Note to TV writers: Recycling is bad!

9230__gaby_lThis just in from the Department of Recycled Plotlines: Yeah, I know the two most recent episodes of Desperate Housewives have been a vast improvement over lackluster season 2, but I’ve gotta ask: How many different ways can Gaby lose a baby? First, she gets knocked down a flight of stairs and miscarries. Next, she’s forced to give up custody of her adopted infant to its birth parents. And then last night (SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t yet watched), she discovers her fertility clinic erroneously implanted another woman’s embryo into her own surrogate’s womb. What’s next, an alien abduction? While I’d follow the hilarious Eva Longoria all the way to an According to Jim crossover episode (something I hope ABC never dreams up), a word of warning to the Housewives writing team: Insanity is giving your viewers the same story arc over and over again, and expecting them not to change the channel.

Meanwhile, from the beloved Grey’s Anatomy comes word that Eric Dane (a.k.a. McSteamy) is joining the cast full time, and while another set of rock-hard abs never hurt a prime-time soap opera, I’d like to review the Grey’s central-story-arc playbook from the show’s premiere to the present: Addison cheats on McDreamy with McSteamy. McDreamy leaves Addison. McDreamy has affair with Meredith. Addison and McDreamy reunite. McDreamy cheats on Addison with Meredith. Addison leaves McDreamy. Addison has affair with McSteamy. Okay, seriously? Anyone else see a pattern here? All I’m saying is this: If Shonda Rhimes & Co. try to pull an ”Addison and Derek reunite” anytime between now and November sweeps, I’m going to be hella irritable. It’s not just me, right? And does anyone else out there want to see an Anti-Recycling Referendum in Hollywood come Election Day?

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  • Marnie

    Agreed and AGREED! although McSDteamy joining full-time sounds like great fun to me

  • TorontoTom

    You’ve gotta admit that the facial expressions on Gabriel and Carlos were CLASSIC when they saw what popped out of the maid!!!

  • mon

    the first thing i thought about was not the recycling of gabby’s constant baby-losing, but the Nip/Tuck episode where a black baby popped out unexpectedly as well!!

  • bootsycolumbia

    Slezak, I completely agree with everything you said. But I have to say, that crossover idea of DH and ATJ made me laugh and shudder simultaneously. Don’t go putting ideas into ABC’s head!
    One more thing: that look that Gaby gave Carlos at the end of the episode was heartbreaking.

  • sara

    gaby isn’t meant to have a baby. think about how dirty and gross all of her adventures and exploits would be with a baby around. sleeping with teenage boys, with a baby around? i think not. she would be so boring a charachter if she had a baby, it just isn’t worth doing.

  • C

    I was also peeved at the Gaby looses baby for the third time story line. Can we not have any more Gaby baby stories? Mark Cherry promised us more but all I am seeing is more of the same.
    As far as Grey’s goes, the Derek/Meredith/Addison storyling is the love triangle that will probably never end. Derek and Meredith can never get together because that ruins the show; it’s the sexual tension that people tune in for. They may get back together but you know they’ll end it again because that’s an important element in the show. I’d like them to quit playing musical beds as much as the next guy but even I know it’s not going to happen.

  • David

    Both shows, I think, are banking on surprise twists and turns this season. They’ve started their seasons with storylines remarkably similar to ones they’ve already done to lull us into a comfort zone and then shock the bananas (what?) out of us when the plot starts twisting. Or at least that’s how I’m choosing to see it.

  • Miles

    I agree with who posted about Gaby not meant to have a baby. She should take it as a sign from the Universe and stop trying. Alas, this is more for the writers than for GABY since she’s at their mercy. No more lost baby storylines… thanks.

  • Phil

    I understand that people who are successful doctors & surgeons have very little free time, but someone who’s as attractive as McSteamy adding to the Grey’s cast is great as a constant foil to Patrick Demsey’s Derrick Shepard but also kinda lame. Eric Dane is handsome, but we’re supposed to believe he TOO leaves the hustling & bustling of NYC to move to Seattle for Addison??? I mean, I’m not knocking Seattle, but there are HOW many people in NYC and yet all these successful doctors keep relocating to Seattle? Gimme a break!

  • jamal

    yeah, wahts up with that? First they make gaby lose her baby twice, and they make marcia cross go for the crazy dude twice as well? lol

  • Cynic

    Desperate Housewives is still a mess for me. Eva Longoria has been worth a chuckle or two this season so far, but not much comedy in this dramedy otherwise. And as for the drama, what’ts this, yet another murder mystery….yawn.
    Grey’s was always something to hang around for after DH on Sunday nights. The first two season’s seemed to be going somewhere. But as Mr. Slezak has pointed out, it’s all been a head fake to this point. Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve been had. And what is this latest crap…Meredith’s character decided not to decide, so she could date both Dr. McPussy and McVet. Cop-out!
    OFF TOPIC: Did anyone hang around during Grey’s old time slot last night and watch Brothers & Sisters? Is this POS DOA, or what?

  • Meka

    Kinda like Sex in the City’s Charlotte. She lost her baby and then the surrogate changed her mind. Finally China sent her a pic of a baby girl she and Harry could raise. Desperate Housewives is hilarious this season. I can’t stop laughing!!!! Love it

  • Elle

    I totally agree with the tired, recycled stories we have seen from ABC so far this year. I can only assume LOST will be more of the same as well: Jack-Kate-Sawyer beware. But I must say, in mild contridiction of Slezak, I am supremely excited that McSteamy has joined the cast full time. Dane was a perfect counter to Richard, Derek and Merideth in his last show. I only hope the chemistry between he and Walsh improves with his newly signed contract.

  • bma

    Not too impressed with the new season of DH so far. Don’t really care about any of the stories or characters.

  • junior

    DH, which I love, is a show that never had a clear focus to begin with. Mark Cherry has said in interviews that he just created the characters but had no idea where they were going, so it is what it is (but some lines are cute like Tom’s “amniotic fluid” joke).
    CHANGING MY TOPIC TO CYNIC’S OFF TOPIC: I did check out “Brothers & Sisters” and it is fantastic! I think that many people will not like it because it’s a mix of relational drama and soap opera (two genres people usually dislike unless someone is bending over a crime scene in the process) but Rachael Griffiths and the rest of the cast is great and they actually feel like a family, funny that. With all episodic dramas, it has to pick up steam but I’m already hooked…

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