'Smith': Why am I rooting for these people?

155340__madsen_lMidway through episode 2 of CBS’s Smith last night, I began to wonder if there was something wrong with me. I mean, there I was, watching a group of violent, amoral thieves trying to outwit righteous law-enforcement officers, and who was I rooting for? But then I got distracted by Jonny Lee Miller’s lovely jaw, and I didn’t care anymore if my enjoyment of this intriguing new drama makes me a bad person.

Anyhow, there are more important questions to ponder. Like, what’s Hope’s story? Did she somehow find that list of phone numbers during her gripping search through Bobby’s drawers, or was her blasé ”Anyone we know?” comment while watching the news report about the hard-drive thefts a tipoff that, at some point, she was more intimately involved with hubby’s associates? And while we’re talking about Hope, isn’t it amazing how Virginia Madsen (pictured) takes what could be a thankless concerned-wife role and imbues it with so many delicious possibilities?

Another question for you: Is anyone else digging the sociopathictendencies of Simon Baker’s Jeff and Amy Smart’s Annie? I’m worriedthat the former’s decision to pop his own CD into that SUV is going tocome back to haunt him, and I got a little chill when the latter fliplybrought up the need for a new electronics expert. (Note: None of thegang paused to remember their deceased partner.)

Finally, am I detecting something wicked buzzing through all threesides of the Annie-Jeff-Tom sexual chemistry triangle? Despite the factthat the show lost 1.4 million viewers from last week, I’m holding out hope that America will learn to embrace its dark side on Tuesday nights and make Smith the hit it deserves to be.


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  • Nose

    I am with you….I thought about the whole criminal thing, but then got distracted by Johnny Lee Miller. Who cares what he is doing as long as he is on the screen?

  • Stephanie Travitsky

    I really wanted to like Smith, but the show is a movie.

  • Phil

    Since we saw in the 1st episode that Hope has a parole officer, I’m inclined to believe she was involved in the illegal activities with her hubby at one point or another. The list of the names, I’m assuming could theoretically be assumed, she created when her husband vanished off with the his cohorts at the wedding in the 1st episode. She was literally studying the reports surrounding the Pittsburgh job, and if she has any prior experience in armed robbery & such, she probably quickly put two and two together. These are alot of probably’s but you know the old saying, it takes one to know one…
    Simon Baker’s recklessness for anyone other than himself does seem harmful, and yet he’s linked to Jonny Lee Miller’s character SOMEHOW they’re tight. Amy Smart’s Annie contacts her father but not her mother, even darker!!

  • Silas Bent

    I will watch if Simon Baker and Johnny Lee Miller hook up. Otherwise, I’d rather have a life on Tuesday nights. Or read a gargantuan Russian novel from the 19th century.

  • Lynny

    I thought Amy Smart was chilling and Virginia was amazing, as always. I loved “Thief” so I am enjoying this so far.

  • Martin

    I’m really enjoying Smith – as well as Studio 60, Heroes, Jericho, and the usual suspects – and will probably have to add Ugly Betty to that list soon. On las night’s Smith I especially liked how Bobby and Hope were seemingly talking about two different things at the end of the ep – yet it was all the same. Her “Are you happy?…The girls really like their new school [or something like that]” and his “Yes…Everything’s going to be okay [or something like that]” was chillingly good – second only to Shoreh Aghdashloo’s quietly menacing turn. Love her!


  • MindyM

    I have tried with this show, because I liked the cast and heard so many good things about it. But I really am not liking it much. I do appreciate Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen’s great acting, that is one of the reasons I checked it out. But I do not like Simon Baker has this almost psychotic bad guy, or Amy Smart’s villainess turn here. I don’t root for these people, I want to get far away from them. I think others have felt the same way, thus the sharp drop off of large numbers of watchers. This has been a big disappointment for me, I must say.

  • CineRam

    Love this show. This and Studio 60 are the best new shows this fall. Smith is a damn work of art next to Heros, Shark and Six Degrees. Can’t wait to see that giant thug track down Simon Baker. Eager to see more of the feds. All the acting is great. 24 looks horribly contrived next to this.
    Stephanie T said “I really wanted to like Smith, but this show is a movie.” And that’s a problem because…?
    Here’s hoping more viewers catch on. Smith rules!

  • Jyoti

    I love this show. Really didn’t intend to but I do and I love love love the psychopathic tendencies of both Simon Baker’s Jeff and Amy Smart’s Annie. I keep wanting to see them run off together and have little psycho teddybear gutting babies.
    I know they’re bad, but that’s part of why I like them. Not everyone has a heart of gold and not every bad guy can be good deep down. Some people are just bad, but that doesn’t stop their mothers from loving them. So I’m not letting it stop me.
    Wow that sounds bad, but come on they’re entertaining.

  • Talking Moviezzz

    I had similar thoughts last night. I mean, we are rooting for people to go out and steal social security numbers and other information for identity theft? Yet, because of the cast, we are.
    And, just on a technical level, the show looks great. HEROES has a good premise, but felt really low budget. SMITH is very slickly made.
    I hope more people catch on. I’d hate to see this one fail. One of the more memorable of the season.

  • Sally

    With this firecracker cast, Smith should be a made for TV movie serial instead of a series; like that Tom Selleck serial movie. I just don’t see how they can sustain for 24 weeks, but I’ll keep watching because the acting is great. And it seems like there are more plot lines coming up.

  • Tyler D

    I thought the show worked because it feels like a movie. I’m getting a little tired of people telling me that Virginia Madsen is some sort of beacon of acting ability. The reason her character is imbued with such ambiguity is more due to the purposely vague writing of the show. The only impressive thing about her performance is that she never blinks, though I have a feeling she might have lost that ability during some sort of surgery. She reminds me of the female news-anchor on the Simpsons “This is where the tear would be if I could cry, but I can’t … botched face-lift.”

  • anne

    I love Smith. It’s strength are it’s characters. Simon Baker’s character Jeff is so bad he’s good — that first scene where he surfs and then calmly murders 2 people has to be one of the best things I have seen on tv in awhile. How many shows have unlikable sociopaths as heros (and you end of loving them)? All of the characters interest me. I want to know how they got together and how they became criminals. I also just love to look at Johnny Lee Miller (Angelina’s first husband). He’s the reason I initally watched the show and now I am hooked. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled.
    I agree that the best new shows of the season are: Smith, Studio 60, Jericho and I am betting I will add Friday Night Lights, Ugly Betty and 30 Rock to the list.

  • Marie-Claire

    It’s a superb cast, with a beautiful production, and the truth is, I have no moral compass when it comes to well-produced fiction. Ray Liotta is made for this sort of role, and it’s a delight to see him and Virginia Madsden on the small screen. Add Jonny Lee Miller, Simon Baker [who I never liked before, but now… yeah] and Shohreh Aghdashloo, and I don’t need to like these people to be interested.

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