Rush Limbaugh: Closet liberal?

92859__fox_lOh dear. I fear I’ve used up my day’s supply of bile and rancor discussing Nissan’s new Sentra ads, and I can’t seem to conjure up much more than an irritated eye-roll over Rush Limbaugh’s pukey attack on Michael J. Fox (pictured). The blowhard talk-radio host claimed earlier this week that the beloved sitcom star is "exaggerating the effects" of his Parkinson’s disease for a new ad (click here to view it) for Missouri Senate candidate Claire McCaskill (a proponent of stem-cell research).

Now I’m not saying Fox is a sacred cow who should get a free pass on being criticized — not at all. In fact, his appearance in a political ad makes him fair game. Digging into the issues at hand and debating the pros and cons (like Patricia Heaton and Jim Caviezel do in this response ad): Can’t argue with that.

But if you’ve seen Fox’s ad, I can’t imagine how you could saysomething like, "So this is really shameless, folks, this is reallyshameless of Michael J. Fox. Either he didn’t take his medication orhe’s acting, one of the two." (A half-assed, "if"-filled apologydoes nothing to negate such a comment, in my book.) I mean, it’s notlike Fox is fighting restless-leg syndrome — he’s got alife-threatening chronic illness! The way Limbaugh makes his attack sopersonal, so ugly, it’s almost as if he’s secretly rooting forMcCaskill and trying to rally folks behind Fox and his candidate.

Hmmm. Could Limbaugh actually be a sleeper agent for the Democraticparty? Yeah, it sounds far-fetched, but think about it: Don’t you get anear Pavlovian urge to pull down the ‘D’ lever every time you hearLimbaugh’s voice? Or am I overthinking things and missing the realpoint: that Rush Limbaugh will do anything for attention?

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  • caralinda

    Eventhough I try to tell myself that nothing surprises me nowadays, I was appalled and disgusted by Limbaugh’s immitation of the movements Michael J. Fox’s body, (and his comments, of course) as a result of his Parkinsons’ desease. Limbaugh and Ann Coulter belong to the minotiry group of people who cross the line as a matter of course, but who have never had to pay the price for the gratuitious pain they inflict on others. Why make it so personal? It’s just a political ad; are you Republicans that scared of losing the the next election that you lost your senses. Shame on you, Limbaugh. Shame on you.

  • Rahul

    Maybe Rush stole Michael J. Fox’s medication. I hear has a thing for prescription drugs.

  • sr

    please don’t lump all conservative leaning voters (‘you republicans’) in with limbaugh. i have never listened to him and find him to be an uneducated hypocritical blowhard. i don’t assume all dems share the views of jesse jackson, or any extremist air america radio personality. obviously the vast majority of americans find limbaugh’s comments distasteful and inappropriate. but he does have the right to express his opinion.

  • nathan

    I can’t see the verbal attacks of a drug addict to be harmful, if anything they’ll benefit Fox.

  • Cliff

    Anyone who has seen Michael J. Fox on Letterman in the past few years, or on Inside the Actors Studio, or on Scrubs, or Boston Legal knows the man is not faking. I am livid on Fox’s behalf. I’m a registered voter in the state of Missouri. Can Limbaugh say the same thing? No? Oh, too bad.

  • Aron

    Shockingly appalling. Some people are so mean for absolutely no reason.

  • Jen

    I will admit that I vote republican and am not a supporter however, of Rush. I was appalled when I read his statements about Fox. Regardless of his political affiliations, that it is just lousy to accuse someone of acting like a Parkison’s patient. He indicates that he has never seen Fox “act” this way. My, my, I’m not even a political follower and I was abreast of how Fox went before Congress asking for more funding for stem cell research, During his D.C. visit, he purposefully did not take his medication to show the members the effect of this horrific disease. And as he did there, he has done in these ads, I’m sure. Obviously watching him twitch and shake from his condition helps pull his point across. I don’t think this is a bad move, in fact, it’s smart. But regardless of how you feel about the ad, it’s sad that someone like Rush would acuse Fox of acting. He’s been there, done that. Now he has a new crusade.

  • Pitchmeister

    Saw this on the news yesterday and it made me sick that Rush would think that he was “acting.” I loved the fact that after he got bombarded with calls that he apologized for the comment – but come on, we know you republicans are losing your grip on the american public, but you don’t have to be so evil when it comes to other human beings with chronic diseases. I understand that these are considered to be politically motivated ads – backing those that are for stem cell research and I am all for it. For once we are seeing the true effects that Parkinsons has on him (as well as others) and why he is so passionate about the cause and if it can allow someone to think past the pro-life debate it is well worth it.

  • Cindee

    If at one day in time you get stricken with this horrible disease Mr. Limbaugh, I hope you will be able to handle the jokes made about you. I didn’t like you before and I sure don’t like you now. Michael J. Fox is doing the best he can. It seems like your best is making fun of people. LOOK IN THE MIRROR BOZO.

  • Stephanie Travitsky

    Look, talk show hosts share their opinions, without an opinion they would have no jobs.
    I disagree with Limbaugh and I laugh when Michael Savage pokes fun at him. I don’t agree with Rush on his comment on Fox. Mike Fox is a is a sick man. Parkinsons is an uncontrolable nerological disorder. In some instances it can be caused by head trauma as in Muhammad Ali’s case and my great uncle Marty’s case. Both men were former boxers.
    Again, talk show hosts can express their opinions, but poking fun at the sick is pretty low and immature. Maybe Limabaugh should stop eating the school paste.

  • Laura

    I’m a conservative Republican, but I am ashamed of this statement by Limbaugh. it’s one thing to attack someone’s politics. But to attack him for suffering from a disease just because it “looks” like he’s acting? Give me a break!

  • Daily Planet

    Everyone needs to read the transcript of Rush’s comments before you start believing everything you read or hear on the local news.

  • Ep Sato

    Limbaugh was probably high when he saw the ad. Maybe he also saw dancing bears behind Michael J fox in the ad as well?
    Mr lock them up and throw away the key loves to call out others, but was a total p*ssy when the ball was in his court. As far as I am concerned, Limbaugh lost what little credibility he had when it turned out he was just some loser junky with a radio show, then played it off like his addiction and getting caught for breaking the law was somehow the fault of the “liberal” media. Words for Mr. Limbaugh: go to rehab and shut the F*ck up.

  • Dave

    Why, does that a**hole somehow justify degrading a person for a debilitating and life-threatening disorder? I don’t care what the transcript says, to attack a person in this manner is absolutely appaling, and I still can’t believe this guy has any fans and defenders left.

  • cclost

    actually, this may be the first time Rush has noticed that Michael J. Fox has Parkinsons disease. It makes sense though, since he probably was busy scoring some oxycontin and responding to his male enhancement spam. I mean I doubt he noticed when Fox testified before Congress, or you know disclosed his disease. I am a little shocked that Rush missed the E! hollywod true story about him. I think he is just angry because he wanted to be Alex P. Keaton, or at least be with him… Why does the conservative movement have soooo many hypocrites? Most republicans are not bad people, just gullible. But some of the folks who have made money off of the clueless right are really laughing all the way to their corrupt bank spewing hate and ignorance and passing it off as patriotic.

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