Rant of the Day: '7 Days in a Sentra' ads

Thanks to my best friend, DVR, I don’t watch too many ads these days. Except for the Mucinex phlegm dude — lurve him! But lately, every time I’m watching something in real time, I’m faced with the hideous new "7 Days in a Sentra" campaign from the sadistic people at Nissan. (Click here if you haven’t seen it.) Who the hell is this Marc Horowitz? Why would he spend seven days in his Sentra? Why would we want to see him spend seven days in his Sentra? And more importantly, why would seeing him spend seven days in his Sentra make me want to buy said brand of motor vehicle? I don’t like the way he carves a face into a piece of toast. I don’t like to think about his Sentra-based hygiene. I don’t like the way he dances. I don’t like his ass-face. I want this campaign to end and for Sentra’s marketing team to return to the kind of "zero percent financing," "miles per gallon," "limited warranty," "independent suspension," "front-wheel drive," "generic images of car on a winding, tree-lined road" ad campaign I’ve come to expect. I’d even accept the cruel taunts of "zoom-zoom" (a tagline that always makes me shudder). Just no more Marc Horowitz. Even his friends think this is stupid. Now tell me you don’t like him and his "7 Days in a Sentra" campaign either.

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  • ladyli1

    i find this ad extremly offensive to people that have to live in their cars do yo homelessness! this is just as tacky as those insipid and insensitive chevy truck ads!

  • Le EP Sato

    Slezak is right, the ads have GOT to go. I was watching live tv the other night with my buddy, and we almost changed the channel when these sad sack ads came on. For real, who is this loser and why should we care about his car? Has there been a genuinely funny moment in the ads? I’m not in the market for a car these days, but looking at wonderbread drive around in one makes me realize that the car doesn’t look very manly. Maybe if the ads featured a 23year old and attractive younglady hosing herself off (instead of a schmucky looking stoner dude) as she travels the countryside they might be sexy. But with schmucko at the wheels, it’s like a lame version of fear and loathing in las vegas, with toast on a chair and no drug induced trip to make it all worthwhile.
    While we’re on ads, I really hate the drug council’s ad with the stoner answering the phone (riddle me this. FIrst the ad council says weed’s all dangerous and sponsors terrorism, but now they are saying it just makes you lethargic and irresponsible. Could these jackasses stay on message?), but am LOVING the Burger King ads with the dude saying that he hates French things, except for bikinis and French kisses.
    Now that I think of it, what is French for “creepy”?

  • gabulldog

    At first, I thought, “these people have too much time on their hands,” but the I realized I haven’t laughed so hard at 6 am in quite a while. BTW, I agree that these ads are quite offensive to people forced to live in their cars!

  • KTS

    Haven’t seen them but while on the topic, does remind me of the worst series of car commercials ever which were “Ride it like a Ford.” Don’t believe they were played nationally because my family up north never saw them but they were truly insidious in southwest Florida for a time. The most horrid song to ever get caught in your head. Ugh, here it comes again….

  • Anonymous

    People who have to live in their cars don’t usually have TVs.

  • CeCe

    Thank you Michael. I’ve hated this guy since the first time I saw the ad. I don’t understand at all how this freak is supposed to make you want to buy anything, other than a huge tub of soap. Someone had the good sense to pull DrZ not pull this idot. Oh and ladyli1 has the best point of all, some people have to live in a car and this ad campaign is just plain tacky.

  • newtonsapple

    I love that you hate his “ass-face”! That’s so funny to me for some reason.

  • lauraelle

    I hate the Ford ads with Toby Keith. If anything makes me not want to buy a car more, it’s Toby Keith telling me that he’s “got to get up early” and “got to be on time” for his blue-collar job welding or putting cars together or whatever the hell he is supposed to be doing in the ad.
    Don’t get me wrong, I work and come from a blue-collar family, but I just HATE Toby Keith.

  • Gretchen Weiners

    I actually lol when he dumps the cold water on himself just because him screaming is quite funny. And the gold reindeer is a little bit funny. That’s about it. Certainly not my favorite commercial ever. And good greif people – offensive to people who live in their cars?? Lighten up it’s a commercial!

  • Sparkler

    Those Mucinex ads make me want to puke. :P

  • Stephanie

    “I don’t like his ass face.” The line that single handedly made me renew my EW subscription

  • Dana

    These ads are so pathetic, I have vowed never to own a Nissan, and will forbid my entire circle of friends and my family from ever considering buying a Nissan.

  • junior

    Wait, that isn’t Jon Heder. I seriously thought it was Jon Heder playing a character or something, you know, to promote that Billy Bob Thornton he’s in (is that right, he is in a Billy Bob movie with that girl from “The Real World,” right? Now I’m even more confused). I thought EW said that (writer’s note: I looked it up, EW said Jon Heder lookalike, ugh).
    If he is in fact not Jon Heder and just some actor thanking his lucky stars he got a national commercial then, yes, these ads MUST go. Although he is not attractive in the least, I am also getting tired of ads for things not remotely related to the body with people without their clothes on (i.e. when he takes a bottle “shower”). I’m not a prude (or maybe a little bit) but if it’s not for shampoo, you don’t need to take your clothes off. The toast thing is kinda funny but that’s it.

  • e

    If you don’t like the ads, don’t check out his blog:


    Even though it’s really funny to watch the car he’s sleeping in get towed away.
    /no, I don’t work for Nissan.

  • Amber

    FYI, Zoom Zoom was Mazda.

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