Trailer Blazer: 'Hills,' 'Hostel,' 'Hamiltons'

OK, Halloween was yesterday, but the horror films are still coming…

- Hostel: Part II (Jan. 5, 2007) Look, I know a lot of folks liked the first one (EW’s own Owen Gleiberman gave it a B), but if the hotness of Jay Hernandez couldn’t make the concept of people getting chained up and tortured (I’m guessing that’s what happened?) seem appealing, I doubt Bijou Phillips and Heather Matarazzo are gonna lure me in this time around.

- The Hills Have Eyes II (March 2, 2007) Replace friendly looking family with military trainees, add more blood, and you’ve got yourself the second part in a critically acclaimed film trilogy a near-certain No. 1 opening weekend. (Thanks to JoBlo for the heads up.)

- The Hamiltons (TBD, 2006) Don’t ask me to explain why I won’t be going to see Hostel or Hills, but somehow find myself morbidly drawn to indie horror flick The Hamiltons. That’s really a better question for my therapist. Ellie, you want to take that on? No? You’re not on the clock right now? Oh. OK.

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  • Fran

    I hated both Hostel and The Hills Have Eyes so I won’t be seeing the next ones.
    The Hamiltons actually looks kinda interesting. I might chekc that out.

  • Paul U.

    I am sick sick sick of “torture porn” like Hostel and Hills passing as horror films. I am a huge horror fan, but both of the original films made me sick. Whatever happened to organic scares, a good shost story…not someone being bound and slowly cut up by a gang of hillbillies? Horror fans nowdays get two choices- these psuedo-snuff films and stupid PG-13 teen “horror” pics where the ghost is a black CGI cloud that looks like something my cat coughed up. It has to end! Maybe a new brand of mavericks needs to come up ala John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper et all, like in the 70’s!

  • Paul U.

    whoops, I meant to say ghosts….

  • Ep Sato

    When will scary movies make a return? I totally agree with Paul U. that these soft core snuff films are a different genre than “horror”.
    As the Super Happy Tree Friends have proven, it’s not scary to torture cutesy things, it’s just kind of gross (but if done with cartoons, it is kind of funny in an “i’ll hate myself in the morning for feeling this way” kind of a way).
    Slezak touches on a good point with the Hamiltons. Many of the horror films to make it big started off as teeny indy flicks that could. Night of the Living Dead is a great example, as is, ironically, the first Saw movie. So maybe there is something to be said for giving a shot to these first timers…

  • Stephanie Travitsky

    When I saw Hostel I thought that Roth was making some sort of statement about Eastern Europes Economy. The purpose of the movie was that men paid a hefty price to kill because they “got off on it” as some serial killers did (Jeffrey Dahmer). At the end it got a bit darkly comical. Now I am not sure how a sequel can fit. So he changed the sex of the characters? The plot is still the same. It’s cheaper to buy a cola.

  • Stephanie Travitsky

    BTW: The BEST backpack buddies horror/comedy flick was An American Werewolf in London.

  • David Brown

    Paul U – what horror movies have you been watching? Last House on the Left (home dentistry FTW), Friday the 13th I & II , Halloween II, The Prowler (brains scrambled with a knife), Texas Chainsaw Massacre , Zombie (splinter to he eye)? All of those contained “torture porn” moments. But when its done with better effects today, now they’re going to far?

  • Paul U.

    I don’t know, exactly…the feeling is just different. Like the crazed hillbilly/atomic fallout victims in the new Hills Have Eyes eating the corpse of the mother where the kids put her in the truck…the tone is just a lot uglier than it used to be. Maybe it is just the times we live in…

  • Ep Sato

    David Brown and Stephanie T, you’ve both make fantastic points. Even the old Nightmare on Elm Streets and the Jason slasher flicks featured people meeting their doom in fairly unpleasant ways. so it’s not as if old horror flicks had people dying peacefully in their sleep.
    But, I dunno, somehow these new movies don’t even seem to want to tell a story, as if they prefer to just get right to the killing. The 80’s had plenty of great straight to video fare that featured such plots (Chopping Mall, a personal fave), but they were almost a different type of horror film, like the gory flicks Troma video is famous for.
    And Stephanie, you’ve inspired me to pick up American Werewolf in London on dvd today at lunch! Blue moon, you saw me standing aloooooone….

  • t3hdow

    I’m a bit reluctant to see Hostel 2, just because the original film didn’t impress me as much as I thought it would. If I turned on Cinemax and happened to see the first half of that film, I would’ve thought I was watching a porno instead of a horror film. When the torture scenes came in, I thought Eli Roth didn’t push the envelope as far as I thought he would. I walked away thinking “That’s it?” instead of the creeped out feeling I got the nights after I watched each Saw film (especially the first one).
    I don’t know what to say about the state of horror films today, since I never cared for the genre until I watched the first Saw on DVD. Ppartially on reluctance, but mainly because none of the PG-13 horror films I watched recently seemed that scary, even though other teens were crapping their pants over nothing the whole time. Perhaps I need to invest time on the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Exorcist films before I can make a judgment on modern day horror.

  • C

    I’m with everyone on the “torture porn.” The Hills Have Eyes bothered me more than any horror movie I have ever watched and, in fact, it was the only one I couldn’t finish. Seeing the father burned alive in front of his children while his daughter was raped in the trailer by the same sick people that would try to kill the entire family is not my idea of horror – it’s just plan sick. That film was disgusting and I will not give my money to see the second (or third). Additionally, I find it very hard to believe that a group of US Marines (no less) couldn’t dispatch the hillbillies.

  • Ep Sato

    Agreed with C. It’s as if the director of the movie had a lower opinion of our armed forces than John Kerry (couldn’t help myself to that one, and ironically, I’m a Democrat).

  • Travis Stevens

    You cats can check out THE HAMILTONS this weekend in select cities as part of the After Dark Horror Fest. Check out for showtimes in your area.
    I’ll warn you though…The Hamiltons are not what you think!

  • Niyah Simmons

    is it the same character from the first one because if its not im not going to the movies and spend my money on some differend characters that dont know how to act i want duke,brenda,bobby,the dog,and the baby plus same faces if not im not spenting my dam money check THAT and write me BACK bicth.

  • Niyah Simmons

    is it the same character from the first one because if its not im not going to the movies and spend my money on some differend characters that dont know how to act i want duke,brenda,bobby,the dog,and the baby plus same faces if not im not spenting my dam money check THAT and write me BACK bicth.

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