Missed YouTube Connection No. 1: Jackson State Twirler

I was YouTubing Penn State linebacker Paul Posluszny (not the point), when I stumbled onto a clip of the university’s Blue Band peforming "Thriller." For some inexplicable reason, which I can now only describe as fate, I began searching for more marching band clips — and that’s when I saw you, Jackson State University Marching Band Flaming Twirler.

You were twirling your way through a wailin’ rendition of Whitney Houston’s "I’m Your Baby Tonight." You were wearing purple pants, which you tore off to reveal gold-sequined shorts (and gold-sequined anklecuffs — nice touch). You were spinning a baton on your lips and twirling fire dangerously close to your manparts.

I hope you read this. I think we’d be great friends.

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  • EM

    This is great. I love it. I must say he’s a daring soul to get flames so close to his man bits wrapped in what I can only assume are highly combustible, synthetic materials.

  • Heather

    I’m in awe of the twirling and daringness in wearing the shorts, but more importantly…how the heck does he do that walking split thing?!?!?!

  • Jason

    My day (and my lexicon) is all-the-more enhanced now because of the word “manparts”. I look forward to using this as an entirely accepted English-language term. Thank you, Mandi.
    I hope you read this. I think we’d be great friends.

  • Sparkler

    As a former baton twirler (laugh at that if you must, I did my time freezing my rear off in skimpy outfits during football season), I can assure you that his “manparts” are safe. Sequins are firesafe, which is probably why he ripped off the highly-flammable polyester pants.

  • dan cullinane

    paul posluszny…mmmmmm….

  • Julie

    I want whatever he’s having.

  • junior

    What does a boy have to do to get those anklecuffs? I think they could quickly jazz up any outfit. Baton twirler, name your price.

  • Cortney

    Let’s go P-S-U!!!

  • snee

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE this guy!

  • ryan

    You’re like the female version of Ron Burgundy here.
    “You have absolutely breath-taking… manparts. I mean, those thing are good. I wanna be friends with them.”
    I heartily approve. Now put on some “Sex Panther” and get to work.

  • Maria

    How can I get in touch with this guy? I want to invite him to my supper club.

  • KTS

    I don’t know why but that video just made my day! Thanks!

  • Liza

    I was laughing so loud that my boss heard. I thought I was going to get in trouble, but instead he made me start it over and watched it with me. We were laughing out loud, and we both thought the same thing : His parents must be oh-so-proud of their son!

  • exiene

    Talented. Athletic. Poised. Mandi Bierly I am your only friend when I politely inform you that I think that all you’ll ever be is ‘just a friend’ to this young man.

  • aramis

    That certainly was the night the lights went out in…uh…Mississippi. Somewhere, Delta Burke is quietly shedding a tear of pride.
    Very enthusiastic, that one. I need some of that energy.

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