'Lost': A spine-tingling theory!

13032__locke2_lThe theorizing has begun: Whose cancer-ridden spine was that in the X-rays on last night’s Lost? Lost-ologist Ryan McGee is hoping against hope that the preview teaser was a deliberate misdirect — and that the owner of the afflicted backbone isn’t Head-Other-in-Charge Ben but Locke (Terry O’Quinn, pictured), he of the still-mysterious paralysis.

The Ben theory makes more conventional sense, of course. It would explain the sequestering of Jack, it would bind hero and ostensible villain in a morally ambiguous situation, etc. But, as a character, Locke is still adrift (in my opinion), and this twist — that the Others once had an interest in him, and perhaps still do — might nudge him back toward’s the show’s sweet spot.

That’s my Halloween wish. I probably won’t get it, if my previous wishes are any indication: Now and Again still hasn’t returned to air, I am still not married to Linda Cardellini, and the Bloomin’ Onion I ate several days ago is still with me, despite prayers and entreaties. But a boy can dream.

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  • Jess B.

    The x-rays could very well be Locke’s. A tumor on his spine could pinch off the nerves to his legs, which would explain the wheelchair. And the Others are obviously capable of getting that sort of information!
    Also, if it was Henry, that’d be really odd. Someone with a serious tumor on his spine wouldn’t be moving around as easily as he does. Then again, the island has healing powers… but then again, wouldn’t that have gotten rid of the tumor anyway?
    Whatever the case, I love this show! I dunno’ why people complain about the mystery, ’cause that’s the best part.

  • newbie

    Scott, try some Tums. It would be interesting if it is Locke’s back, esp when I’ve been wondering if Locke and Ben are twins separated at birth. It would explain the back and forth of the paralysis, though wouldn’t he be in excruciating pain? Could the Others(presuming his father was an Other) have implanted something sinister when they removed the kidney? Did they actually remove that kidney or were they monitoring this tumor that is really some kind of a something that makes one an Other? Have I proven I have no clue what I am talking about yet? Boy, only a show that great could make guessing and being wrong so much fun!

  • e

    but if we believe the previews (which i know we can’t always do, because they are so manipulative), jack tells someone they have a tumor next week or the week after. i just don’t think locke is going to find jack in the next two episodes.
    and i am a HUGE locke fan. i just don’t think it is him with the tumor. but it will be fun to find out!

  • sally

    Wait, if you think it’s Locke, when would they have taken the x-rays? When did the Others have him?

  • toonces

    Locke cannot be 40-yrs old. no way no how
    can’t be his.
    Benry it is.

  • Rahul

    If Locke in fact has a tumor on his spine, you really think he would defiantly go to the outback for the walkabout in Season 1? Locke was in his wheelchair at the box company for some time before he went to Australia, if my understanding of the timeline is correct.
    Sally -the Others have contact with the outside world; they could get anything.

  • Sparkler

    I’m pulling for the x-ray to belong to Jack’s dad, only half because I’m clinging for dear life to my “Christian ain’t dead” theory.
    And since Jess B. mentioned the island’s healing powers… I wonder if it’s possible that Rose will get sick again and Locke will have trouble walking now that the giant magnet is gone. Or did the power come from somewhere else?

  • Roxanne

    I don’t think it’s Locke’s, but only because of the “40-year-old man” reference. The Others have shown that they can get hold of info, and if it had been Locke’s, it may have been from before island-time. And that they are showing it to Jack to prove that the island can cure disease (though not gun-shot wounds). I don’t remember if there was any reference to it being cancerous, which would be hard to tell from an x-ray anyway, from what I understand.
    But like I said, the age is wrong for Locke. Ben? Too obvious. Mr. Friendly? Jack would probably be just as happy to let him die. Jack himself? Sawyer? Michael?

  • jt

    The tumor belongs to the creepy guy in the surveillance footage…(from the previews)…who is also…Ben’s Twin!
    Or could be Juliette’s twin…

  • Diana

    When was that x-ray taken? When was Locke’s kidney surgery (back when he had hair for certain)?
    Whomever that x-ray belongs to has to be at least 40 but could be much older. If the Others have a file based on Jack’s entire life, there’s likely to be one for Locke too. I hope so at any rate. I’d love to see his character become more front and center like last season.

  • Chris

    Don’t go dogging the Bloomin’ Onion!!!

  • Mia

    I would like to think that the tumour belongs to one of the Others but used to belong to Locke and “The Island” is acting as a balancing force.
    What I see as happening is that Locke’s tumour transferred from him to an Other. Even if Locke didn’t have a tumour, something caused his paralysis and now one of the Others is facing the same.
    The Other was killed by Sun, Eko was saved by Locke.
    Sun is pregnant, maybe someone lost a baby — good thing the Other’s have a fertility specialist.

  • Marilee

    Hmmmmm, interesting theory. That would jibe with my idea that all the Losties were pre-screened and deliberately brought to the island – each for some reason. But why not just have Locke go to the PPO and get surgery, why move him 8000 miles at great expense just to get Jack’s medical services? Maybe really the tumor is Ben’s or another Other. Friend’s clues blog is at http://www.LostExposed.com/ . Also, maybe the tumor is Julliette’s and that explains all the time she is devoting to Jack. You have to think that if this is all about getting Jack to do an operation, why not have just asked him in the first place, nicely. Jack was protecting Fake Henry when the Lost-aways had captured him and imprisoned him. Why not just make a connection and ask. I don’t see Jack turning down such a request.

  • Jakeem

    When Henry Gale (Ben) was being held in captivity inside the hatch, didn’t he tell Locke he had come for him?

  • Andrew

    Maybe this is the wrong place to ask this, but here goes:
    What happened to the smoke (or spirit, or something else indecipherable) monster that plagued the Losties in season one? I know Eko had a face-to-face, but how come the beastie has cooled it? Wasn’t it going to drag Locke somewhere in an episode?
    It just seems like too big a mystery to leave unanswered or unaddressed.

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