounding her involvment, I definitely enjoy learning more about her in flashbacks. Meanwhile, it would have been so predictable for Randall to just die and the show found a much more interesting route. As Malcolm, Chi McBride is quietly giving one of the best performances of this season – witness his silent shock and acceptance of Felicia’s visit to Lucas. No show is perfect, so I’ll forgo my minor quibbles to simply say that I am enchanted by this series and hope it lasts.

  • anne

    i am so loving the nine! i haven’t gotten to watch this past episode yet because of too much homework, but i can’t wait!! i was hooked after the first episode on the primise and complex characters (it helps that i am totally in love with tim daly). please get this show a tvwatch!!

  • C C

    I really like “The Nine”. Unfortunately, I think the media hype comparing “The Nine” to “Lost” may have given it a handicap coming out of the gates. It’s not “Lost”. If anything, “The Nine” reminds me more of the British Dramas I watch on BBC America. Brit shows are slower, more nuanced, and delve more deeply into human character than their American counterparts. “The Nine” lacks the thrills of “Lost” or “24”, but has it’s own quieter rewards for the viewers who have stuck with it. I fear it may already be too late to save this fine series.

  • Kurt

    Great episode, great show, and Eva was totally in on it.
    I’d put this up as a tie with “Friday Night Lights” as best new show of the season.

  • Graeme

    “(Looking back, the credits appeared a whopping 16 minutes in. Very chic, very Lost. I like.)”
    Apparently you never watched “Alias” which packed way more into the opener and put the credits way later than “Lost” every has. Actually watching “Lost” in season 3 now, it’s official how much “Alias” ever was than “Lost”.

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  • Alexei

    I love this show so much!! I agree that it really picked up last night. It’s so good, I hope that it finds some viewership so that I can keep watching it for a couple more years.

  • Garry

    I get more and more into this show with every episode. I’m not always big on “character studies”, but I really like these characters, and want to know more about them.
    The special bond between them is unique for TV (considering the circumstances under which they met), and watching them interact is like being allowed into a small, private group. The cast, of course, is fantastic. I hope the show survives!

  • Dave

    This show is sooo good, I hope it stays on the air! And, yes, that cogent analysis consists of my brilliant assessment of the show!

  • Scott P

    Wow, I guess I’m the only one that is getting more and more bored by this show every week. I started watching it from the beginning thinking that maybe they’d show one hour of the hold up every week, and since it was 52 hours, that would give them at least 2 seasons to work with. WE’RE STILL IN THE FIRST HOUR OF THE HOLD UP after about 5 weeks!!! Come on!!
    The whole Eva storyline could have been interesting, but they finished it in one episode! Why do they move so quickly on that, but are dragging out the day in the bank?!? I’ll give this another week or two, things better start picking up.

  • t3hdow

    I haven’t watched this recent episode yet (had to record it because of homework overload this week), but from the sound of it, The Nine made a dramatic improvement over last week’s tepid episode. Considering how disappointed I sounded in last week’s popwatch on this show, I’m glad to hear that. Maybe there’s hope for this show yet.

  • Regi

    “The Nine” is hands down my favorite show this season, that’s even taking into account “The Wire” and “Dexter”. I love the slow character development, Jeremy is getting more interesting each ep. The dynamics between the brothers is so filled with “baggage” that I want this show to stay just so I can find out how they got to where they are today. LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

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